A Shirley Holmes Fan Fiction

by Faith
November 04, 2000         1,600 words


I put in a girl named Tara who is Bart’s girlfriend.
Even though Bart isn’t in this one, I have used her because I wanted somebody new.
For the people who like to keep the story like it is in the episodes don’t worry, after this one I won’t switch it around.
Also Matt, Bo, and Shirley are in University and this does not take place in Redington.
It takes place somewhere else and Shirley has an apartment not very far from the University.
Also please let me know what you think of my story.
My email is


Revenge : Chapter 1

Shirley, Bo, and Matt all stood outside the doors of the University of Outstanding Arts. They were all waiting for that one second were the buzzer would go and they would go to their classes.

"The Blair Witch Project is in theatres" Bo said.

"No.... no way are you dragging me to see that," Shirley said quickly.

" Besides, Shirley and I are going to rent ‘Robin Hood Prince of Thieves tomorrow night" Matt said while taking Shirley’s hand.

"Let me get this straight, you would rather see some guys in tights with your boyfriend then come see the freakiest show with your best bud!" Bo said pretending to be hurt.

Shirley turned to Matt.

" I am sure you could go without me this one time" she said to Bo with a laugh.

" I cannot believe this; I save your butt like a thousand times, yet you won’t go with me."

"Instead your going with Matt, who has what.... saved Math for us," Bo said while pretending to be shocked.

Then he slowly bowed and said in his best English Accent,

"Thank you my kind sir for rescuing our most boring subject and letting me keep my naptime."

By this time Shirley and Matt were laughing hysterically. So were the people who were eavesdropping.

"Point taken Bo, but you forget that I have been working all week and this is my night off, so I am going to do what I want to do, and Matt just happens to want to rent the same movie as me," Shirley said with a huge smile.

"Yeah, whatever!’’ Bo said smiling.

Revenge : Chapter 2

" I have seen this movie a thousand times but I never get sick of it", Shirley said. "This and Pretty Women," she concluded.

" Yeah I know" Matt said smiling.

Matt and Shirley were on the couch watching Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.

All of a sudden it started to rain. Lightning cracked the sky followed by booming thunder.

"It sure came in quickly," Shirley said as she got up and closed the windows. Matt got up and helped.

Then they turned on the weather channel.

"Hey check this out," Shirley said.

" What is it?" Matt asked quickly while heading over to the television.

"There is a tornado warning for a town three miles west of us" Shirley said puzzled.

"Matt could you help me

"Unplug the appliances?" Matt said cutting her off.

Together they unplugged the appliances. As they were grabbing flashlights the tornado sirens went off.

‘’Matt lets hurry!" Shirley yelled while grabbing Matt’s hand.

Together they made it downstairs.

They crawled into a corner and held each other tightly.

"Hold on!" Matt screamed as he covered Shirley.









Then everything went black.

Revenge : Chapter 3

" Matt... Matt ... are you okay?" Shirley said while slowly lifting Matt off of her.

"Shirley?" Matt said so quietly that Shirley didn’t hear him.

"Matt are you okay, say something... Matt!" Shirley screamed.

"I am fine, just a little sore" Matt said while slowly getting up.

" Thank god, Matt I thought you were, like dead" Shirley said through sobs.

"It’s all right Shirley, I’m fine" Matt said as he held her.

All of a sudden the house creaked and shook.

"Alright Shirley, we have to get out of here before it falls on us" Matt said while grabbing Shirley’s hand and trying to sound calm so that Shirley wouldn’t freak.

They searched what was left of the basement and found a small hole.

"All right Shirley crawl through," Matt ordered while helping Shirley up and through.

" Now your turn Cowboy," She said with an awkward laugh.

Somehow what she said made Matt and Shirley feel better.

Soon Matt and Shirley were lying on the roof looking at the stars.

"You really scared me when you were just lying there," Shirley said quietly.

Matt leaned over held her and kissed her gently.

" You should know by now that I wouldn’t leave you," Matt said while stroking Shirley’s hair gently.


" And I wouldn’t leave you," Shirley said smiling.

Then they sealed it with a kiss.

Revenge : Chapter 4

Shirley and Matt made there way through the reckage towards the theatre hoping to find Bo in one piece.

"Oh my god!!"screamed Shirley.

Together Matt and Shirley made there way up to what was the movie theatres.

"Is anyone here?" Matt yelled dreading the fact that they might be there in body but not in mind.

"Looks like they have been cleared out," Shirley said with a small sigh of relief.

Then she noticed a big red X in the middle of the reckage.

"Matt.... don’t they put that when they have to take people to the..." Shirley suddenly stopped just enough to let it sink in.

Then Shirley started to fall.

Matt quickly caught her and held her tight as she used her will power not to cry.

"Shirley I know Bo, he is probably at one of the shelters right now. It won’t do us any good to make him dead when he isn’t," Matt said quietly trying to cheer up Shirley even though he knew it was very doubtful.

" Your right," Shirley said with a small smile even though she knew that Matt was just trying to take care of her from what could be the opposite of what he told her.

Together they made there way to the School were there was probably a shelter.

"Is that a car underneath that wreckage?" Shirley asked quickly.

"Yeah how about we borrow it," Matt said as he started to clean it off.

"Matt are you sure you can drive?" Shirley asked.

"Yeah I’m okay," Matt reasured her.

Matt and Shirley made there way slowly towards the school.

"Try and keep your eyes off the side okay?" Matt said trying not to think of what could be lying in the ditch.

"Just think, when we get out of this and if we get out of this the stories we could tell our great grandchildren" Shirley said half laughing half shaking.

"Let’s concentrate on this now Citygirl then we can add details to the story later," Matt said with a laugh. Then he took Shirley’s hand to reassure her that everything was going to be peachy.

Soon, after a couple of detours they made it to the school. The school was indeed in one piece and Matt and Shirley had guessed right. Bo was there and he was okay.

"Just a few scrapes, but that wasn’t the worst, the tornado sucked up the screen before the best part came," Bo said trying to make the event a little more better.

To bad that Shirley didn’t think so.

Shirley gave him a slap across the face. And boy was it not playful.

"What the, what did you do that for Shirley!" Bo screeched.

"Just the fact that I was basically scared half to death that my bestfriend might have been blown clear to the next state and all you think about is the movie!" Shirley fumed.

"Not only that I have no idea where Tara is and if that wasn’t bad enough I spent about what seemed like a million years clinging on to Matthew when I didn’t even know if he would be there or if he would be sucked up into the sky!" Shirley said trying not to bawl.

Matthew quickly hugged Shirley.

"I am very sorry Shirley I was just trying to make it seem easier," Bo said quietly feeling really stupid.

"Yeah well I can’t think of that now, I have to find Tara," Shirley let go of Matt.

She started walking to the door. Then she turned around.

"You guys coming or am I going solo?" Shirley asked impatiently.

Revenge : Chapter 5

Matt drove Shirley and Bo to the shopping mall where Tara said she would be. There were a whole bunch of people who were scratched up and hurt loading into a bus.

Shirley quickly ran into the building.

There sitting on a stretcher was Tara.

" Tara are you okay?’’ Shirley said as she through her arms around her good friend.

"Yeah, it looks worse than it actually is," Tara admitted.

"THERE ARE TORNADOES COMING!!" screamed a man in a firefighters outfit.

Matt, Shirley, Tara, and Bo ran into the mall and dove into the restrooms.

Together, huddled in a corner, sat four teenagers.

Then everything started to fall apart.



One month later..

"Does it have anything about us?" Shirley said with anticipation.

Together Matt and Shirley read the paper.

After they read it they both decided that the reporter didn’t know what an adjective was.

Shirley went to throw it out, but Matt quickly pulled her back and reached and took the newspaper back.

"You want to keep it?" Shirley asked puzzled.

Matt smiled slowly.

"You never know, the great grandchildren might like it," Matt said trying not to laugh.