A Shirley Holmes Fan Fiction

by Serina Christensen
October 10, 2000         525 words

He sat in the shadows watching her. She was sitting down at the computer and she was crying. His face contorted in pain. Pain because he was the reason that she was letting those dry, shaking sobs wrack her body so that she couldn't even lift her head to read the rest of the letter. He shouldn't have come here. He should have left her alone after she had thought she had solved the case. He should have grabbed the message before it had gotten to her. Life would have been better if she had never known. She should have been happy but he hadn't interfered and now she was paying for it. Paying for the knowledge that she had buried deep within herself but had come out again when the letter had triggered something deep inside her. She stood up and he slid down the tree and watched her go down to the kitchen. She made herself a cup of tea. Chamomile, it had always been her favourite. She sat at the table, the letter still clutched in her hand. It seemed that she couldnšt let it go. It was her life-line as well as her death certificate, in a sense. He wanted to pound something, wanted to smash something into oblivion. He wanted to take the last month from her mind and lock it away with himself. Then she wouldn't be sad or angry.

She looked out. If she concentrated hard enough, she could imagine him sitting out there, like he always did. Watching. Keeping her safe. She put the letter on the table and smoothed it out. Reading it for the fourth time. Dear Miss Holmes, She stopped. No. She wasn't going to go through it again. But something kept her going. We regret to inform you that a very dear friend of yours has been Missing in Action for the past two years. We did not inform you of these dire occurrences because we have not been made aware of them until nowŠ "Yeah, tell me nowŠ 'a very dear friend?' Hah! They are so dumb!" She started ranting again. It didnšt matter. Nothing did. He was gone and she couldnšt bring him back. Gone to find her mother. Joining up. Against everything she thought. She cursed herself silently. We also regret to inform you that the whereabouts of your mother have not been found yet. We are continuing the search but so far have been unable to locate her. Yeah, right. "Why didn't they just let me go? I could've found her easy enough!" she fumed. Finishing her tea she stormed back upstairs.

He smiled sadly. The tea did not have its usual soothing effects. She was ranting and raving about the letter. Then she went back upstairs. Figuring he had had enough pain for the night, he slithered down the tree, dropping noiselessly to the ground, as he was trained to do and ran off into the night. Until tomorrow night, Shirley Holmes, he thought. He had sworn that he would protect her and he would. Until one of them found closure, of sorts.