Shirley Holmes Newspaper Clippings

Here are a few small little articles that have appeared in the paper. They were too small to put on their own pages, but they have quite a bit of info, so I figured I'd just compile them.

Shirley Cancelled after four seasons
(this isn't the actual headline, but it will do :o)
Winnipeg Free Press, December 10, 1999

"It feels sad. Larger male crew members broke into tears when they heard the news," said The Adventures of Shirley Holmes producer Kim Todd, who personally told the families of the two principles, Meredith Henderson and John White that the show had wrapped for good.

"It's bittersweet having to part. It's like parenthood," Todd said of the series that gave many Manitoba film trainees a start in its first season four years ago. (Since then, four trainees have gone on to become heads of their departments.)

That's not to say Shirley won't live on. Having completed its final season in November, the show's 52 episodes put it in a prime position for world syndication.

"I told Meredith she'll be haunted by it for the rest of her life.

Even now, YTV is showing it five nights a week and people will continue to recognize her as Shirley for a long time," Todd said of the 16-year-old Gemini Award-winner.

What's in the pipeline for Todd? Along with two feature film co-productions, Taiga and Stir Fry, she's working on a TV series developed with CBC-TV called There's A Rainbow in My Closet. The Credo Entertainment Corp./CBC show is half animation and half live action and skewed for 4- to 8-year-olds. Todd hopes to begin production in the spring, depending on financing.

Shirley to return for fourth season
Winnipeg Sun

Egad! It looks like Shirley Holmes will be solving mysteries for one more season.

After a suspenseful teeter on the edge of oblivion, the YTV series The Adventures of Shirley Holmes will begin filming 13 episodes of its fourth and final season in mid-August here in Winnipeg.

"The same cast is coming back," said Leslie Stafford, Credo's director of communications.

For a while, Credo wasn't certain it had the financing for its last season, but the necessary funding finally came through. However, the adventures of Sherlock Holmes's sleuthing great-grandniece, played by Meredith Henderson, won't continue once the series wraps in November.

"The kids are getting to old and people aren't going to believe she's 13 for much longer," laughed Stafford. [Just a note from Leslie: Isn't it stupid that they aren't letting Shirley grow up? The show could continue much longer if they followed her!]

Exerpt from
Home Movies
Winnipeg Sun

The TV series The Adventures of Shirley Holmes had to shoot much of its last season in a studio set up in a disused sugar refinery in Winnipeg's South End.

"It was very difficult doing Shirley Holmes last year in the space that we had," says local director Norma Bailey. "The sugar started seeping up through the floor.

"And then there was an area where it turned out they were worried about some caustic substance coming out and we had to avoid that whole area."

Shirley Holmes Star Film Festival Patron
Winnipeg Free Press

The teenage star of YTV's The Adventures of Shirley Holmes has been nabbed to serve as patron of the third annual Freeze Frame international children's film festival in Winnipeg next spring.

Meredith Henderson will attend the March 18-21 event, where her latest film, Kayla, will be screened.

The Adventures of Shirley Holmes, co-produced by Winnipeg's Credo Entertainment Corp., recently completed shooting its third season of episodes in and around Winnipeg.

Holmes Series A Big Seller
Winnipeg Free Press

Credo's youth-oriented series, Shirley Holmes, has been sold to Britain, Germany, and several other European Countries. It will also premiere in August on the U.S. Fox Kids cable network.

Shirley Holmes is nominated for three Geminis, including Best Children's or Youth Program or Series and a best-performance nod for star Meredith Henderson.

Winning would be nice, said Koster, because it's good to be recognized by your peers. But, in business terms, that's about as far as it goes.

"Unfortunately, it doesn't mean much internationally," he said. "Emmys and Oscars mean a lot, but I don't think Geminis mean a lot overseas."

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