Missing Matthew
A Shirley Holmes Fan Fiction

by Faith
October 21, 2001         5,750 words

Shirley Holmes- Main character
Bo Sawchuck- Shirley's best friend
Matthew Harris- Shirley's crush, missing
Jack Moony- Matthew's roommate
Alicia Gianelli- Shirley and Bo's friend
Bart James- Friend of Shirley and Bo's

Secret Lab Deep into South Africa

Matthew Harris began typing frantically on his computer. He knew at any moment that K-ON would figure out his coordinates and finish him off. He had been secretly working in the lab for the last year trying to figure out how to completely shut down K-On. Even though the Virtual Zeus had been sent to jail and K-On was told to be completely wiped out there had been a problem. When Zeus was put behind bars the second in command which was called Hera took over. Hera had taken the production to South Africa. This was where Matt was now. Right now he was desperately trying to write a letter to give the information so if he didn't make it, there would be hope to the South African School's and maybe even the world.

"Just a little more... there. Done," Matt said with a huge sigh of relief. He then clicked on the send button and laid back in his chair closing his eyes.

At the exact same moment the door flew open. Two guys with machine guns walked in.

Matt jumped up and started to throw anything he could find. There was a struggle. Then Matt's body fell to the floor.


"I cannot believe all the homework I have," whined Bo.

Him and Shirley were making there way to Shirley's "quarters" in the attic.

"You do? I don't have any," Shirley said surprised.

Bo gave her a small smile. Shirley went and turned on her computer.

"I wonder if Gran emailed me, she promised she would...." suddenly Shirley stopped. She slowly sat down.

"What is it?" Bo asked making his way over. Shirley pointed at the screen.

"You have a letter from Matthew Harris, South Africa" Bo said slowly then looked at Shirley.

"I guess I had better read it," she said quietly.

Shirley hadn't heard from Matt since he had left to go to the United Nations. She felt awkward hearing from him now. Last time he was in Redington Shirley felt that her and Matt were somehow closer than before now she wasnt so sure.

Bo, knowing that she probably wanted to read it alone went downstairs.

Shirley clicked on the message. She read it. Her face went completely white.

Shirley ran downstairs.


"Ah... orange pop", Bo said while taking a swig.

"BO, BO!" Shirley screamed while running into the kitchen.

"What is it Shirley??" Bo said looking at his best friend who was looking like she had seen a ghost.

"Listen", Shirley said trying to find her voice. She started to read:

My Dear City Girl,

I am sorry about my absence and about not writing but I am afraid that it was necessary to cut myself off from the world at this point of time. I am afraid that I may have put your life in danger but you are the only person I can trust at this point. I have information that I have wired to my fax machine at my home and I need you to use it to help South Africa and quite possible the world. I know that you do not understand so I will start at the beginning.

When I left for the United Nations last year, I had learned that there was a new person in charge of K-ON. I checked it out and found that their co-ordinates were in South Africa. This new leader calling herself Hera was in charge of moving K-ON. I have learned some information, which I had faxed home. I was about to go there when K-On tracked me down. I know that it is only a matter of time before they come for me. It is not safe to go home. I need you to go there (125 Withburn Academy, Pentagon) ask for a man named Jack Moony. He will help you. Use that. I know you can do it Shirley. Use your brain on this one. I may not be around by the time you get this but remember I am counting on you. Be careful. I miss you,

Matthew Harris

Shirley, her emotions beginning to betray her, quickly shut her eyes to stop any trace of tears. Then she spoke.

"I had better go pack", she said like there had been no letter and then she ran upstairs.

"Poor Shirley", Bo said quietly. "I hope for Shirley's sake Matt that you are okay," he whispered.

"Well I had better go pack to, Shirley might need me on this one," he thought.

Then he went home and started packing.

Bo's Room : Midnight

"Bo... Bo"

"What... who's there?" Bo said.

"Quiet, you'll wake up your parents."

"Shirley?" Bo whispered.

"Yeah." She replied.

"What are you doing in my room... at midnight?" He asked quietly looking at his clock and then groaning.

"Are you coming or not?" She said running out of patience.

"Where?" Bo said rubbing the stuff out of his eyes.

" To the Pentagon, remember Matt? Come on our flight leaves in two hours." She said getting annoyed.

" All right, all right." He said getting out of bed.

He grabbed his bags and started heading to the window.

"Wait a second, Bo I do not think that you want to go in that", she said pointing at Bo's boxers and t-shirt.

"Maybe not," he said shaking his head. Then he pulled a pair of pants on and then put on socks and his runners.

"What am I suppose to tell the folks?" "It will be weird if all of a sudden I am gone," he said slowly.

"We will phone them tomorrow and tell them something came up, your friend was sick, and you needed to go see them," she said while climbing out the window.

"She always has to have a plan," he said while climbing out the window.

Withburn Academy, Pentagon.

"Whoa, I think I saw this place on an episode of the rich and the famous," Bo said quietly.

Shirley shook her head trying not to laugh at her amazed partner in action.

Shirley and Bo slowly moved through the revolving doors and found their way to the main desk. They asked for Jack Moony. They were given the room number and headed towards the elevator. Floor after floor they climbed. Finally they reached the top. As they got out they were greeted by the smell of vanilla and the colour of burgundy. As they walked down the hall Bo gaped at all of the features. They were pictures of famous people. This place was no doubt very very high class.

"Of course it is in the pentagon," Bo thought.

Finally Shirley and Bo got to Matt's apartment. Shirley knocked on the door. A boy about Matt's age (18) opened the door.

Puzzled the boy asked "May I help you?"

"My name is Shirley Holmes and this is Bo Sawchuck, we are here to ask you a few questions about Matthew Harris," she said coolly.

Inside the Apartment

Bo, Shirley, and Jack (Matt's roommate) all sat in probably the biggest living room Bo had ever seen. The room was like the hallway. Burgundy and smelled like Vanilla.

"What do you want to ask me about?" Jack asked slowly. "Matt hasn't been here for a couple of months."

"We were told to come here and get some information off of his fax machine and also to ask you some questions," Shirley said.

"Well like I said I haven't seen Matt in a couple of months, gone to Canada or some place," Jack said shrugging.

"Actually South Africa... but you already knew that," Shirley said with a gleam in her eye. Then she added "mine as well stick to the truth Jack," she added.

"How do you know he went to South Africa and how do I know that you aren't spies trying to get me for information," Jack asked accusingly.

"Maybe this will help you understand," Shirley said pulling the letter out of her pocket and giving it to Jack.

Jack read it and then looked up at Shirley.

"So, you are the famous City girl," he said with a smile.

Shirley and Bo looked at each other and shrugged. Jack stood up and gave back the letter to Shirley. I had might as well show you the fax machine.


"The girl and her little friend are in the Pentagon, my lady," a small and quiet voice said.

"Excellent," replied a dark robed figure.

Matthew's Room

"Holy coliseum, batman," Bo said smiling as they entered Matt's Room.

His room was burgundy like the rest of the place and his room even though big had little furniture and was quite comfy. His bed was in the corner, a nightstand on the side and a walk in closet on the other side. On one wall was his desk and fax machine. Everything was in burgundy and wood. Shirley walked to it. On top lay about 100 sheets of documents and papers.

"Hey, Shirley come here a minute," Bo called. Shirley walked over. Bo held up a book full of phone numbers. Shirley checked it over and found little.

"Anything?" Bo asked.

"No, nothing" Shirley replied.

Bo and Jack left the room leaving Shirley check out the rest of it. Shirley looked around the room and found hardly anything. Only a couple of uniforms were in the closet and a couple of pairs of shoes. Shirley finished looking in the drawers and crevices then started on his bed. She searched in the pillowcases and the sheets.

"Nothing," she said with a sigh.

She got up. She hit something under the bed with her foot. Gazing down she saw a small brown corner. She looked and underneath she found a box. While sitting on the bed with it she started to look through. She discovered it was a whole bunch of photos. They were some of him and Jack and other people. Then she found some in the bottom. It was of her and Matt. There was some on the ranch and some of his last visit to Redington. She picked up one of her and him laughing while coming out of the Quazar. Then she held one up of her and him looking deep into each other's eyes. As she dug deeper into the box she found a large frame with a picture of Shirley holding a magnifying glass to a map. I look quiet pretty she thought with a smile.

"He always looked at those," Jack said coming into the room.

"I didn't even know he had any pictures of us," she said shyly.

"He talked about you a lot," Jack said slowly, I could tell that you were very important to him," he added.

Shirley slowly ran her fingers over the picture and smiled.

"I never knew he thought of me not to mention have pictures of us," she thought.

"Jack!" Bo called.

Jack left the room.

Shirley quickly put the pictures back and slipped them under the bed. Then she too left the room.

"Okay," Jack whispered then hung up the phone looking pale.

"Who was that?" Shirley asked.

"I don't know, but they know you are here and they want you to go to the Redington meat market tomorrow at 11:00 pm to discuss you getting back Matt," he said slowly. "You are supposed to bring the interface device with you or else...."

"Or else what, Jack," Shirley asked already knowing the answer.

"Or else they will kill him," he replied.


"They got the call my lady," the voice said.

"Good," came a reply. "You stressed that if they do not bring the device that poor Harris looses his head?" she asked laughing.

Matt's Apartment

"I can't find it!" Bo called from halfway across the apartment.

It had been two hours since the call and Shirley, Bo, and Jack weren't having any luck looking for the interface device.

"I am going to search Matt's room!" Shirley called back.

Shirley walked into Matt's room.

"Common Matt," she said quietly.

"Let's see if I were Matt were would I hide an interface device?" she said to herself.

" Okay, Matt.... Matt, oh I am cute, funny, smart, pig-headed..." Shirley automatically stopped. Then she ran over to the bed and took out the box. She quickly flipped through the pictures. She pulled out the large frame.

"Of Course!" she yelled.

Sure enough inside of the frame was the interface device.

"Bo, Jack, I found it!" she hollered.

10:00 pm the next day

Shirley, Bo, and Jack sat down at Shirley's desk in the attic.

" An hour till we trade," Bo reminded Shirley.

" You mean get Matt back," Shirley said with sharpness in her voice.

Bo looked down embarrassed.

"We should start going now," Shirley said lightening her voice.

Warehouse : 10:45 pm

Shirley peaked into the window. Inside stood a couple of guys who were definitely not there to play scrabble.

"This doesn't make any sense," Shirley repeated for the hundredth time that day. " Why here? It is so out in the open where anybody can see and hear things," she thought.

Then like a slap in the face she figured it out. She turned to Bo and Jack.

"Hera and Matt aren't coming," she said.

" This is just a decoy so that they can take the interface device and then go and get rid of Matt," she said to Jack and Bo.

" Shirley are you sure?" Jack asked.

Bo just stared at Shirley because he knew never to second guess a Holmes especially Shirley.

"Where would they take him them?" Bo asked.

"Some place out of the way, abandon most likely," she thought.

"The old school," Bo concluded.

" I am going to go get Matt, I will meet up with you tomorrow morning in the attic," she told Bo.

"But what about us?" Jack asked.

" You make sure these guys stay here alright, I will phone you when we are out of there," Shirley whispered.

Shirley grabbed her bag and started towards the car.

Then she turned and whispered "Luck".

Then she quietly got into the car and drove a way.

Old School

Shirley slowly made her way into the old school. It was dark and quiet. She walked through a big room and turned to go down a hall. There she saw a light. She slowly walked towards it. There, towards the left wall in front of a couple of mirrors was Matt, hunched over sitting on a wooden chair and his eyes closed. Shirley went and knelt down in front of him. Slowly with Shirley gently stroking his face Matt slowly opened his eyes.

"Sh..." Shirley whispered while putting her index finger lightly on his lips.

" I am going to get you out of here," she added softly.

As she started to undo the ropes behind his back she saw in the mirror a figure and a large chair coming at her.

Shirley threw the ropes to the floor and did a roundhouse kick just in time to stop the chair from hitting her.

She turned and saw that the figure was that of a teenaged boy about (19) dressed in black. He was obviously P.O.'d about something.

"Problem?" Shirley asked. "Yeah, you!" he yelled. Then he grabbed Shirley by the arm and threw her half way across the room. He started towards her. Shirley did a back flip landing on her feet. Then she kicked him until he hit the floor with a thud. Then he looked at her and said

"So you're the slayer?" he asked.

Shirley looked at him as though he fell off of the potato truck.

"Oops, wrong show," he said looking embarrassed.

" That's okay," she said with a smile. Then Shirley hit him on the back of the neck causing him to go into a little sleep.

That done she went over to Matt and finished untying him. Then she put his arms around her and helped him to the car and slid him in the passengers' side.

By that time he had drifted asleep again.

As she drove home she looked at Matt. His face was bruised and his lip was bleeding. No doubt he was in bad shape.

Finally Shirley reached home.

She was super glad that her parents were gone on their second honeymoon and Gran was gone to a weekend dedicated to climbing Mount Vesuvius. The only one that was home was her friend Alicia and she was sound asleep on the other side of the house.

Shirley slowly lifted Matt into her bed. Then she took off his shoes and placed them on the floor. After that was done she gently undid his shirt.

"If anyone was to walk in right now, I do not think I would be able to explain this one," she thought.

She had to admit though; Matt without a shirt on looked pretty good to her. He had obviously been working out," she thought. Then she stopped herself from thinking about that particular subject.

She went and got her first aid kit. After about ten minutes of applying ointments and a lot of other stuff Shirley finally got Matt's face to stop swelling and bleeding. As she started on his chest she realized a small mark on his shoulder. It was a little burn scar. It was almost as though somebody had jammed a candle into the tiny crevice of his shoulder.

"Poor Matt," she thought, "If only I was there sooner."

10:30 the next morning.

"Uhh," Matt groaned quietly. He slowly opened his eyes. He looked around his surroundings until he rested on a familiar figure.

"Shirley?" he whispered.

She turned around.

"Hey, I was wondering when you would wake up," she said with a smile.

"What am I doing here?" he asked slightly dazed.

"Well let's see, I.... I.... I basically saved your butt;" she laughed while making herself comfortable on the bed beside him.

" Oh, well I am sure I would have got out of it all by myself," he said with a small laugh.

Shirley looked hurt.

Matt slid his hand into hers.

"Thank you," he whispered with a small smile.

Then he leaned in to kiss her.

"Shirley are you up ye...?" Alicia had walked in as Matt and Shirley had locked lips. Shirley's arm was on his bare shoulder, his rested on her hip.

" Oops, sorry, very bad timing," Alicia concluded while shutting the door so quickly she nearly got her fingers stuck.

Matt and Shirley pulled back laughing. Then Matt looked down realizing that he didn't have his shirt on.

"Geez city girl, we haven't even gone on a date since I came back and you already couldn't wait to get my shirt off," he said while trying not to laugh to hard not wanting his stomach to hurt again.

Shirley hit him playfully in the shoulder and then stood up.

" I had better go explain to Alicia why you are here and what she walked in on," she said with a smile. Then as she was about to open the door she grabbed Matt's shirt and threw it at him.

Then she left the room.


"What do you mean he has escaped?" Hera yelled.

"Well my queen... it was the girl... she was here and...." the boy who got his butt kicked by Shirley stammered.

"Enough! Aries, why don't you show this little boy what happens when he screws up and then after why don't you send the girl a well done gift," Hera said smiling.

"NOOOOO," screamed the boy.

Shirley's Attic

Shirley, Alicia, and Matt all sat in Shirley's attic. They were all trying to put clues together to find out who Hera was.

Bo and Jack came into the room.

"Matt!" Jack called.

"Jack!" Matt called back. Matt went to stand up but flopped back down. Slow down there Matt you can't expect to get your energy back right away. Matt smiled then looked at Bo.

" Matt, it is good to see you alive and well," Bo said with a smile. "You should have seen Shirley, she nearly went postal when she read your letter," Bo said smiling.

Everyone looked at Shirley.

Shirley looked coldly at Bo. Then she spoke in a chilling voice that would have made a parrot that had learned the dictionary stop in its tracks.

"Bo did you bring anything useful or are you going to sit there dramatizing everything?" she asked slowly.

Then she waited a second and then went back to what she was doing. So did everyone else.

Bo smiled and then looked at Matt. Matt caught his gaze and looked. Bo curled his lip up and pretended that tears were streaming down his face. Then he threw his hand onto his forehead and whispered "Oh woa is me". Then he pointed to Shirley. Matt giggled quietly. Shirley could see what they were doing from the corner of her eyes, but kept on working. "Boys will be boys," Shirley said loud enough to let Bo know that she knew what he was doing. Alicia nodded her head.

Shirley heard a knock on the door.

" I wonder who that is?" she said.

Then she went down the stairs. Matt followed her.

Sitting on the step was a package wrapped up in pink. She lifted it up and read the card.

To Miss Shirley Holmes

"For me?" she said quietly. Matt took the package while Shirley looked down the street.

"Shirley!" Matt yelled. Shirley looked at him surprised. "This gift is ticking!" he screamed.

He threw the gift out the door and him and Shirley ran inside the house and was almost behind the counter when the package blew.

Matt and Shirley lay huddled in a room that was full of debris.


It was Bo, Alicia, and Jack.

"Where here!" Shirley managed to yell.

Shirley and Matt stood up slowly.

"What happened?" Bo asked.

"I guess we made someone pretty pissed," Matt concluded.

"How am I supposed to explain this to mom and dad?" Shirley asked.


" Package delivered my queen."


Bo's House

Bo's mom had felt extremely sad about Shirley's misfortune so she let Shirley and Matt stay at their house. Jack had stayed with Bart and Alicia had stayed with Andrea.

Bo helped make up the bed in the guestroom for Shirley. Matt was to sleep on the couch. Bo's parents were off seeing some relatives for the night so they had the house to themselves.

"Well I am beat, goodnight everyone?" Bo said while making his way to his room.

"Goodnight," Matt and Shirley called after him.

Matt went and laid down on the couch. He closed his eyes. Then he opened them.

" Shirley aren't you going to sleep?" he asked quietly.

"Since we are alone I need to talk about the case," Shirley said quietly.

Matt sat up and gently tapped his hand on the spot beside him on the couch.

" Sit; let's talk," he said invitingly.

Shirley sat down feeling sort of awkward.

She decided that she should begin.

"Hera, wants the interface device," Shirley told him.

" I know, but she can't get it, I hid it," Matt said with a smile. Suddenly his smile wore off when Shirley produced the interface device from her pocket.

" Or at least I thought I did," he said sadly.

" I found it in your frame," Shirley said with a smile.

Matt looked extremely embarrassed.

" We have to know why she wants it," Shirley said trying to switch topics.

" All I know is that the interface device was for Katlan, but she is gone into the Internet," he said confused.

"Matt, Shirley are you guys asleep?" Bo yelled already knowing the answer but because he loved bugging them he asked anyway.

"I'm going," Shirley called back.

Shirley started to get up off the couch when Matt took her hand and asked her to sit.

Shirley sat down looking at him with a question mark.

" If you want me to..." he stammered not looking at her. " I will throw out those pictures that I have in the box... I mean if they make you uncomfortable.

Shirley wrapped her arms around him and kissed him. After a couple of seconds she stopped and looked at Matt who was completely stunned.

Then Shirley whispered " When you get home cowboy, send me a copy," she said with a small laugh.

Matt leaned in and kissed her cheek then her lips. Five minutes later Shirley fell into her bed.

Matt woke up in the middle of the night feeling uneasy. He looked around and found that everything was disturbingly quiet. Suddenly he heard footsteps in the kitchen. He went in and saw a faint shadow. He quietly ducked behind the counter and waited. The shadow slowly walked towards him. The shadow had a gun.

"FREEZE!" Matt yelled.

The shadow whipped around and was immediately attacked by Matt.

"What the... Matt get the Hell off of Me!" it yelled.

"Bo?" Matt asked getting off.

"Non, it is the tooth fairy!" Bo yelled getting up.

Matt turned the lights on. Bo was holding his sub (some gun) which looked kind of limp thanks to being squished.

"Sorry." Matt said.

Bo was about to lecture him about how it was his house when all of a sudden they heard a scream.

"SHIRLEY!" Matt yelled.

Both boys ran into Shirley's room. Matt turned on the light. The window was open and Shirley's bed covers were twisted. On the pillow there was a note.

You will get Miss Holmes back when you bring the interface device to the Warehouse. I am sure Mr. Harris knows where that is by now. Be there at 12:00 pm or Miss Holmes will become the first realistic voodoo doll. Ta Ta

"Oh man," Bo cried out.

Matt sat on the bed. He couldn't believe this was happening.


"Is it finished?" Hera asked.

"Yes, my lady," the servant replied.

" Well, Shirley it looks to me that you are going to become our first full length Barbie doll," Hera said with a cackle. Then she looked at Shirley and took off her robe.

Shirley gasped and then thought " Boy; Damon is going to be happy."

11:30 pm the next day

" Matt, you have the interface device?" Jack asked.

"Matt... matt... Matt!" Jack shouted.

"Yeah, I have it right here," Matt said annoyed. Then he took it out of his pocket and showed them for the thousandth time that hour.

Matt didn't feel like talking. Neither did Bo. They just wanted to think and get Shirley back. They were going to get Shirley back.

Finally it was time to leave. Bo and Matt got into the car and drove off.

They entered the warehouse at 11:58 pm.

They warehouse was turned into a cave like room. There was a fireplace and a long table with a body on it.

" Shirley!" Bo yelled.

Bo and Matt ran towards the table. All of a sudden a handful of arms caught them from behind. They were trapped. Then they heard a cackle.

" Why hello, there my sweets," said the cloaked figure standing beside the table. The boys hadn't even noticed it standing there.

" Hera," Matt called.

" Very well done, Harris," she said sweetly.

Then she removed her cloak.

Bo stood there in disbelief.

" Molly?" he whispered.

" In the body, but not in soul," she said correcting him.

"Katlan," Matt shouted.

Molly looked at him.

"Right again," she said.

" But why, we rescued you from K-On," Bo stammered.

Molly/Katlan got mad.

" Saved Me!" she screeched.


"How?" Bo demanded.

" It is called a virus you Bufoon," she said hotly.

Then she fanned herself.

" No need to get all sweaty over something that is going to die right away," she concluded.

Then she turned her head towards Shirley.

Matt and Bo looked at Shirley also.

Shirley lay on the table dressed in a red silk nightgown with a matching headband.

"Beautiful isn't she?" Katlan asked. Then she added " Beautifully evil!" she cackled.

" Oh, my pet wake up, wake up," Katlan chanted. And so Shirley did.

The guards let go of Matt and Bo and went as far away into the crevices as they could. They didn't understand until Shirley was a few feet in front of them. Her eyes were completely red. Evil red.

"Shirley?" Matt whispered.

Shirley moved her hand making him pull towards the floor. Then she gently lifted the interface device from his pocket.

Bo watched in horror. Then he decided to act. He ran towards Shirley. If only he knew her power. She simply looked at him. Looked at him! That was enough because before Bo could blink he was thrown halfway across the room.

"Good girl, now bring me the interface device!" ordered Katlan. Shirley turned around and walked towards her. She got a few feet when Bo attacked her from her side. Again Shirley was to quick and powerful. She grabbed him by the throat and said,

" You fool, do you actually think you can hurt me," she cackled at her own saying. " I am a computer chip from the star wars web site," she added looking proud.

"No, your name is Shirley Holmes and you are a person," Matt shouted weakly.

Shirley dropped Bo and made her way over to Matt.

" Shut up you!" she yelled. Then she threw Matt. He lay a few feet a way hunched over clinging to his stomach. That wasn't enough. Shirley followed Matt and again sent him flying once more.

"Kill Him, then bring me the interface device!" ordered Katlan.

Shirley leaned over Matt.

"Time to die little boy," Shirley said with a laugh.

" Don't you mean cowboy?" Matt shouted.

Shirley paused for a moment. It was just enough time for Matt to kick Shirley sending her tumbling to the floor. He quickly moved over top of her holding her hands and made it so that their faces were centimetres apart.

" Let go of me!" Shirley shrieked.

" No, Shirley not until you snap out of it!" Matt said.

"I am not Shirley!" she yelled.

" Yes, your name is Shirley Holmes, you are a person, not a computer chip, you are a detective like your ancestor Sherlock Holmes, your best friend is Bo, you are a cute, funny, brilliant person." By now Matt had tears in his eyes. So did Shirley. Then he leaned millimetres in front of her face and whispered " and I love you."

Matt let go of Shirley arms and kissed her. Shirley kissed him back. She was back to her old self. After they were done kissing and hugging Shirley threw Bo the interface device. Bo caught it in mid-air.

"No!" Hera screamed.

" You can't mess with the power of love!" Bo laughed.

Hera took a poker from the fireplace and headed towards Matt and Shirley.

" Matt, Shirley look out!" Bo yelled.

" Quick the interface device!" Shirley yelled at Bo.

Bo took it and aimed but it was too late. Hera was swinging. Shirley shifted positions and flung herself over Matt.

"No!" Matt yelled.

It was too late. Shirley landed on top of him with a thud. The last thing she saw was a red light and Hera drop. Then she felt Matt's heartbeat through his shirt. After everything was black.

Exactly 7 minutes later the warehouse was covered in police officers who took away the bad guys but didn't even get a glimps of Hera/Molly, Bo, Matt, or Shirley.






"Hey, Shirley is awake!"


"Yeah, Shirley we are here," Bo said.

Shirley slowly opened her eyes. Standing in front of her was Alicia, Bo, Jack, and Matt stood behind them all, giving her a small smile.

" What happened," she asked silently.

" Well Molly or should I say Hera decided that you would look good with a bruised back.

" Oh, tell her she did a good job," she answered with a small laugh.

" Yeah I heard the doctor say that it was all black and puffy," Jack said with a snicker.

" Thanks for the encouragement Jack," Shirley said ready to hit him but found it hurt too much, even to talk.

" Your parents phoned from France to check up on you, I told them you had a small flu but was almost over it," Alicia told her.

" Thanks, Alicia, I think it would be pretty hard to explain to my parents that I was nearly killed by a crazy computer chip with a poker," Shirley said with a small laugh.

Everyone giggled.

Then the nurse came in.

"Okay people, Miss Holmes needs her rest," she said with a smile.

"See you later Shirley!" Bo, Jack and Alicia said.

Matt sort of dragged behind. He walked towards the bed.

" Molly wanted me to give this to you," Matt said then handed her a note.

Shirley took it.

Then Matt leaned over and took her hand.

" Shirley that was a very dumb thing to do and because of it you got hurt, you shouldn't have blocked it, I should have been the one and...... Thank you," he whispered.

" Anytime," Shirley whispered.

They stared into each other's eyes for a second. Then they kissed until the nurse came in. Matt left.

Shirley read the note.

Don't worry Holmes, if I am going to kill you, trust me I will put my both my body and soul into it.



"Well, Jack and Matt I guess this is goodbye," Bo said.

" Yeah, I guess so," Jack answered.

They turned to look at Matt and Shirley who were smiling and looking at each other.

" Well, Jack I think that I will help you with your luggage," Bo said quickly pulling Jack away leaving Matt and Shirley to themselves.

" I guess this is good-bye," Matt said taking Shirley into his arms.

" Not forever though, right?" Shirley asked worried about the answer.

" No," Matt said smiling.

They hugged and kissed until the last call to board the plane came on.

Matt pulled away, kissed her, then headed towards the plane.

He was almost there when Shirley yelled

" Matt!"

Matt turned around and looked at her.

She smiled and yelled " I Love You!"

That was all Matt needed to hear. He dropped his luggage and ran to her scooping her into his arms.

Through kisses he managed to reply " Oh, Shirley I love you too," he whispered.

She looked at him and asked " Stay?"

" Yes," he answered.

Then they sealed it with a kiss.