Holmes Cast, Crew, Wrap Up Shooting
Producer proud of "whole team"

Winnipeg Free Press

The Manitoba-made children's TV series The Adventures of Shirley Holmes completed three months of shooting this past weekend.

"The whole team has matured into a working unit of which I'm very proud," said Credo Entertainment Corp. producer Kim Todd, who summoned up a quote from the legendary director John Huston.

"Huston said making a film is like being on a wagon train in the Old West," Todd related.

"At the beginning everyone is filled with hope and promise, but halfway through, you just want to make it to the end of the trail alive."

Credo and its series partners, Forefront Productions of Vancouver, are still awaiting word from YTV on a third and perhaps fourth set of episodes.

"We hope to get strong indication from them either way in the next couple of weeks," Todd said.

Shirley Holmes stars, Meredith Henderson, 13, and John White, 16, are both at that critical growth-spurt age. The can play havoc with series continuity and the believability of certain story lines.

This second set of thirteen episodes, which cost $6 million, is slated to begin airing on YTV in February. Among the supporting actors who will turn up are children's entertainer Fred Penner, former Winnipeg actor Jay Brazeau, U.S. children's producer Shelley Duvall and Toronto actor Peter Keleghan of CBC's The Newsroom fame.