A Shirley Holmes / X Files Crossover

by Lindsay Birss
February 2002         8,800 words

Author: Lindsay and her Carny (

Catagory: I suppose some MSR, but NoRomos would have no trouble reading it. X-File Shirley/Bo friendship, I suppose.

Rating: PG-13

Summary: An X-Files/Shirley Holmes crossover fic. A trip to Washington, D.C., finds Shirley and Bo right in the middle of an X-File.

Spoilers: None from either show.... this should take place sometime around 6 or 7th season XF, and wherever in Shirley (WHY DID THEY CANCEL THAT SHOW????? STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!)

Disclaimer: Mulder, Scully, Shirley, Bo, and anything to do with either of their shows do not belong to me! (though I really wish Bo did!)

Author's Notes: This'll probably have more Mulder and Scully in it than Bo and Shirley, 'cause I'm more familiar with writing M&S, so I'm calling this an XF fanfic, featuring Shirley and Bo. Also, S&B probably won't be quite in character, 'cause I don't know them as well as M&S. Uh... I made up a lot of places in the D.C. area, 'cause I frankly have no idea what the real places are called, or if they're even there! God knows why Scully, a single woman would have a 3 bedroom apartment, but I'm pretending she does. How about this... She had two bedrooms and a storage room that she made into another bedroom.

Dedication: To my muse, Dr. Hannibal Lecter, who just watches and does not judge. AND to Katu, 'cause she's like, the person I talk to most, and I don't even know how I became friends with her, but it just like, happened.

Catchy : Chapter 1

"Maladjusted just untrusted rusted sometimes brilliant busted thoughts."
~EVE6, Promise CHAPTER I


The gym was crowded with noisy students, some bored, some excited, some completely indifferent. An assembly meant missing school, and that was always a bonus if you were missing academic classes. But two students in the back row were waiting impaitiently for the students to quiet, so the lady on stage could continue. Finally, after what seemed like forever, the noise had become nothing more than a few coughs and whispers.

The lady began, "Now students, my employees sifted for weeks through your essays, and let me say, they
were all very wonderfully done. So a round of applause for anyone who entered."
The students broke once again into their roaring conversations, which increased in volume as everyone tried to make themselves heard. Shirley put her head in her hands as the tension and noise increased.

"And the winner is...Molly Harding," Bo Sawchuk teased his friend beside him.
"Err...shut up Bo!" Shirley replied.

Bo laughed at Shirley's anxiety. The lady silenced the crowd as she continued.

"As I was saying, they were all very wonderfully done, but as you know, we could only choose one. The one we think will have the best experience in our program. And we believe we have chosen right. As you know, the winner and one friend will be spending two weeks in Washington, D.C., shadowing an agent of the FBI, not to mention enjoying the sites and activities located there. And now, since I have nothing more to say... please welcome Special Agent Dana Scully," the lady gestured to the red haired woman emerging from the hidden area of the stage.

A pandemonium of clapping, voices, and comments like, "Awesome," rang as Dana Scully walked out on stage and to the microphone, only slightly intimidated by the hundreds of students in front of her.

"Good afternoon.. my name is Dana Scully, and the student picked will be staying with me, and shadowing my partner and I. I, too, got the chance to read through many of your essays, and I might say they were all superlative! Though only one student was chosen, if you are really interested in this line of work, by all means, go for it! I'm sure many of you would make fine agents, or even police detectives... And now the moment you've been waiting for, the winner is.... Miss Shirley Holmes," Scully announced as the crowd burst into applause and what not.

The noise of the crowd, a mixture of applause and groans, was no longer a dissonance to the exuberant Shirley, who was beaming with joy now that the tension was relieved, and she knew she had won. She was surrounded by congratulations from the people sitting near her, especially Bo, who knew darn well that Shirley would bring him to D.C. with her.

Soon, the students cleared out, and Shirley and Bo stood in the empty auditorium, waiting intently to be introduced to Agent Scully.

Instead of waiting to be introduced, Scully made her way over to the two young students at the back. She assumed the girl was Shirley.

"Hi, I'm Dana Scully, and you must be Shirley Holmes," Scully greeted.

"Yes. It's very nice to meet you," Shirley replied, shaking Scully's hand, "And this is Bo Sawchuk. He's going to be coming with me to D.C.," she gestured to Bo, who found himself almost shy in front of the pretty agent, "I hope you don't mind he's a boy..."

"No, no, of course not! It's nice to meet you Bo," she held out her hand.

Bo took it and smiled.

"It's nice to meet you too," he said in a sweet, un-Bo-like way.

And the next day, after a long night of packing, a taxi took Scully, Shirley, and Bo to the airport. It was a 4:00am flight, leaving the three exhausted. Bo had the window seat, and was watching the pinkish-orange clouds go by as the sun rose. Shirley had the middle seat, and was asleep, head fallen over towards Bo's seat. Scully closed her eyes and tried to sleep, without much luck. No, once she was up, she was up, and she probably wouldn't sleep again until that night. She peered over at the two teens beside her. She didn't really know much about them, just that they were friends, probably pretty close, and they were interested in solving mysteries, which she had found out from the conversation she had with them in the car. She didn't really want to pry. She was sure she'd find out more about them after the two weeks with them. Bo finally lay his head back and closed his eyes.

Catchy : Chapter 2

"Fall in, fall out." ~Foo Fighters CHAPTER II

While Scully and the kids were peacefully asleep on the airplane, Fox Mulder was anything but. He had been called at 3:00am by Assistant Director Skinner, about a case that couldn't wait until Monday, or even the morning for that matter. After being briefed of the details, Mulder was busy searching through files, and the bureau database for any information that might help. At this point it didn't really seem like an X-File, except for the victims' arms and legs. In the last 24 hours, 7 men had been brought to various hospitals bearing huge swollen limbs. Though each person was reported feeling normal other than the swelling, every one of them had died of what seemed to be unknown causes. Upon further inspection though, the limbs had been opened up, and found lodged inside each one was a very small metal barbed fishing hook. Mulder had never really witnessed anything like this in any of his cases, but he was still looking through them. So far, the only connection was that all the victims were men, and possibly that they all had or had access to children. They were of various ages, race, etc. Scientists were still doing various tests on the blood and cells of the victims, and the results probably wouldn't be back for a day or two. Hopefully there wouldn't be any more victims within that time. Mulder began searching for accounts of this on the internet, still without much luck. He felt hopeless, but he would still keep trying.


The fishermen were up with the sun, as always, preparing the boats, nets, etc. for the day or days ahead of them. They all knew each other by name or nickname, and knew everything about their lives and families. Sometimes, when out at sea, there wasn't much else to talk about. Most of the men were 50ish, and had wives and kids that were all grown up. Some of their kids worked down at the docks, as did some of their wives. Everyone knew never to talk about family when Curt Cheery was around. Cheery was somewhat of an unfitting surname for Curt, or Catchy as everyone called him. Sure, he was a nice guy, 42 years old, always willing to give you a hand, but he also had a lot of deep-seeded pain in him. 3 years before, he had returned from a fishing trip to find that his wife, Anna, and little girl, Sherry, only 13, had been killed in an accident, by a man who fell asleep at the wheel. The man, who must have been frightened of getting in trouble, had fled the scene, and had never been found. The car he was driving was stolen, and there was nothing in it that could identify him. After that, Catchy had still continued to work, trying to keep it off his mind.

His reddish-blonde hair was still wet from his morning shower, and he slicked it back out of his gray, saddened eyes.

"Hey Catchy, you ready ta go?" A man yelled from on board one of the larger fishing boats.

"Oh, yeah John, I'll be there in a minute," Catchy was startled from his concentration on his rod, and he began to reel up. He placed his lure back in its proper section of his tackle box. The section next to his various sizes of hooks. Cast fishing was a little hobby of his.


While Scully would've much rather enjoyed a few more hours of sleep, it was impossible with the two anxious teens, who wanted to make the most of these two weeks. Scully poured herself a cup of coffee and sat at her kitchen table, listening to the sounds of the kids, who were unpacking in the bedrooms.

Suddenly, the phone rang and Scully grabbed the portable phone from the table in front of her.

"Hello," she answered.

"Hey, it's me," stated the recognizable voice on the other line.

"Hi Mulder, what's up?" she asked.

"Can you come down here?" he questioned without answering.

"Why, where are you? Work?" she questioned back.

"Yeah... Skinner gave me this case last night... or this morning rather... and I'm kinda stuck. I could use some help... I know it's Sunday and all but.." he was interrupted.

"Ugh, Mulder, you know I'd love to waste this beautiful Sunday in the cold, dark basement, but I'm not sure about these..." she was now interrupted.

"We'd love to, right Bo?" Shirley cut in and Bo nodded, both excited to see the J. Edgar Hoover Building and also to meet Agent Scully's partner.

Scully sighed and scanned the two grinning faces for sincerity. Darn, it was there.

"Alright Mulder, we'll be there in half an hour."

Catchy : Chapter 3

"Ordinary's just not good enough today." ~Our Lady Peace CHAPTER III

Bo was finding it hard to keep in his teenage comments like, "Awesome," or, "Cool." He knew Shirley wanted to seem very mature so the agents wouldn't see her as just another teenager. He also knew the outcome of annoying a Shirley that hadn't had much sleep. So he kept everything to himself. Agent Scully, or Scully, or Dana, she said they could call her anything, led he and Shirley down the long halls and to the elevator. They stepped in and he noticed the other two agents inside give Dana a strange look. She just looked away and ignored it. Hmm... maybe they had had a fight or something. Oh well, it was none of his business. The elevator reached the basement floor and the doors opened. They stepped out.

"Well Shirley, Bo, welcome to my world," Scully said as they began to walk down the hall towards what looked like an office, "It's actually not as bad as it seems. No one much else comes down here, so we have most of the basement to ourselves."

"I think it's cool!" Bo could not restrain himself, and winced.

"Yeah, I agree," she commented, not what Bo expected.

They walked into the office to find Mulder face down in his files, apparently he had fallen asleep. Scully laughed and shook his shoulder. He sat up quickly and blinked. Scully continued to laugh. There were files scattered everywhere.

"Mulder, this is Shirley Holmes and Bo Sawchuk," she introduced, "and Shirley and Bo, this is Fox Mulder."

Mulder rose from his desk and shook both of their hands.

"It's very nice to meet you, but please, just call me Mulder."

"It's nice to meet you too," Bo and Shirley said in unison.

"Uh... here, why don't you two sit down," Scully offered as she cleared the files off of two chairs.

Shirley and Bo sat down and Scully walked over to behind Mulder's desk to try and make her own judgement about the case before Mulder told her his thoughts, which were always quite interesting. She would have liked the chance to save her and Mulder from the kids thinking they were crazy.

"Swollen limbs and fishing hooks, Scully," he stated before she had the chance to say anything.

Too late. She watched as Bo and Shirley looked at him interestingly. Scully just gave up and looked at him, waiting to hear more.

With no reply from Scully, he continued, "7 deaths in the last 24 hours. All of the victims were brought to different hospitals after noticing a large amount of swelling in their arms and legs. They told the doctors that they had noticed the swelling while doing normal things. One man said he was watching TV, another was eating with his family. Soon after they arrived there, each one died. They have been examined, and the coroners say that they don't even know if the deaths are related to the swelling. I'm still waiting on the test results. Maybe later you might want to go check one of the victims out yourself."

"You said something about fishing hooks?" Scully asked.

"Yes, the fishing hooks. Upon closer examination of the limbs, the coroners all reported to have found a small fishing hook lodged somewhere in one of each victim's limbs. Maybe a calling card of some sort," he replied.

"But none of the victims reported an attack. Wouldn't they have said something to the doctors if they had been attacked. Unless they didn't remember," Shirley pondered aloud.

Mulder smiled and notioned to her.

"Which is exactly why this case is so strange, Scully."

"Do you have any ideas?" she questioned.

"Not many. Maybe drugs, hypnosis, I suppose we should go check out some of the victim's homes, look for some evidence of this," he answered, "But I guess I should clean up these files first. Could you do me a favour and get me a cup of coffee?"

"I'll get it!" Shirley offered, "How do you take it?"

"Thanks a lot Shirley. Black, 1 sugar. The machine's over in the last room down there," Mulder pointed down the hall.

"No problem, come on Bo," she pulled her friend up out of his chair.

Shirley smiled when they left the room, and continued to until they reached the small room at the end of the hallway. Her smile widened as she noticed the many filing cabinets that also took up space in the room. Bo did not know until now why Shirley had been so excited to get the coffee.

"No, Shirleeeeeey! This aren't the school's files on the behavior and misbehavior of students. These are files that belong to the FBI. The citizens of the United States have a right to privacy. We should respect them and their country that they have so kindly allowed us to visit!" Bo said very seriously.

For once, Shirley didn't try to talk him into it. He was right. She really had no reason, other than curiousity, to look in those files. She looked him right in the eye.

"You're right Bo," she agreed and went to fixing Mulder's coffee.

Startled, he just stared at her. That wasn't what he expected. She finished with the coffee and glanced at him before walking out of the room.

"What?" she questioned without really wanting an answer.

He followed her back to the office, still shocked. They looked into the office and smiled at the sight in front of them. Scully scrambled to get the papers in order, while Mulder, trying to help, only messed the piles up more. Scully looked him in the eye and he sat down reluctantly in his chair. Shirley handed him the coffee and she and Bo sat back down in the chairs they were occupying earlier. They continued to watch, or mumble quietly to one another, until the office was clean... well, cleaner than it was.

"Care to do some investigating?" Mulder asked the two idle teenagers before him, and watched as their eyes sparked to life.

Catchy : Chapter 4

"Whatever we called you, it's just a name." ~ Live CHAPTER IV


If one were to blindfold Agent Mulder in his own apartment, drive a few miles, and take off the blindfold in the apartment of Elbert Regrahc, Mulder might mistakingly assume that one had just taken him for a short, circular ride. Every aspect of this apartment had a liking to Mulder's. The floor plan, the colours, and even the paintings on the wall were very similar. And there was the fish tank on the shelf near the window. Unlike Mulder's though, this one was empty. As far as they knew, Elbert Regrahc lived alone, ever since he had left his hometown in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He had met his wife there and married her, but it had not worked out and he left her there with his daughter, April, just to get away from that town. He had kept in touch with his ex-wife and daughter, and gave them as much money as he could. He was 46 years old when he died. April was visiting him at the time. He had paid for her to come see him atleast twice a year.
She flew back to Halifax the day of his death.

One difference in the apartments was that Regrahc's was very clean. Not suspiciously clean, just tidy. The police, who were also assuming murder, had already dusted everything for prints and gathered anything else they might find useful. Mulder spoke to the police officer in charge of the investigation of these deaths, Mr. Joseph Donald Starlecterling. The ladies in the office called him Joe Don.
Starlecterling was a very handsome man, no older than 40, with short, light brown hair and eyes about the same colour. He was a little shorter than Mulder but had about the same build. Mulder glanced over at Scully and was happy to find that her attention was focused on the room around her. His discussion with Starlecterling was very brief, as the officer had very little information. There was no sign of any struggle or break in in the apartment, and Mulder was informed that the other apartments had been the same. He would still go check them out later, in case they had missed something. Scully was planning to go check out a few of the bodies later as well to try to determine the 'cause of the mysterious swelling.

Shirley and Bo stood quietly, half listening to the conversations of the police officers and the agents, half daydreaming. Bo's favourite song, which he had decided upon on the way to this apartment when he had heard it on the radio, played through his thoughts. Shirley's thoughts strayed from fishing hooks to picturing the young officer in front of her riding a bike in a rodent's exercise wheel like thing. She was roused from her thoughts by Bo waving his hand in front of her face in an almost rhythmic manner.

"Come on, we're going," he said impatiently, as though he had been trying to tell her for hours.
"Where?" she asked as she followed him out the door.

Mulder came here often to escape the mood of the dank, musty basement. It was just slightly overcast, and a perfect warm. He was happy to share this place with Scully and Bo and Shirley. The teens had finished their lunches, and were now busy exploring the park and feeding the occasional bird. He glanced at Scully as they continued to eat in comfortable silence. He wondered what she was thinking about. Shirley and Bo were down by the pond now. He felt proud that these young people were so interested in their work. He didn't know if he would ever have children of his own, but he would wish that his kids would look up to him like this. He watched as a man approached Shirley. He seemed harmless, they were close and Mulder and Scully both had guns.

Bo felt a flash of anxiety and protectiveness as he sensed the presence beside Shirley. He thought maybe Shirley felt it too. He was sure that the agents were watching the man, and felt a tinge of relief. Bo watched the man watch the ducks and turn toward Shirley, brushing his due for a trim, orangey bangs out of his face.

"Lovely day, isn't it?" he asked Shirley.

She turned toward him and he saw her for the first time in 3 years. His lovely little Sherry had returned to the world. But in a moment her face became that of an unrecognizable girl, though still quite similar to that of his little girl.

"Yes, it's very nice," she replied, a voice filling the stranger's memory.

That voice. Shirley looked up at him and smiled. But it was no longer Shirley's face, it was Sherry's.

"Do you come here often?" he asked his daughter.

The stranger was about to reach out and take her hand when she heard Scully call them over. It was time to go.

"Uh... no, I'm not from around here. I'm sure I'll be here again though, it's so beautiful. It was nice meeting you," Shirley politely said as she walked with Bo back to where Mulder and Scully were waiting for them.

Curt Cheery watched angrily as his daughter walked over to the man and woman. The woman was very familiar, even from this distance. Was it Anna? Of course it was. And in his eyes, the man was none other than the man that had killed his wife and daughter. He wanted to run up and grab his girls and take them home, but he felt himself unable to move. No worries though, it would be easy to follow them. So that is what he did. He followed them to their car. He followed them to the homes of some of the men he had mistook for the killer of his family. He had not meant to harm anyone innocent. Those were just careless mistakes. He was sure that this time, he had the right man. He followed them to a morgue, then followed them to an apartment building. His wife, daughter, the killer, and that other boy, possibly the son of the killer, exited the car, and three of them walked into the building. The killer, however, said something to Anna and got into a different car. He didn't know whether he should follow the man, or stay here and rescue his family. He decided upon the latter. The boy was with them, but he was only a young boy, and would be easy to get by. So as the killer drove by, Curt rose out of his car and followed behind his family to an apartment. They walked in, joking about something or other. Why were they so cheery? Shouldn't they be frightened? Perhaps the boy or the man had brainwashed them. When the door was closed, Curt walked up to the door and pressed his ear to it. He could hear the three mumbling about something behind the door. He made out something like, 'We have an hour to get ready'. An hour was just enough time to rescue his family before the killer came back. He waited a few minutes for his adrenaline to build up and continued to listen to the conversations behind the door.

In Scully's apartment, she, Shirley, and Bo were discussing the day and the evening ahead of them. They were planning on going out for supper, and possibly a movie after that. They deserved to relax after the long day they had had. They had gone to the homes of some of the victims, and there was still no more evidence of anything. Perhaps it wasn't even a murder. Scully had autopsied the bodies. Mulder and Bo waited outside during that. Scully found that the swelling in the limbs was caused by nothing more than water retention. Perhaps the victims had been doing hard work all day. Perhaps that was a connection. Or not. All victims had reportedly been on their feet for some time when they noticed the swelling, and it was fairly warm out. Scully looked at the profiles of all the victims.

1. A teacher of mentally handicapped children, age 45.
2. A stay at home father of 3, age 38.
3. A librarian, age 32.
4. A ride technician at a local amusement park, age 46. (This was Elbert Regrahc.)
5. A shoe salesman, age 28.
6. A university student, age 24.
7. A musician, age 37.

No real connection there either, other than the whole access to children thing of course and there may have been something important not listed here. It could be anything. A common store they often went to. Maybe they all wore the same tie. Mulder was much better at this than she, and she decided, after about 10 minutes, to get ready, as Bo and Shirley had left to do. Carelessly, she left her gun on the coffee table, not prepared for what would come next.

Catchy : Chapter 5

"The world is far more interesting with you in it." ~Dr. Hannibal Lecter CHAPTER V
Scully was just dressing into some more comfortable clothes when she heard the knock at the door. She assumed that it was Mulder, maybe he had decided he didn't really need to change since he was wearing fairly comfy clothes already. Bo was already ready and out in the living room when he heard the knock.

"I'll get it," he called to Scully.

"All right, I'll be right out," she answered.

Bo walked quickly to the door and opened it without looking through the peephole. He, too, had just been assuming it was Mulder. Guys didn't take too long to get ready. As the door opened, Bo was startled by the door being shoved from the other side. The first thing Catchy noticed was the gun. He ran forward and grabbed it before Bo could say anything, and held it to Bo's head.

"Where's my family?" Catchy asked the frightened boy in front of him.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Bo choked out, as he was scared to say anything.

Shirley and Scully heard the commotion, and realizing that it wasn't Mulder, rushed into the living room to find the man from the park holding a gun to Bo's head. Scully was shocked, and at the same time, angry at her stupidity. She hoped that Mulder would not come soon, as it might startle the man. She would try to talk to him.

"What do you want? Take anything. Just let him go," she pleaded as calmly as she could.

"Anna, you're just as beautiful as when I last saw you, and Sherry...," the man turned his eyes toward Shirley, who was fearing for her friend's life.

"What?" Scully asked him, calmness quickly wearing down. She could not let these children get hurt.

"Oh, so he has brainwashed you, but I'll make you remember when I take you home. Why don't you tell me what you and daddy did to my girls?" Catchy looked down at the boy again.

"I... I don't know what you're talking about, okay?" Bo replied, terrified.

"Please, sir, let him go!" Scully didn't know what else to do. She could not risk making any move for fear of Bo's life.

"Come here Sherry," Catchy looked at Shirley.

"Me?" Shirley asked, knowing the answer. She stood still, afraid to move.

"Come here Sherry," he repeated, nudging the gun into Bo's head a little.

Shirley was too afraid not to move now, and went over to the man without bothering to look to Scully for advice.

"Now you, Anna."

Scully knew that meant her.

"What are you planning to do with us?" Scully asked as calmly as she could.

"Why, I just want to take you back home, where you belong, with me, and we can live happily, just like we did before," he answered her, a shocking honesty in his eyes. Scully knew that this man truly believed she and Shirley were his family.

Scully walked toward him, scared of the consequences of not doing as he asked. Bo felt the man rummaging in his pocket behind Bo's back. He knew he was planning something. Neither Shirley nor Scully felt the minute pin-prick in the back of their neck. Bo saw the needles, and was wondering what would happen next. He couldn't let the man take them. But what could he do. Any wrong move and he could be dead, or at least seriously injured. He noticed a medium sized brass figurine of an angel on the mantel, not too far away. If he could grab it while the man was not looking, possibly when he was trying to take Shirley and Scully away, he might be able to knock the man out, and tie him up or something. But what if he didn't hit hard enough? The man would almost definitely become very angry. What if.... Shirley and Scully hadn't noticed the needles... perhaps he had been pricked too, without knowing it. Shirley was definitely starting to look dizzy, and maybe Scully a little too. The drug was acting fast. If Bo was going to do something, he had better act fast. He just needed the right time. Here we go...

Catchy began to try to move the girls over, still keeping his eyes and the gun on Bo, but it was very difficult. He looked around the room, trying to find something to possible tie Bo up with. As he did this, the gun moved away from Bo. As Shirley and Scully slumped to the ground, the distraction allowed Bo enough time to stealthily grab the figurine. He held it over the man's head, planning to strike down hard, and completely forgot about the pole lamp across the room, which clearly allowed his shadow to appear on the wall. Catchy turned around in fear, and startled, pulled the trigger. Bo heard the bang momentarily before he slumped to the floor, clutching his abdomen, where the bullet had entered.

The last thing Shirley saw was her best friend fall to the floor, clothes covered in blood. Too weak to move or scream, Shirley whispered something to Bo about keeping pressure on it as her eyes closed, and perhaps a tear slipped down her cheek. Scully had been out long before, and in her peaceful dream world, she was completely unaware of her surroundings.

Bo lay shaking on the ground, trying to keep as much pressure on the hole as he could with trembling hands. In shock, he did not cry, nor yell, just lay there silently, looking straight into the man's eyes with anger and sadness. It was too much for Catchy to take. He had shot a young, innocent boy. It would be the last though, he promised himself, as he had what he was looking for. But then he reminded himself that he still had to take care of the man who had took his family from him in the first place. But that could wait. He would see him at the funeral of this poor boy... or maybe later on, back in Whitewash Park. Or maybe someday even he would sell fish to him. Give him a nice smile and maybe tell him to come into the back of the shop to see something. He would have something prepared. Something torturous, no doubt. But that could wait. For now, he had to just worry about getting these two in his car. He began to lift Shirley up, preparing to carry her to the car.

Bo did not want to watch this. He felt very tired. He knew he shouldn't sleep, but maybe he could just close his eyes. Catchy looked at him. Dead? Probably. But though his eyes were closed, Bo's ears were wide open.

"Okay, come on Sherry, we're gonna take you home. Right back to where you grew up. That's right. Remember how you used to chase the seagulls? Well, I'm sorry, you probably won't be doing that again. I'll have to keep you and mommy a secret, so no one tries to take you away again. I promise you, I'll take you out on the water though. You, mommy, and I, we're gonna have such a good life back together again."

Catchy took one more look at the boy on the floor, and could not stand it. Though it was probably too late, he picked up the phone and dialed 911. When the emergency operator answered, Catchy tried to change his voice a little and merely said, "Boy's been shot," then hung up. They would come soon, so Catchy knew he had to hurry up. He carried Shirley down to the car, then Scully, and drove away, back to his home, a little house overlooking Dockside Harbour. He did not forget to leave his card on the boy.

Catchy : Chapter 6

"Today we lived a thousand years, all we have is now." ~Live CHAPTER VI

Mulder arrived at Scully's apartment about an hour after he had left them there. He had received a phone call from Skinner with more information on the victims, and thought he should tell Scully now before they went out. He was looking forward to dinner. Though his TV dinners were darn good, he had to admit that a real, full, restaurant meal sounded much more appetizing. He parked in the back of the building, and so did not see all the police cars outside. In the elevator, Mulder did notice a couple of officers, but did not want to seem too nosy and ask if something was going on. For all he knew, they could live here, or be visiting someone. Mulder became much more nosy, and more than slightly worried as he stepped out onto Scully's floor. There were many more police officers here, walking back and forth. Scully's door was open and men were walking in and out. Mulder rushed over.

"What's going on here?" he asked impatiently and rushed through into the apartment. The first thing he saw was blood on the floor.

"Sir, you can't be in here!" one of the officers exclaimed, attempting to sort of push Mulder out.

He quickly flashed his badge so they would not hassle him further, and asked his question again.

"Well Agent..."


"Well Agent Mulder, someone phoned emergency from here about half an hour ago. When the ambulance and police arrived, we found a young boy lying here on the floor," one of the officers began. Mulder cut him off there.

"Is the boy alright? There was a women, my partner, Agent Scully, and a teenage girl here too, where are they?" Mulder asked quickly.

"The boy was sent to St. Luke's Hospital. They did a quick surgery to remove the bullet and patch him up. Luckily, we got there quick enough and it looks like he might be okay. He did lose a lot of blood though. They're giving him a transfusion right as we speak. As for the others, your partner and the girl, no one else was here when we arrived, just the boy," the officer continued.

Mulder quickly dialed Skinner and told him about everything. Skinner would need to contact the childrens' parents immediately. As he did that, Mulder was already on the way to the hospital.

When Mulder arrived at the hospital, Bo was just coming awake as the sedatives he had be given wore off. He was still not quite himself when Mulder entered his room. He looked up at Mulder, and anxiously went to sit up.

"No, no, you better lay back down, Bo," Mulder coaxed him.

"He took them, Agent Mulder. It was him, I know it. He stuck this in my finger when I was laying there. I tried not to wince," Bo stated and reached over to the small metal side table and grabbed something off of it. He held his hand out to Mulder and Mulder saw that it was a small fishing hook.

"Did you get a good look at him. Do you have any idea where he took them, or why?" Mulder questioned, a little too quickly.

Bo thought hard, but he found himself almost out of breath trying to answer those questions so quickly. He tried to say it, but he was too tired and it came out jibberish. Mulder felt bad that he had tried to rush Bo.

"It's alright. Don't rush. Just try and think, okay?" Mulder asked in a more calm tone.

Bo thought once again, this time remembering more as he felt less pressure.

"He called them his family. I think he called Agent Scully 'Anna' and Shirley 'Sherry'," Bo started, and tried to remember more as Mulder thought too. He had a theory.

"It's likely that his family is missing, or perhaps dead. He may have a psychological problem leaving him to see his family in others. I've seen cases of this before. If this is true, Scully and Shirley are probably safe for a while. I'll set out a database search for missing persons or deaths of anyone named Sherry or Anna. We should be able to find something there and possibly someone who can help us track down the man. Can you remember anything else that might help, Bo?" Mulder questioned, a little more hopeful that his partner and Shirley were alright.

"The man. It was the man that was talking to Shirley and I in the park today. I'm sure it was. And he said something else. Something about how Sherry used to chase seagulls. He said he is taking them there. Back to where Sherry grew up and chased the seagulls. He said something else about water too. And then he carried them out, and I guess I blacked out," Bo told the rest of what he could remember.

Fishing hooks, seagulls, water. Even with just the fish hooks, Mulder had been planning to check out Dockside Harbour. Now he was absolutely sure. That's where he was and that's where he had taken Scully and Shirley. He needed to get there as soon as possible, he didn't know what the killer was planning on doing with them, or how long he would stay in the area. Mulder now had a good idea of the killer's motive. He believed the men had his family.

Mulder would have to have reinforcements. He would call them on the way to the harbour, he could not wait for them to come.

"I think I know where he's taken them, Bo. I'm going to go find them. In the meantime, try and get some sleep. Assistant Director Skinner, my boss, should be around shortly and he'll help you get on the phone with your parents. They weren't home when we called earlier," Mulder said this all quickly as he went to walk out the door.

"Agent Mulder?" Bo got Mulder's attention once more, "I'm really sorry."

"It's not your fault, Bo, and I'm sure that they'll be alright," Mulder comforted as he disappeared into the hallway.

Bo lay down and closed his eyes, trying to get the image of an unconscious Shirley out of his head. He felt sick to his stomach. He prayed silently for Shirley and Scully's safety. He wished it was Sunday night and he was home in bed. And he would go to school the next day and Shirley would be there and everything would be normal.

Catchy : Chapter 7

"I like pleasure spiked with pain." ~Red Hot Chili Peppers CHAPTER VII

Catchy lay down his daughter in her bed, tying her down with soft cord. He would have to keep them like that until they knew where and who they were. Nothing in Sherry's bedroom had been disturbed since the accident. He tucked her in and opened the window so that the cool, salty breeze could flow in. He gave her a little kiss on her forehead as he left the room.

Anna already lay in their bed. Catchy hated to see her bound up like that, but it was necessary. He sprayed her a few times with her favourite perfume, and smelled her. He knew, at last, that she was home. He turned off the light and climbed into bed with her, wrapping his muscular arm around her waist. He hoped she would remember him when she woke up. He fell asleep.


Mulder drove as quickly as he could to the harbour. There was a surprising amount of traffic for this time of night. It was nearly 11:30pm when he reached the entrance to the harbour, garded by a rusty old gate which was swung off to the side. It probably hadn't been used in a long time. Mulder drove down the dirt road parallel with the shore until he spotted a small tavern with windows lit up. He parked his car outside, and rushed in. He was greeted by a fishy smell, and strange stares from the men of whom the smell emanated. The stares weren't exactly unfriendly, though Mulder momentarily assumed that everyone here was in on it. He shrugged that idea off and approached the friendliest looking of the men.

"Hello, my name is Fox Mulder," he flashed his badge, "and I'd like to ask you a few questions."

"Sir, I swear I haven't done anything wrong!" the man exclaimed anxiously.

"Don't worry, you're not being accused of anything. I just need to ask you a few questions about a man you may know," Mulder stated, relief passing over the man's face.

"Oh, alright then. Ask away," the man agreed.

"I'm looking for a man. I believe he has reddish-blonde hair. He has or had a wife and daughter named Anna and Sherry who are possibly missing or deceased. Do you know of this man, where I could find him?"

"Yeah, yeah, I know him. Catchy. That's what we call him. His real name's Curt Cheery. Good man. Sad that he lost his family though. He lives right down the road. It's a light blue house. His fish shop is downstairs, so there's a big sign on the house. Says Cheery Fish. Got a big picture of a smiling fish beside it. Hard to miss."

"Thank you very much," Mulder was anxious to get there, but asked one more question of the man, who's name he later found out was Darwin, "One more question sir. How did his family die?"

"Well, they were in a terrible car accident. The man in the other car, they think he musta fell asleep at the wheel. He fled the scene, afraid of getting in trouble. The car was stolen, so they couldn't trace it. Yeah, Catchy's family was everything to him. Hasn't been the same since. He's even gotten a little strange, if ya know what I mean."

"Thank you sir."

Mulder rushed back out of the tavern, the way he had came in. He jumped in his car and drove up the road until he saw it. The big, happy fish. Cheery Fish. Mulder got out of the car but didn't quite know how to do this. If he waited for the backup to arrive, and they stormed in, Shirley and Scully could get hurt. Mulder decided, instead to try and sneak in. If Cheery was asleep, Mulder would have no trouble securing him. While he was tied up, Mulder could get Scully and Shirley out of there, and leave Cheery to the others. Mulder saw a narrow staircase leading up to an open window. Probably some sort of fire escape. He could sneak up there and possibly be able to tell whether Cheery was asleep or not.

He stealthily climbed up, one stair at a time, until he was near the window. He peered into the window and was happy to see Shirley. He was taking care of his family, and Mulder doubted he would ever hurt them intentionally. Mulder looked into every corner of the room, to make sure Cheery was nowhere in sight before climbing through the window. He thought it best to try and get Shirley safe and then come back in for Scully. He untied and lifted the unconcious girl from the bed. He lay her at the top of the stairs and climbed out the window himself. He carefully carried her down the stairs, and lay her down in the back of his car.

Now for Scully. This was the hard part. Mulder didn't know what lie behind the door of the room Shirley was one. Perhaps Cheery was on the other side, wide awake and guarding, with Scully sleeping on a bed behind him. As Mulder was thinking of other possibilities, the backup arrived. It was probably a good thing, but it almost annoyed him. At least they were thinking enough not to have their sirens on. A few men got out of the van and walked over to Mulder. A car arrived a few moments later. Sure enough, it was Officer *Joe Don* Starlecterling. Mulder could picture a photo in the newspaper tomorrow morning. Headline: Starlecterling Saves The Day. The photo was of him carrying Scully out of the building. And then of course they would fall hopelessly in love. Mulder winced at the images his mind conjured when he was feeling jealous. Starlecterling just wanted the same thing as everyone else. For the child and agent to be safe and for the killer to be caught. Mulder told the first man who approached him of Shirley in the back of his car. The man got her comfortable and drove her to the nearest hospital, which just happened to be St. Luke's.

All the men, there were 10 including Mulder, could not decide how they should do this. There were some suggestions, but all of them could end up having deadly consequences. Mulder developed a plan and shared it with the rest. They were to park their vehicles in a hidden spot, but close to the house. Someone would go back to the tavern and find a man, preferably one who knew Cheery and get him to knock on his door. If Cheery didn't answer the door, the man was to shout as loud as he could that he needed his help with something, whatever applied to the relationship between Cheery and the man. If it was another fisherman, he needed help with something on his boat, etc. Mulder would already be in the house, waiting for the knock or shout. Then he would wait until he knew Cheery was at the door to quickly go get Scully out of the house. Hopefully Cheery would answer.


Mulder waited impatiently at the window for 20 minutes before he saw an officer appear with another man from the tavern. He heard the knock at the door and climbed in the window. He tiptoed over to the bedroom door and listened carefully. Nothing. Another knock. Nothing. A man yelling something Mulder couldn't quite make out. Yes. Mulder heard what sounded like a bed creak and then footsteps walking towards the front. He heard a door open and close. He waited another half a minute before slowly opening the door. The room in front of him was much larger. There was museum quality fishing paraphernalia on every shelf and every wall. There was a small table in the corner with a vase of flowers in the center. There was doorframe to one side, leading to what looked like a kitchen. And ah, yes. In a far corner of the room was a large bed. And in that bed? Scully. She was alone now, but it looked as though Cheery had been laying with her. She was also bound by the same cords as Shirley was. He walked quickly over to her and untied her.

He lifted her up, and carried her quickly out to the window. He placed her out on the small balcony as he had Shirley, and got out himself. He went to pick Scully up when he felt a huge weight from behind, and then he was falling. He landed on his feet, legs crumpling behind him. The wind was knocked out of him and he found himself unable to move. He hoped he wasn't paralyzed. He did hit his back very hard. He looked up to see Cheery kneeling over Scully.

Cheery did not even notice the men coming until he was on the ground and cuffed. The ambulance they had called in case came quickly out of hiding and the paramedics went very quickly to Mulder. Mulder could move again, though he was told not to, but he informed them that at least one of his legs was most likely broken. They carefully got him onto a stretcher and loaded him into the ambulance. Scully was on a stretcher beside him. She was still asleep and completely unaware of anything that was happening to her. They rode to the hospital, and Mulder was finally at peace with his inner self. His outer self, however, was in incredible pain.

Catchy : Chapter 8

"The stars you wore for eyes stopped twinkling with time." ~Jet Set Satellite CHAPTER VIII

Bo, Shirley, Mulder, and Scully were all out of the hospital now, though Bo was not yet in the condition to do anything active. He had very little energy, but found he was able to walk carefully without too much pain. Shirley had packed up his stuff for him, as well as her own, and they were just about ready for Scully to take them to the airport. Shirley was slightly disappointed that they had not been able to stay any longer, but she was also excited to go home and tell her parents all about everything. Bo on the other hand was quite anxious to go home. He liked Redington. He didn't get shot in Redington. He was being very clingy and apologetic to Shirley, and she feared this would last for a long time. Ah, well, she thought, perhaps it could be to her advantage. She would never admit it but she found that sad little face of his incredibly cute. Mulder was quite content. Not only would he be in a wheelchair for a few weeks (a little fantasy of his), but Scully insisted he stay with her at least until he could walk again. In his mind, he was developing ways he could break his legs in the future.

They all said their goodbyes and promised to keep in touch. Scully drove them to the airport and waved goodbye as the two teens walked through the gate together, Shirley helping Bo walk. She had better get home to her own little baby, who was most likely doing something she wouldn't want him to do.

Catchy was taken to a high security mental facility where he is being treated.

(Apologies: The characters in the story may be pretty OOC. I don't claim to be an excellent writer. OK? I don't think Scully's that stupid, like with letting Catchy in and stuff, and leaving the gun on the coffee table, it just worked better. A'ight?) Yeah... join my RPG.