The Final Cut
A Shirley Holmes Fan Fiction

by JenJen
July 24, 2000         10,600 words

The Final Cut : Chapter #1

Shirley lay motionless on her bed, her mind was so full of thoughts, memories, problems, logic and more problems that required immediate solutions. Things just seemed to be getting worse rather than better, why was that? First was the trouble of facing Bo each and every day and ignoring the urge to tell him the truth, then finding out about his finishing high school in Ukraine, then the whole scandal with Heather and everything that fell awkwardly into place after that horrible experience. She slowly reviewed the previous weeks in her mind event followed by event, problem followed by another and so on. She never seemed to get an actual break. Now things were just as bad if not worse, and if things were to stay as they were presently, there would exist only trouble and constant heart ache. As her eyes traced every detail on the ceiling she could almost hear her most recent conversations with her friends, Alicia, Bart, Matt, yes even Matt, but mostly she analyzed each one of her responses to none other than Bo, the now fading link. Her eyes drifted slowly to her alarm clock and the time it continued to flash-3am.

She wondered why she was so tired yet her eyes refused to close shut, her mind continued to remember past events. She never really realized how much time she d been spending starring into nothing recently, leaving only Shirley and her thoughts to accompany her. The most recurring thoughts were of Bo two weeks before his departure from her life, soon after her release from the hospital.


(2 weeks ago..) "So you ve decided to leave huh?" questioned an obviously annoyed looking Alicia.
Bo glanced Shirley's way and looked back towards Alicia, "Yup, I decided to finish my high school in the program in Ukraine after all".
"Your sure this time?"
"...Ya.. I uhm I am.."
"Well hopefully this will be the LAST time I say this mushy stuff, have a great time Bo, and remember your still welcome ll be missed, wont he Shirley???" Alicia nudged Shirley harshly.
"Huh? Ya, of course you ll be missed Bo..." replied Shirley is a somewhat disapointed tone.
Bo just looked at her and smiled as his thoughts ran wild.. *I guess she s thinking about her next case, I m glad she s not too worked up about my leaving really...who am I kidding I feel like I could scream! But I wont, a lot of good that did me last time, I should just keep my mouth shut that way all will be fine as it should be...she ll be fine without me, she may even forgive Matt and who knows they may...I don't want to think of that the thought of them together just makes me want to punch a wall...*

As Bo bid his farewells to his friends, he was then found face to face with Shirley, what was he suppose to say to those blue eyes? Was he to lie and pretend that he felt the contrary to what he truly felt? But what guarantee would he have that if the truth came out they would still remain friends? How was he suppose to get on that plain knowing that the second he did his world would change forever?

"Well I guess this is it huh?"
"No, you know what, remember what you said at the hospital?"
"That this was only see ya later and not goodbye?" v"Exactly, that's all it is it's a "see ya later, til next time" and there will be a next time right Francis"
"What what no body heard me!" Shirley giggled
*Its nice to hear her laugh once more before I leave*
"Im glad you came this time"
"Ya me too...Bo?"
"I..don't like goodbyes"
*wait shirley what are you saying???? your going to give it all away!!! don't cry, DO NOT CRY!*
"I thought we said it wasnt goodbye..."
"What if...what if i told you that it felt a lot more permanent that than?"
"Then Shirley Holmes I would have to consider that a lie.."
"Ok ok you made your point" A moment flew by as they just starred at each other not knowing what to say, until the announcement came on saying that the plane would soon take off.
"I guess I've gotta go....Wow this is really it"
"Bye Bo" replied the others, while Shirley just starred at her soon departing friend, her life line, her soul and finally a part of herself. As she continued to stare after Bo, her heart split in two, as he turned to leave she quickly hugged him tightly.
"Hey you do care" chuckled Bo.
"Of course I care! Never doubt that you hear me? No matter how far we are I want you to know that...
I want you to remember that're a huge piece in my life, never forget a single moment we had."
Bo was close to tears when he nodded in agreement "Shirl, do me the biggest favor in return.."
"Don't forget me"
Shirley's eyes couldnt take anymore abuse she hugged him once more and began to cry.
"Never will I ever do that"
"I hate to break this lovey dovey moment but Bo you ll miss your flight" Alicia announced in a low somewhat sympathetic voice
"Ya I d better go, bye everyone, and's only see ya later"
"Ya...bye Bo..."
As Bo grew closer to the door he heard a small familiar whisper
"I love you Bo"
He wasn't sure but it sounded like Shirley, Bo then replied just as quietly and secretly "I love you too..more than you know...Shirl...more than you will ever know.."
Shirley's head flew up at the words she was almost sure she'd heard
*Could it be, did he...did I just dream it up? Did he...can't it can't be*
As she watched the plane take off she felt empty and alone..
"Now what?"

(End of flashback)

The Final Cut : Chapter #2

(2 weeks after Bo's departure..)
As she remembered each word that had been said that day she could nt help but cry, as fresh tears washed down her cheeks they almost immediately washed away the others that had fallen prior to that moment in time. Even now, two weeks after Bo's departure for Ukraine she still found it hard to think of their goodbye. He had called her the week before giving her updates of his progress but as each day flew by, it got harder and harder to cope with the distance between them. Shirley couldnt help but wonder how Bo was feeling about it all, she hadnt really asked, she was too afraid of what his answer may be. One week ago we spoke she thought, yet I didnt tell him what's been going on lately. Soon after Bo's departure, Shirley had been receiving many disturbing messages that she refused to share with anyone else. Continuous prank calls, 10 minutes worth of breathing and whispers on her answering machine and shadows in the night. At first she assumed she was imagining it all as a way of coping with all that had happened but as the minutes turned to hours, and hours turned to days, she knew that something was going on but had no clue, all that remained in her thoughts now was Boris Sawchuck ...


Bo lay on his bed silently as his roomate studied for their up coming test.
"Arent you going to study Bo?"
"Nah, we have a few days before that test, and you know there were times where me and my best friend.."
"Would stay up all night and she d get 100% on any type of test i know i know"
"Sorry man, i didnt realize how much i spoke of her to you.."
"It's ok, it's only natural you miss her, she seems like a really hot babe"
"Sorry sorry...i know you like her.."
"What are you getting at?"
"Bo man it's obvious your hooked on this girl, im surprised you ended up here"
Bo just lay back wishing that he were home talking with Shirley on the phone laughing about nothing at all. Who was he kidding he missed her, he felt so empty without her he even missed the mischief they managed to get themselves into, at least they were having fun at the same time. Things were great here sure, but this wasnt working out as he planned. How was he so sure? Well it was 4am, and he hadnt been able to get a good nights rest since he left Redington, since he left Shirley...


Shirley opened her eyes slowly at first, adjusting to the light that crept through her window, it was almost noon, she d been sleeping for half the day. Her thoughts suddenly came to a halt by her cell phone ringing by her bed. As she picked it up to answer, she heard the dial tone, who ever it was he/she had hung up without a word. Any other person would have thought nothing of it, but Shirley wouldnt believe it unless she had an explanation and proof to back it up.


It was Saturday and Bo had slept in, his roommate had left earlier in the morning. Bo could nt help but feel the emptiness and loneliness crawl back into his system, he longed for so many things but wasnt sure how to satisfy his wants and needs, he felt lost in the dark without a single light to guild his way. He looked around his room, as he got out of bed he heard what sounded like a book fall to the ground. As he picked it up, memories flooded back. He had been reading the journal in hopes to fall asleep the night before. As he turned it over in his hands something fell out, a paper-a letter addressed to him. As he began to open the folded letter he realized it was from Shirley, she must have written it before she gave the journal to him, in hopes he d find it after he d left. The letter read...

Bo, Well your reading this letter that was well hidden in the journal, you must have been reading it in order for the letter to fall-I presume that means that you ve grown a bit homesick am I right? Course I am, I m always right, you know it! *laugh* Well despite any differences or troubles we ve had in the past there was never a time were I regretted our friendship or sticking by it as we have, I consider myself lucky to have met you that day-coincidently it was probably the best mistake ever! Im sure things in Rediginton are the usual, however you know me, Im probably working on some case, if not well Im probably....never mind it's not important. I ve written this letter to remind you that no matter how far apart we grow, it's never too far-remember that, please do. Although you havent left yet at this time I want you to know that I already miss you, things will be somewhat difficult, not having you here to bail me out of trouble or more precise vice versa-you know it's true, I've bailed you out plenty of times, you can thank me later *laugh*. I m not sure what else to say seeing that me writing this at this time while your still here, it's hard to estimate how I d be feeling at the time your reading this. Well in case you ve been thinking about home I've thought up some little ways to remind you that your not alone..
1- Read that journal anytime you feel homesick
2- Remember any one of the cases we solved or have yet to solve
3- Remember that no matter what we will always be friends, NO MATTER WHAT, no matter what day, no matter what the time, you are missed nothing will change that.

So in closing Francis...Boris...Bo, it wont be easy living here without you physically being here, and just because Im not all too great with showing emotion with words I just hope you remember that no matter what the case I ll always remember you, even if you were somewhat of a pain! *laugh* Talk to ya soon, and remember this isnt goodbye, only see ya later :)
luv alwayz and forever,

ps: Anytime something doesnt go my way you can count on the best piece of advice you ve ever given me, I am strong enough-I m a Holmes, thanks Bo. As Bo hid the letter in the journal where it had been, he smiled, nodded and whipped away the tears that had casually fallen.

"Anytime Holmes...Shirley...Anytime.."  


The Final Cut : Chapter #3

Just then Shirley's home phone rang once, twice, three times, on the fourth time she answered, this time hearing someone breathing. As she continued to ask who was calling there was no response, only the steady paced breathing that was finally cut off after a certain amount of time. A few minutes later both her cell phone and her home phone rang mercilessly, she tried ignoring both, she felt as though she was being haunted and constantly watched, she would get chills after every ring hoping that whoever was behind both rings would stop. After 5 rings of both phones, she decided to answer her cell phone first, this time there was an eery laugh that was heard, not male or female somewhat inhuman that sent chills up her spine. As she hung up her cell phone she stood up and felt like punching her wall when her home phone continued to ring again and again until finally she picked up...
"Look whoever this is I suggest you leave me alone, these continuous phone calls may amuse you but I really don't have time to be amusing some jerk, so speak up!"
"...Shirley...are you ok?"
"The one and only, I thought I d give you a call.."
"Oh..." Shirley was breathing harder, she wanted to be happy that her best friend had called and was on the phone but some feeling in her kept making her feel watched and she was actually shaking.
*I wonder what's with Shirley, looks like she s had some trouble already...knowing her she probably wont spill a single detail*
*If I tell him what's up, the whole prank phone call deal he ll be concerned and I don't want that for him...but i cant exactly lie! He knows me well enough, my blowing up at him thinking it was some prank caller didnt help matters..*

"Shirley..somethings wrong, what's wrong? And don't even think about giving me the nothing speach I've known you too long to fall for em, so spill, what's going on?"
"Bo I.."
"Oright fine, my guess is judging by the way you answered the phone and your hard breathing I d say that you ve been having some trouble, perhaps prank calls and by your shaky voice Id say it's really spooking you out, am I close?"
"Bo you ve hung around me too long, you sound just like me"
"I ll take that as a compliment...It's been about a week and a bit since we last spoke, tell me what's been going on with you lately, any new cases? Molly trouble? Or shocking news?"
"Well seeing that you ll find out eventually I may as well tell you then, yes I've been getting prank calls, but it doesnt end there, they ve been leaving 10 minutes worth of messages of just breathing, inhuman laughter and a lot of things have begun to go missing on set.."
"So I was right, go figure, and what do you mean "on set"? I though Alicia was finished with her directing talents?"


(Flashback to one week after Bo's departure..)

"Well students I've decided that because we ve finished reading and analyzing Shakespearean history, I've thought up one very exciting homework assignment" explained Mr. Howie.
"How can homework be exciting?" Alicia questioned in between rolling her eyes at her teacher.
"Well I've decided that you will all make up groups, you must make a presentation about one of Shakespear's plays, you may make it as creative or as boring as you like, but remember originality is the key. For example you may want to put on a skit for the class using one of Shakespear's plays and making it more modern, it's up to you. You will be working in groups as I said, and you have a week to work on it, don't waste any time, your week starts now..."

(End of flashback)


"So you guys have a project to do, that should be" chuckled Bo
"What have you got so far?"
"Well Bart, Alicia, Stink, Parker and I have come up with making a movie using Julius Caesar only changing it, for example Caesar is now a girl"
"Really? Well that s an interesting twist, who will play him uh her?"
"Yours truly"
"So they are still going to kill you huh?" Shirley froze
"Shirley?...Shirley??? you there?"
" mean in the play?"
"Ya. What did you think I meant?"
"Uhm Nothing, uhm ya, I think Alicia will be Brutus, she wants to change the name and.."
"Shirley, what's going on?"
"What do you mean?"
"What do I mean? Your freaked"
"Wow, down girl, your not just shaky Shirley your scared, arent you?"
"...Look Bo I don't want you to get involved.."
"Too late Im already involved! Some jerk is pushing you around, Im pissed off and if I was there right now..."
"Bo..look just forget about this, Im fine really"
Suddenly Shirley cell phone rang, she jumped and gasped
"Shirley? Are you ok? What's wrong?"
" cell just rang.."
"Are you..going to answer it?"
"Shirley! Hi! Who are you talking to your suppose to be here filming!"
"Oh hey Alicia, Im sorry I forgot"
"Who are you on the phone with?"
"It's Bo...I ll be there soon ok?"
"Ya I ll see ya there and tell Bo I say hi.."
"Will do, bye .."
Shirley hung up her cell phone and picked up her home phone to finish her conversation with Bo.
"That was Alicia I presume?"
"I know I wish you were here too, I...WE miss you .."
"Ya I miss you..ALL too.."
"Well I've got to.."
"Go ya I heard, you don't want to keep Alicia waiting, that would be a fatal mistake!"
"Yes very true" They both laughed as they hung up the phone feeling empty once again.
*I hope he doesn't start to check up on me, I hope he's ok...I didnt really ask...but..he didnt both to provide any information...possibly meaning that he misses home..more than he's letting on.*


*This is torture Im miles away from her, she could be in trouble and I d just be here doing nothing...not only do I miss her, Im afraid for her...she sounded so shaken, I know Shirley, it takes a lot to shake her up that way, this must have been going on for quite some time and didn't want to tell me for some reason...possibly thinking I d feel burdened, I hate this, the distance, this whole arrangement, and I just might do something about it...*


As Shirley locked the door she could hear her phone ring, each second between each ring made her want to scream out, but she held herself and began to ride her bike to Sussex to meet Alicia, Bart and the others.
*So much for a Saturday, a day away from school, yet we ve decided to film in the school's drama room, how original* As she continued to smile and ride her bike Shirley noticed that a black car was following her, each turn she made, it made the same. As Shirley arrived at Sussex she noticed that the car that was once spying on her so intently was no longer behind her, it had disappeared...

The Final Cut : Chapter #4

It was around 8pm Saturday night when Shirley found herself sitting on her bed, her mind drifting every few seconds. As she sat alone in her room in the dark she heard someone or something coming nearer, Shirley jumped to her feet, turned on the light and waited behind her door, as he/she came closer she searched for something for her defense, when she turned around she was startled to find Watson at her feet.
"Watson! Don't ever sneak up on me...look at me ..Im shaking" Shirley began to sob as she slid to a sitting position on the floor.
"So much has happened Watson, Im losing control of myself, Im usually so held together, ready for anything..but honestly ever since Bo left for Ukraine things have been changing so fast that I constantly feel like Im spinning in a circle that has no end, and now Im actually crying without really knowing why. I m tired from today's filming for the project, I hate to admit it but I keep getting scared over nothing, I wake up from nightmares, I get constant prank calls, threats, I ve been followed and Im probably being watch as I speak, it's so frustrating! On top of it all I feel so empty not having Bo here, I knew this would be hard to accept and move on from but Watson I feel so empty and alone, I miss him, and I suppose Im crying because it's really only hitting me now, God knows what will happen to him or myself between now and the next holiday, I thought I d be missing my friend, but he's ...I dunno I cant explain it, all I know is that I miss him and speaking to him once in a while over the phone helps for a bit but the second I hear the click it hits me like a ton of bricks, he's gone...I miss him...I really miss him more than words can describe.." Before she knew it Shirley was sobbing and crying like a little child, so lost and feeling so alone with the constant fear of being watched....who was watching her so intently?..


It had been about 2 weeks or so since that day, she had been shot by her so called "ally" who had turned on her twice, as Heather awoke she felt pain, her shoulder was in an immense amount of it. After a few moments she realized she was no longer in her hospital bed, no, she was in a car, being driven away, by someone so familiar. All she could hear was constant mumbling, the driver sounded as though he was cursing something or someone.


She was happy to be home, not that she would show any emotion but anger and hatred towards her ex ally, however she found it pleasing to pull the trigger on her betrayer...
Welcome home Mrs. Hardy!"
"Yes well prepare my bed, Im rather tired I d like to rest"
As Molly noticed the spot that had almost been her final rest place she remembered an old saying ..*The hunter became the hunted*


They sat in a semi circle discussing their plans for the project when one of them spoke up..
"Alicia Gianelli and her annoying friends like that snoop Holmes, they're stealing our ideas! It's so frustrating! What are we going to do now Sara?"
"Please Carrie don't worry about them, let's just think of another idea!"
"I wasnt asking YOU Annie"
"Hey! Carrie, Annie please! Look Jon is coming up with a new script and storyline as we speak, they will pay for their annoying acts! Let's not waste our night thinking of them!"
"Your right Mi, let's not let them get to us, after all we can cook up something for revenge anytime!"
"Guys come on it's only a stupid project!"
"Shut up! Annie!"
"Carrie! Grow up!"
*Girls* he thought as he rolled his eyes.


Shirley remained on the ground sobbing until she heard something from behind her, she jumped up from fear when she realized the familiar shadow coming closer.
"Bo!? Is that you??"
"Good guess Shirl"
Shirley was shocked to see her best friend standing in front of her, she was at a loss for words!
"I guess the "how are you" bit has already been answered, I heard everything...I know I should have said something but.."
"You were spying?"
"I guess that's the only way to get the truth from you sometimes"
"But how?"
"I just asked the principal to be transferred to Sussex again, wasnt too hard"
"But...I...I thought you liked it over there, on your own.."
"I uh I guess I told a lie, that's what we have in common Shirley."
Shirley let out a sigh, Bo had heard her confess all her feelings to Watson, she should be furious that Bo had eavesdropped but for some reason she wasn't because she was suddenly filled with some joy, which she hadnt felt in a really long time.
"So start from the beginning Shirley, starting with why you lied and said you were ok with me leaving"
"Bo, if you want the full truth here it is...I never wanted you to go! You were always my constant you ve been there for me throughout it all, and having something come along and change that, it just it really threw me, but it was right for you, so I tried to make it seem that I was ok with it, so you wouldnt feel guilty that you were leaving us, I didnt want to make things any harder than they had to be.."
"Shirley, you have got to be THE most....selfless person I know" replied Bo with a smile, she smiled back in hopes that he d hadn't heard the rest of what she d said.
"Thanks I guess..."
"I just wish you told me how you felt before otherwise I would have saved the school in Ukraine some patients, I did like the idea of being on my own and all, but the more I thought about it the more I realized that it wasn't what I really wanted, not by a long shot..."
*I really think she feels something more than friendship for me but I don't know how to tell her the truth, what if I mess things up, what if something goes wrong and the 4 years of friendship we shared just start to fade into the background I don't want that....but I may as well use this strength I've got right now...*
"Shirley there is something you really need to know"
"...Im all ears"
"Shirley I.."
Suddenly something fell tumbling through a nearby window, Bo quickly shielded Shirley as debris came inwards falling over them, Shirley had just enough time to see a shadow getting into a car and drove away with a sudden screech of the tires. Whoever it was had gone but had left an imprint in Shirley's mind, the shadow was familiar she knew that much...

The Final Cut : Chapter #5

"It's done" said a voice standing tall.
"Excellent, you will be greatly rewarded, each one of your efforts will not be forgotten"


Shirley and Bo's eyes flew open as they studied their surroundings and reviewed what had happened.
"Shirley! Are you alright?"
"Ya , a cut or two but Im still in one piece, you?"
"Im...good, Im good"
As they both rose to sitting positions, Shirley realized that Bo had multiple cuts on his arms, hands and a few on his face.
"Bo, you liar, your cut in many places.."
"Oh, well Im fine"
"Ya right"
Shirley helped him up to a chair, as she searched for a first aid kit, Bo noticed what shattered the glass, a brick accompanied by a note.
"Shirley look"
As she turned around with the first aid kit she noticed what he had.
"I hope you missed the mysteries because it seems that one just fell into our laps."
"O the mysteries were missed" replied Bo letting out an exhausted sigh.


Heather looked around, she was in a room on a bed, it was pretty late, she must have been falling in and out of consciousness, she finally realized that she knew the place, she felt safe and warm, she knew exactly where she was and she let out a sigh of relief she felt like she was finally home.


"Owch! Jeez!"

"Your such a baby!"
"Hey you be nice I saved your sorry butt for the 100th time"
Shirley looked up into Bo's warm eyes and smiled
"Ya ya ya, hold still"
" aren't you the least bit curious about what that thing says?"
"Awfully curious, but we can't have the hero bleeding to death now can we?"
"Ah, toucher...I bet your happy I came back now"
"Bo, Im sorry if you ever got the impression that I wasn't happy that your back, believe me I really am happy your back, and not because you save my butt SOMETIMES"
"So why are you happy Im here then?"
"Things were getting too boring" she replied with a smile
"So you didn't really tell me how you were doing over there"
"Oh, well you never asked"
"Ok then, tell me..."
Bo froze, he really didn't bother give Ukraine a real chance any time he had to himself he was thinking about Shirley and read the letter over and over hoping it would provide some more answers to the Shirley enigma.
"How about we find out why someone trashed your window first?"
"Alright then, fair enough"

Shirley put on a pair of gloves and carefully shuffled through the debris to find the note, she detached it from the brick, lay it on the table and began to read what it said,

"Aww your employing allies how clever, however your tirany wont go unpunished..
Shirley's face went completely white, her eyes showed only fear as chills rolled up her spine, she knew that line all too well...
"Shirley? Why did you stop reading? Shirley? Hello???"
"Huh..what did you say?"
"What?, here let me see it I ll read the rest,

.....your demise will soon unfold and you ll be left with no one, just a lonely fool ready to meet her destruction"
What s that suppose to mean? Someone shattered your window to send you that?
It's like some bad horror movie...that you seem to know a lot about"
Suddenly the phone rang, Shirley's eyes went blank, Bo realizing the effects of the ringing, picked it up.

"This is only the beginning, she will learn our way or she shall be destroyed, the tirrant shall not prevail the sakes of many depend on her demise "Listen you psycho do us all a favor and shut up!" replied Bo while hanging up.

"What did they say?"
"Something about the destruction of "the tirrant"
Shirley looked at Bo with a knowing look
"You know what they were saying don't you?"
"Bo could you pass me that red folder next to you?"
"Ya sure..."
As Shirley flipped through the pages she glanced at Bo that hadn't stopped looking at her since the phone call, he d never seen her so worked up and scared, seeing her that way scared him because he knew that she was actually stronger than him in more ways than one she just didnt know it.
"Did the line ressemble this one?"
Bo read aloud "This is only the beginning, she will learn our way or she shall be destroyed, the tirrant shall not prevail the sakes of many depend on her demise!"
"That's it, that was the did you?"
Shirley just looked at him and said "Julius Caesar"
Bo just looked at her quizzically waiting for an explanation
"Caesar was said to be a tirrant by many, he was despised by many of the roman followers"
"What? Why?"
"They were sour towards him because he defeated their former leader
Pompey..and Caesar was to be crowned so some were angry because the followers who once cheered for Pompey now cheered for their soon to be ruler.."
Shirley nodded
"What does that have to do's about your project isn't it? Your character is Caesar, this is your script, whoever is playing these pranks is quoting it"
"Exactly, "Your demise will soon unfold and you ll be left with no one, just a lonely fool ready to meet her destruction"....
Shirley repeated almost to herself, while Bo sensed that this was nt going to be pretty...


The Final Cut : Chapter #6

Molly lay still in her bed, she laughed evilly in her mind, she was quite proud of herself, she had saved Holmes' life along with her little followers, now they owed her, *They could come in handy, favors can be VERY useful* As she closed her eyes she pictured how she would benefit from her new plotting..


"Bart this project will get us all the perfect grade! It's too great!"
"Ya this time don't change my whole script along with it's concept, it's bad enough that you changed everyone's name except for Caesar!"
"Oh gimme a break! Mr. Howie said originality is wanted! So that's exactly what we're going to deliver, look we ll talk more about this tomorrow Im beat"
"This is going to be awesome!"


"Guys I dunno this whole thing is getting out of hand!"
"Shut UP Annie! If you blow this for us, I swear!"
"Both of you quite your whinning, they ll get what's coming to them, "Her demise will be oh so sweet"


"Shirley? You ok?"
"Ya Im fine..except I need to come with a story to tell for why the window is all over the floor.."
"How bout the truth?"
"What's with you Bo, we ve never blown our cover on purpose before..why start now?"
"Shirley..what good is a cover when your..."
".....i ll think of another story..."
"Fine .."
"What do you mean what?"
"Forget it"
"Why are you being difficult?"
"Because!!! im trying to save you from...."your demise"
"...That's what this is about...your concerned about my welfare?"
"Of course I am, I don't want ....something like THAT do happen..." Bo looked at the debris stationed on the ground and frowned, this case just may be beyond us.."
Bo sat down on a near by chair and looked away from Shirley.
"Thank you"
Bo looked up with a questioning expression.. "For what?"
"For being here..and for saving my butt just now"
Bo smiled, "Anytime"
Shirley and Bo just starred at each other and smiled until they realized that they had been side tracked to the case..
"So..uh about the any suspects?"
"Always" smiled Shirley "First the most obvious choice being Molly Hardy
"She's ruthless and evil perfect candidate!"
"Yes. She would have been!"
"Would have? You don't sound convinced at all"
"Well just that Molly has been in the hospital since you ve been gone and just was released recently, she hasnt been to school...however she has her connections"
"So we cant's really rule her out...what about..Heather.."
"Hmm well last I heard she was still in the hospital"
"Ok well I can call around see if she's still there and mabye find out her condition"
"No go, you may have to go see for yourself, Molly was her ally, who knows where that has lead..." "Wait a second you ..want to be left alone ...even after THAT???? no way"
"Bo it ll only be for a while, if your so concerned you can stay over and keep a look out"
"Alright fine but I ll be back soon, sure you ll be ok?"
"Ya I ll be fine, my parents should be home soon anyway"
"Ok...I ll see you in a bit ..."
"Ok, get out of here oready" smiled Shirley
As Bo left he looked back to see Shirley looking at the window, after studying her facial expressions he finally saw true fear...unfortunately it was in his best friend.


Candice: Britney come to your senses my friend, she is evil, Caesar is all but good, she has only her interest at heart none but her own selfish heart, are you willing to destroy Rome by letting her rule over it with her tirrant ways-Britney we have the power to save it all, you and I possess the power and the strength to destroy her and her wicked ways, please say you ll join us in her destruction.

Britney: Candice you are crazy...but I trust you and if you think our dear friend Caesar will do only evil to our wonderful Rome then my friend I stand tall beside you and the others..but I ve got my second thoughts, I must think it through, call me tomorrow at noon and we shall discuss this as a group, we must remain together as a team if we are to defeat her and ways.

Candice: Yes Britney I shall meet with you tomorrow-noon, and please remember this is our home as well as the home of many that will be destroyed beyond recognition.

-Britney leaves Caesar is going down...her heartless and ruthless choices will end her god forsaken life, pity her strengths will go to waste, but everyone else shall gain oh so much from her death-praise her, and in final cut she shall be destroyed-the only people she shall rule will be those six feet under...farewell fair Caesar your final hour is nearer than near.."

-Candice leaves

"Mabye Alcia is right, with these changes who knows it may prove to be a huge success!" thought Bart James as he closed his computer file for the night.
Leaving his computer on he dozed off. Just as it's screen saver began it was interrupted and hours of script were meddled with.


"Go home son, it's very late" explained the nurse
"No you don't understand my friend really needs something that I've got if I could just slip it under her door.." pleaded Bo
"No visitors it's 10 o clock don't you have school in the morning?"
"Tomorrow is Sunday...please.."
"No Im sorry you can give it to her tomorrow"
As the nurse fled her poste Bo found Heather's folder laying on the desk, he found the room where she had been checked it but as he opened the door there was nothing, no one, the forms explained Heather's serious health problems and mental issues. Bo found a photocopier in the staff room and had almost completed copying Heather's file when someone came to open the door. As Bo hid behind the copier he realized that the janitor had locked the room.
"Smooth move Sawchuck now what?"


Shirley sat in her chair, she wondered what was keeping Bo, but as the seconds grew to minutes her eyes gave way and she had fallen asleep.


Bo searched for a window but only found one that's alarm had been set on armed, he looked around the room until he noticed a white coat thrown onto a chair along with it's mask, he then knocked on the door until the janitor opened the door
"Sorry doctor I didnt realize there was anyone in here"
"uh no problem, sorry I had fallen asleep and didnt notice the time"
"That's no problem Dr. Chase"
Bo's eyes looked at his coat and found the name tag "Dr. Chase", just then there was an announcement "Dr. Chase, paging Dr. Chase your needed in er stat"
"uh duty calls, see ya later..."
"Sure thing Doctor, ..uh the er is that way"
"Ya I knew that..."
"Shirley the things you get me into..."
"What was that doctor?"
"Uh nothing, good night"


The Final Cut : Chapter #7

Shirley woke up to her alarm, she didnt even remember climbing into bed, she looked up and noticed Bo sleeping on the chair near the door.
*He stayed here all night?*
She quietly went out of bed and left to change, when she came back she found Bo using the phone.
"Ya I ve decided to stay in Redington"
"Not only that but you stayed ALL night at Shirley's ...where did you sleep?"
"Alicia! Grow up!"
"Hey Bart I bet Shirley is late cause she and Bo were too busy making out"
"Alicia ! ..Look a lot of weird things have been happening cut Shirley a break, she ll be there if she's up to it"
"Alright alright, Sussex's gym, and remind her that this has to be done by Friday!"
"Ya ok, bye"
"Alicia giving you grief huh?"
"Uh hey Shirl, how did you sleep?"
"I'm fine Bo thanks, uh did you sleep on that chair ALL night?"
"Not exactly I came back around o uhm midnight"
"Why so late?"
"Well to cut a long story short I ended up posing as a doctor in the er, and when they weren't looking I jumped ship."
"Bo you didnt' actually DO anything did you?"
"Nothing in the ER nooo way! Have you ever seen that show it's brutal!?..But anyway I swiped Heather's file and made a copy of the most part of it, sorry I didnt' have enough time to get the rest the janitor kinda stole my time"
"Your going to have to tell me the full story later ok?" replied Shirley with a half smile
"Ya" smiled Bo."Oh and Alicia, Bart and the others are at Sussex's gym awaiting your presence...unless your not up to it.."
"No Im fine, after we review Heather's file we ll be on our way"
"Ok well for starters Heather is gone!"
"That hospital doesnt really have the best security, I got in and out, Molly snuck out, and Heather escaped"
"Ya, so that means Heather can still be out trying for revenge"
"Well according to her file she was drugged with a bunch of sedatives including 3 types of sleeping pills every few hours, I doubt she just walked up and left"
"Exactly she had help, question is who and what do they stand to gain?"
"AND now here's something that's got me did "they" get your script for your project?"
"Good question, a very good one indeed"


"Bart this script needs changes! Lots of them!"
"Alicia if we change it anymore Mr. Howie could fail us because it wouldnt be considered Shakespear's work anymore it would be a rip off of his work!"
"Oh boo hoo! Bart Howie likes originality he said so himself, lets get on with it ...oh look Shirley and Bo have finally arrived! One hour late"
"Sorry Alicia we.."
"Ya ya whatever here are your lines"
"Start filming Parker"
"Nice to see you too jeez"
"Don't take it personally Bo she's very professional"
"Oh Chuck (Cicero) we need to devise a plan to be rid of HER"
"Yes, but here come Britney, come think of a way to explain we must be rid of Caesar's touch of evil!"

-Cut to Caesar

*What this isnt what I wrote, Britney and Candice were suppose to talk..Shirley doesnt come in for another scene or so, someone changed my script...Alicia! She s never satisfied*

"Oh Rome how I love you with all my heart and soul, I will soon be crowned Queen and spread my evil treaturous words of wisdom and destroy your beauty.."

*Alicia has gone too far* *I may not know anything about Shakespear but Im sure this isnt how the story is suppose to go..*

"I agree!"
"Huh? You agree but they are YOUR changes!"
"Uh Bart why are the next few pages blank?"
"What is the last line you ve got Shirley?"
"Uhm, here, my demise will soon come and Rome will be free from harm,
Shirley was silent when she looked up she noticed the same familiar shadow, she fled the scene to follow it.
"Shirley wha?"
"Alicia I didnt write any of those lines that were said!"
"Neither did I! Shirley isnt suppose to say that she's a curse to her people!"
Bo picked up Shirley's script and read aloud " from harm, Shir...Shirley this means you, I will destroy you, your blood will be on our hands and you shall be forever in the depths of despair from now until eternity!"
"I never wrote that, any of it!" exclaimed Bart
"Well who did" sighed Alicia questionnably

Bo suddenly stormed off
"Where is he going?"
"Where else, to find Shirley and NO we arent going after them we re going to continue filming! Bo and Shirley will take care of it!"

"Shirley???? Shirley where are you??"
Shirley ran after the shadow until she realized she was underneath the school in the underground tunnels that had been sealed off for years, as she continued to pursue the shadow she found herself facing a dead end, as she looked up she heard some sort of beep, a constant beep like a ticking, looking up she stopped dead in her tracks, it was a bomb right beneath the gym where they had been.

"Shirley where are you???? SHIRLEY??"
"Im over here"
"Shirley! What are you nuts? Why did you come down here?"
"I ll explain later right now ...we ve got a bomb to disarm, Bo looked up in horror as he saw the numbers counting backwards leaving them only 30 seconds from complete and total destruction
"Shirley please say you know what your doing"
"Hey I did the last time we were faced with a bomb" Silence filled the tunnels until the cutting of a wire was heard, Shirley looked at the timer and realized that the numbers were only counting down lower at a faster speed.
"Uh Bo.."
Bo took the hint and ran along side Shirley the opposite direction until they found that the door was locked from the outside
"Great were locked in here! What happened with the bomb?..Shirley...SHIRLEY??? Shirley???"
"Boom!" replied Shirley with a dry look
"It was a dud.."
Bo let out a sigh of relief
"The door is still locked"
"Not anymore" smiled Shirley who had strategically picked the lock
"Well Shirl that was a close one"
"Coincidently a little too close!"
"We need to talk with Bart"


Molly walked the halls of Sussex with pride, her head held tall and high she walked gracefully into the gym to find Shirley and Bo running in not even noticing her presence
"Bart, you said you didnt write that script"
"That's right"
"Did you leave the computer on?"
"Ya I think so...why....oh..waait a minute you think someone hacked into my computer and changed the script"
"Bart do you recall writing in anything about a bomb?"
"What NO! Hello the bomb was my idea, blowing up Caesar right from under him genius I say!"
"Well I never wrote it in, sorry Alicia"
"Fine whatever you never appreciated true art anyways."
"Of course"
"The guilty party who arranged all my prank calls and constant surveillance also hacked into Bart's computer changed the script to accomodate their liking, Bart printed up what he thought was his script the next morning brought it to us at the same time that the bomb was placed, the bomb placed right under Caesar's chair!"
"Ok so they made the bomb a dud why?"
"It's a lesson, they are trying to teach us not to mess with them"
"You said "Party" you think there is more than one at work here?"
"Precisely, it would be a little far fetched that one person could do all this right after each other and if my hunch is correct there is something waiting for us to find back at my place.."
Suddenly an applause was heard
"Very good Holmes!"
"You said this job would take a lot more than one person to do, well Molly works as many wouldnt ya say!?"
"As I would like to take credit for this job it was none of my doing"
"Right the guilty one always returns to the scene of the crime" taunted Alicia
"It wasnt Molly, she was injured by Heather remember she isnt strong enough physically or mentally to hurt a fly"
"Well she could have hired some people to do her dirty work!"
"I had nothing to do with this, shame it was pretty amusing to watch"
"Alright then why are you here? It's Sunday!"
"I needed some supplies from here for my project, not that it's any of YOUR business!"
They all rolled their eyes as Shirley deciphered other possibilties to herself but one thing was for sure she wasnt going to run, she wasnt going to give into fear, she was going to stand up tall and she was going to win.


The Final Cut : Chapter #8

"Come Britney it's time! We ll attack her off guard, while she s sleeping and unsuspecting then as she turns around she ll see us all as we plunge our knives deep into her vulnerable body and so we shall liberate Rome!"
-Britney and conspirators come into Caesar's bedroom, Candice first with her knife held high
"Your hour has arrived, Rome will soon be free!"
Suddenly Bo is distressed to see the knives held above Shirley's limb body just as they had said, once on stage Bo grabbed each knife and threw them out of reach
"BO! What are you doing!!???"
"Bart trust me on this one those knives are real"
"Give me a break!" Alicia grabbed one of the knives and pretended to die in front of them, some laughed while others, particuliarly Bo and Shirley watched with uncertanty
"Bo it was part of the project I was suppose to get stabbed to death"
"You don't understand Shirley he said they were real, he recited the full verse you were rehearsing but claimed the knives were real...I didnt want to take a chance...


*a few minutes before* Shirley's cell phone rang
"She shall die, it is her hour of death, her life shall end by the hands of her friends!"
"Listen you sick psychotic freak!"
"No you listen your friend is going to die, those knives are real, they could cut through almost anything especially flesh, believe me or not either way her hour is near and you shall lose her forever , your call, wouldnt you rather be safe than sorry?"


"I didnt want to take that chance...sorry for wrecking your scene, it looked real"
"Well mabye we should call it a day for today"
"No way!"
"Alicia, Bart is right, its still pretty early how bout you all come by my house later today around 3pm we can continue there.
Everyone nodded in agreement while Bo's uneasy feeling refused to shake.


"Things are going very well!"
"I knew this would work, see Carrie, Annie, never question him he knows just what he's doing!"
"Quite so Sara, listen girls I need to check on something" As he climbed the stairs he found he sleeping soundly in her bed, peacefully and angelically
*She will pay for it all, I promise you her deeds will not escape my wrath, nor will any of them go unpunished, place your trust in me revenge is our friend*
Smiling quite pleased with himself he placed a kiss on her forehead as she slept


"So any new leads Shirley?"
"No more than we had, we know a party is doing it all to teach us something, and I get the feeling that it's beyond Molly and Heather, however I find it highly coincidential that Heather is missing the same time that all these incidents started, but like you said she is highly under the influence of strong sedatives she should be out for hours"
"So your saying that the guilty party is doing all this, going through all this trouble, the prank calls, threats, bomb, hacking, and making your project come to life, its all to make you guys learn some lesson?
"That's the way it seems" As they entered Shirley's room they found dozens of pictures of Shirley and the group since day one all over the wall.
"This is the surprise you were talking of earlier I take it"
"Whoever is behind this, all this is trying to show us that they are watching us all!.."
"Actually Shirley mainly you, their target is you, look another damn note!"
"Your destruction is near, your evil shall not spread, your evil you shall dread, no more games no more fun, Shirley Holmes your demise has only begun" Shirley looked up at Bo, anger had flooded his system, fear thwarted itself through his eyes, and sympathy exploded from him.
"Shirley this is nuts, this isnt about us anymore, this psycho is targeting you, and we need to keep you away from this guy otherwise.."
"Interesting how you continue to refer to him as a guy, we still don't know who is behind this"
"Well I just guess it seems fitting to dub him a guy" Shirley sat down trying to think of any new leads until Bart, Alicia and the crew appeared
"Ready? We still need to film the rest of Act 3!"
"Ya...ready" Bo looked at Shirley with a look of concern but she shook it off, hoping that the more they filmed the more clues would surface, they were getting closer she knew it.


"Soon she will pay for her doings...I promise soon...the both of them will be destroyed.."


The Final Cut : Chapter #9

Shirley looked at each picture hung on the walls in her room, the fact that someone possessed the abilities to both break into her home not detected and all the threats made, each under one minute ensuring they couldnt be tracked, while each and every clue was carefully made without a single fingerprint, everything had gone down virtually flawless. Shirley continued to wonder who took part in this act until her thoughts were interrupted by Bo who had tapped her shoulder.
"Shirley it's time to film"
"Uhm right I almost forgot"
"Shirley are you ok? You seem really I dunno distracted"
"No Im ok, really I was just reviewing my lines"
"Liar, you die in this scene you only have a few "ouches" and "ahhh" and that one famous line and you die...uh I mean your character dies ..."
"Well acting isn't my strong suit so practice makes perfect!"
"Ok well ...are you sure your.."
"Im fine Bo, thanks for asking though"
As Shirley found her way to her place she hadn't noticed or heard what Bo had said
"You better be ok Shirley, I really hope you are.."

"Is everyone ready?" questioned Alicia in a somewhat nervous tone
"Yes we are all in our places except you Alicia, calm down oready"
"I cant this is the climax of the entire picture we have to make this look as real as possible, ready Stink? You're the second to do the stabbing?"
"Ya ya I ve got it covered raise, stab, raise, stab I got it I got it!"
"No no no! It's pause, raise, pause, lower pause and finally stab!"
"Why are you so nervous jeez?"
"I want this to be perfect, now places everyone...oh and Bo no more stunts like the last one"
Bo just rolled his eyes as the camera began to role...

"Finally her final hour is near! This minute marks Rome's freedom from the tirrant-Julia Caesar!"
"Your life shall end by the hands of your wrong-doers! Behold your....oops"
"Stink!!!! you idiot!"
"Stop rolling! CUT!!!!"
"Sorry guys"
"Stink you dropped the knife!"
As Shirley got up from her lying position she felt something poke her wrist
"No no Shirley your all wrong on the timing! Shirley? Hello????"
"Shirley?" asked Bo with a confused expression
"Stink you idiot! You knocked over the ketchup too?"
"It's not ketchup Alicia" replied Shirley
Bo's eyes widened as he realized that it was nt ketchup at all, it was real blood...Shirley's blood!
Alicia screamed as she stepped back in horror and in hysterics
"Shirley...wh..a...some call 911!"
"Guys guys!"
"Stink you killed Shirley!!!"
"HEY!" screamed Shirley
Everyone was silent
"Im fine, it's just a cut, Stink dropped the knife he didn't get the chance to go on with the scene
"Someone changed the knives!" stated Bo
"well..well mabye you need stiches Shirley"
"No really I'm fine, I ll be right back"
"I ll help" volunteered Bo
"What if you go and collapse and die or sumthin!"
Shirley and Bo looked at each other and left to put a bandage on Shirley's cut.


"So even after everything we ve done he still doesn't think it's enough??"
"Apparently not, and that just bugs me, I mean it feels like we're being used !"
"We are not we wouldnt let that happen! After all we agreed to all the conditions for our reason we all swore we d agree to anything he came up with-even it means total destruction!"
"Will you guys wake up and smell the flowers! He's using us and our talents to get to her-them! I only signed on for the torture NOT for their destruction! We had our fun! We played criminals for a while but you gotta know when to call it quits! It's over!!!"
"Annie will you please just.."
"No...Carrie let her speak, she has a point, his next plan is just going way too far even against them! We havent known them that long but we were taken in by his charms wouldn't ya say? I say we beat him at his own game, I vote we come clean.."
"Is that what you girls want? Annie? Carrie? ...Sara?, I thought you of all would understand Sara you told me you loved me and everyone I loved"
"Well mabye I was wrong about you, you ve been using us all along havent you?"
"No not at all, please listen, you will all be rewarded I promise you!"


"It looks kinda painful Shirl, you sure your ok?"
*She looks pale what if..she's not ok, mabye we should get her to the hospital..*
"No im fine really, the cut wasn't that deep"
"But Shirley what if you do need stitches?"
"Please you sound like Alicia and Bart put together" joked Shirley "look if anything else happens then I ll consider it."

Suddenly the phone rang, reluctantly Shirley picked up
"I know whose causing all this, but I m not at liberty to say, just know that your friends will stab you in the back, it will happen, if you chose to ignore this, I am not responsible of the outcome, this is a warning"
"Who are you???"
"Dare I even ask who that was?"
"By what they said I judge that there was a plan that went wrong, and one of the members of the party is ratting out the others, trying to help out"
"How are you so sure they were trying to help and that it's not some trick"
"I assume that if it were a trick they would have quoted from the script, they didnt....hmm"
"Last night the shadow seemed so familiar to me, and today the whole bomb incident I saw the same shadow"
"Well mabye the year book could help? Assuming the shadow goes to Sussex"
"Hmm that may help"


Suddenly in the other room the silence was broken by Alicia putting some music on.
After a while they took notice to the clock, "Well it's getting late we should all probably be getting home" suggested Bart
As the others found Shirley and Bo they bid their goodbyes and left. Bo sat down next to Shirley
"You need a lookout?"
"Couldnt hurt" replied Shirley


"We ve done our part, we had nothing to do with this, take care.."


As Shirley searched through the yearbook her eye caught on something that she d never noticed before.
"Hey Shirley how long has this window been open?"
"Huh? Window? I never opened the window"
"Well who did?"
Shirley's face lit up, hoping that there would be some lead around the corner.


Later that night Alicia woke up feeling that she was to do something important, for some reason she found herself picking up a knife and walked out the door knowing exactly where to go..


Alicia, Bart, Stink and Parker found themselves in Shirley's room...

"Her destruction will liberate us all"
"Her destruction will be the beginning of peace"
"Her destruction will be her end"
"Her destruction has finally come"

"You ve breathed your final breath"
Suddenly Stink's hand lowered it was followed by Alicia's, Bart's and finally Parker's, while Robert Holmes starred in totally shock and couldnt be!


The Final Cut : Chapter #10

"The minute her condition changes her trial will be set" explained detective Tremain
The nurses nodded and continued their rounds.
-As I searched through the yearbook I had realized that Heather had a brother-Jon. Once Bo noticed the window being open we found a muddy foot print not too far away, we then realized that it belonged to Sara Summers. Once Bo and I searched the school records we found her address, that led us to finding Sara, her best friends Annie Sweeny and Caroline Flockhart who had agreed to help Jon-Heather's brother liberate her from the hospital. Jon claimed my treatchery would not go unpunished, he arranged the all the incidents, including the phone calls except for the final call, Annie Sweeny had called to warn me that my friends would stab me in the back, so Bo and I remained in the other room, until Alicia and the others entered my room armed with knives. After they d realized what they d done they realized they only stabbed my pillow and some rolled up sheets with added ketchup for an extra effect. It seemed that Annie and the others helped Jon so they could have revenge, according to them we stole their idea for the Julius Caesar project they "taught us a lesson" by making hacking into Bart's files changing the script, quoting it and making it come to life, Jon's motive was revenge against me for causing Bo and Heather's breakup. Heather was found in Sara's room still sedated, it seemed that Sara felt "love" for Jon and agreed to help for him, but in the end realized that they were being used for their brains, abilities of spying as well as breaking in and help. Alicia and the others were compelled to come to my place to "destroy the tirant" by subliminal messaging. Sara broke in through the window and put in a subliminized tape for them to listen too, but didn't realize that she had muddy boots climbing up from the garden. Another case was solved, yet there remained one major problem, as Alicia and the others were being controlled my dad had walked in to tell me that he was offered a job in England but was going to turn in down on my behaf, but after seeing my "friends stabbing me in the back" his mind was reversed.
"You cant be serious Shirley, not after all that and the Ukraine and.."
"I know Bo...but my dad seems to think that England is the best for us.." "So your going to leave? Just leave us all behind..?"

As Shirley looked up to see her dad starring at her she realized that after all that had happened, she really didn't have a choice...

To be continued....