Obscurely Shirley
Through my various trawls round the net I've discovered that there is some weird and wonderful Shirley related stuff out there, which has inspired this new section called Obscurely Shirley. Periodically we'll highlight an obscure Shirley link to brighten your day :o) Submissions for potential Obscurely Shirley links are always welcomed and can be emailed to Shirley Central.
February 25, 2001 : Big Sound TV : This is the official website of Meredith's new show on the Global Network. As most of you woould have previously read on Meredith's official site on the show she plays Bill's very bright, talented, combative and ambitious teenage daughter, Phoebe. As far as I know the show is only screening in Canada at this stage though hopefully we'll see it debut in other markets.
January 23, 2001 : Marie Stillin - Stargate SG1 : Yes, that *is* Ms Strattman, and wouldn't Bart be very impressed with her moonlighting on Stargate SG1. In Stargate, she plays the characters of Thor (A leader of the Asgard, a highly advanced race that support the humans and oppose the Goa'uld) and Travell (High Chancellor Travell is a leader of the technologically advanced Tollan). Marie is a very prolific actress and if you keep your eyes peeled you'll probably see her in a lot of shows that eminate out of Vancouver.
January 20, 2001 : International Society of Cryptozoology "Crypto what ?" asks Bo ? Cryptozoology - Stink's famous 'Sussex Serpent' from episode 23 'Cryptic Creature'. If you remember Shirley was looking up Cryptids on the net during the episode and this site might have been one she'd have used - there's a wealth of info here on the science of cryptozoology - including a link to reports of 'sea serpents' - who knows, maybe they are real after all and not just divers rocking boats during filming :o)
January 09, 2001 : Ryan Gosling Gallery : Ryan guest-starred in the very first episode of Shirley back in 1996 as the leader of Bo's 'gang'. This link is to the Teen Celebs Plus site which has 74 pictures screen captures of Ryan from his various projects. Also listed on the site is Brendan Fletcher and they have a number of pics of Brendan from "Summer's End", "Air Bud" and a couple of S1 pics from Shirley. December 27, 2000 : Sarah Strange : Sarah who ? Well, I was a fan since the 'Singer's Secret' episode in the first season (she played Leah, the singer who used to babysit Shirley) but I couldn't find anything about her at all. And now I have. I'm not sure how often the site is updated, but the information that is there is more than enough to get acquainted with this accomplished young actress.

December 20,2000 : Bill Switzer Gallery : Bill of course played the character of Matt and while this link does not have any pictures of Bill from Shirley Holmes, it does have a well laid out collection of pictures from his various other roles. The page is part of Bob 123's Young Actors of Canada which also includes extensive collections on Blair Slater and Meredith Henderson.

December 18, 2000 : Tyley Ross : Tyley played the character of Zack in the 'Broken Oath" episode and is accomplished actor / musician with two cd's released. Both can be purchased on the this, his official site, which also includes a wide range of information on his career.

December 14, 2000 : The Family Tree of Sherlock Holmes : Compiled by Brad Mengle, this article details the family tree of Sherlock Holmes and his siblings, including the place of Shirley in the ancestry. Very informative and a great resource.

December 10, 2000 : Brendan Fletcher and Kett Turton : Production stills and biographies at the site of the recently released "Rollercoaster" film in which both actors star. The pictures are very high quality .tiff files and are about 4.5 meg each. A must for fans of both actors. Kett Turton, you will remember played the character of Hype Bravado in the third series.

December 06, 2000 : Colin Fox : A short biography of Colin Fox on the Turner Television website and his character on PSI Factor.