The Case of the Hyper Bee
A Shirley Holmes Fan Fiction

by Faith
October 03, 2000         1,700 words

Shirley sat at the dining room table playing chess with her mom.

Beside her sat her boyfriend Matt and her bestfriend Bo.

"We should have started this game before I left for Rwanda, maybe by the time I got back you would have made a move" joked Shirley's mom

"I am thinking" murmered Shirley.

Matt looked at Mrs. Holmes with a question mark

Mrs. Holmes just winked at him.

Suddenly the doorbell rang.

Mrs. Holmes got it.

"This is for a Shirley Holmes" said the delivery man.

Mrs. Holmes said thank you and closed the door.

"Who was it mom?" Shirley asked staring at a package in her mothers hand.

"It was a delivering man delivering this package" said Mrs. Holmes while slowly opening the package.

Inside sat a beautiful orcid.

"It's an orcid.. and it's for you" Mrs.Holmes said with a puzzled expression.

"Maybe a secret admirer" she continued.

Shirley glanced at Matt and then looked at her mom and shook her head slowly.

"That can't be it" Shirley said quickly remembering Matt. She had loved him ever since the first day at the ranch. He was piggheaded and smart. Everything Shirley was.

Shirley than found a small card sticking up. It read:

Thanks for my life

"Thanks for my life" Shirley read softly with a huge question mark on her face.

She gave Bo the card.

Matt and Bo both read it and started to think.

Shirley ran her finger across the branches of the orcid.

"Ouch!", Shirley shrieked.

Matt and Bo quickly snapped back to attention and looked at Shirley.

"What is it?" asked her mother.

Shirley looked at her hand.

"A bee" she said quitely.

All of a sudden Shirley began to fall on the floor.

Bo, Matt, and Mrs.Holmes stared in horror as Shirley slowly fell.

Matt quickly dove underneath her as Shirley nearly hit the floor.

"She is having an allergic reaction" cried Mrs. Holmes.

"Shirley what do you feel?"asked Bo.

"My throat it.. it's closing... mom I can't... breath" Shirley whispered before loosing conciousness.

Mrs. Holmes quickly told Bo to get her allergie needle.

Matt rested Shirley's head in his lap and started to stroke her hair softly.

"Will she be okay?" he asked quietly.

"Is she ever not?" Mrs. Holmes replied with slow smile.

Matt started to smile.

Meanwhile in Shirley's Head..

Shirley found herself in a square dark room.

She was wearing a red silk dress and red velvet slippers.

She suddenly realized she wasn't alone.

"Who is there?" she whispered.

"It's me" a figure said.

"Me who?" Shirley asked quietly.

The figure turned around.

Shirley screamed in horror.

Meanwhile on the kitchen floor..

"Shirley wake up!"

Mrs. Holmes slowly started to shake her daughter.

Shirley slowly moved her head.

"" whispered Shirley in a shakey voice.

"What is happening to her?" asked Bo slowly.

"She must be having a nightmare!" exclaimed Mrs.Holmes.

Back inside Shirley's head

"Do you remember me?" said the figure.

"Yes." Shirley said slowly.

"You remember what you did to me?"

"It was you Anton that did it to yourself!" Shirley screamed.

Anton picked her up by the throat and through her to the floor.

"It was you and your friends who made me lose her! My company would have taken the entire world and make it bow to my every wishes.""Now thanks to your boyfriend and your best friend I have to sit in jail and be beat up by those JOCKS!" screamed Anton.

"Your MAD!!" Screamed Shirley

Meanwhile on the kitchen floor..

"I don't like this!" yelled Bo.

"She is shaking uncontrollable!"cried Matt.

"I think we should call a hospital!" shouted Bo.

"" whispered Shirley.

Mrs.Holmes and Bo bothed looked at Matt but quickly looked at Shirley.

Shirley had started crying.

A tear streamed down her face.

Matt held her tightly and whispered,

"I am here Shirley, don't worry, I am here,"

Meanwhile back in Shirley's head..

"Now I will let you pay for what you did to me!" Anton grabbed at Shirley.

Shirley quickly moved out of the way.

Anton, tripping over something, lost his balance but managed to grab Shirley's ankle.

Shirley fell.

She quickly got up and stomped on his hand with her other foot.

Anton screamed in pain.

Shirley started to run but found the room had changed. Now there was a waterfall ahead of her.

Anton got up and found that he had trapped her.

Meanwhile on the kitchen floor,

"She is shaking and crying non-stop!" screamed Bo

"Do you know what is happening to her?" Matt asked Mrs. Holmes with a lump in her throat.

"She could be experiencing an episode, that's when the mind plays games on you"" In Shirley's case she could be figuring things out!""It is really weird but a girl like Shirley might remember things when she is unconcious"" I remember when she was little, it would be 4:00am and she would come running in my room with a fascinating thing that she just remembered.""She would sit there and tell it as though she was reading a book""Man if she did that now....

Mrs. Holmes trailed off as a tear fell down her face.

Bo went and hugged her.

Matt realized once again how much he loved Shirley.

She ment everything to him.

Obviously to her parents she was an angel.

Someone who took care of her family. Someone her family counted on and needed.

Matt felt a lump in his throat.

If anything ever happened to Shirley.. He would die with her!

"I love her, love her, die for her, die, love her" the words kept echoing in Matts head.

This brilliant, beautiful girl entered his life and made him know the feeling of love....

"No..!"cried Shirley

Matt, Bo and Mrs.Holmes looked at Shirley in horror.

Meanwhile back in Shirley's Head

Anton had Shirley at the end of a cliff overlooking a waterfall.

Shirley began to scream!!

"Don't worry my dear it will be painless" smirked Anton.

With that Anton pushed Shirley.

Down, Down, Down she fell...


Shirley woke up screaming.

Matt grabbed her and held her tight.

Shirley started bawling.

"Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god" screamed Shirley.

"It is alright, your safe" whispered Matt while stroking her hair.

"Shirley, are you okay?"asked Bo

"You scared me"cried Mrs. Holmes

She started bawling.

Shirley hugged her and said'

"It is alright mom, it's okay, I am okay,

Just a nightmare, I am okay"

When Mrs. Holmes stopped crying, Shirley got up and picked up the orcid. Without thinking she through it against the wall.

"Much better!" Shirley said

Matt, Bo, and Mrs. Holmes stared at Shirley.

" I am exhausted" whispered Shirley while grabbing on to the counter.

Mrs. Holmes helped Shirley up to bed.

When she came down the stairs she told Matt, and Bo that Shirley wanted to speak to them.

Matt and Bo went up the stairs.

Bo knocked on the door.

"Come in" whispered Shirley

She was in red silk pajamas and a plaid robe that was almost exactly the same color as her pajamas.She was tucked in her bed.

Bo sat on the chair while Matt sat on the side of the bed.

"You scared us half to death" exclaimed Bo.

"I am sorry" Shirley whispered.

"What happened to you? One minute you were looking over the orcid and then BAM your lying on the floor telling us to help you and crying like you were about to be killed" whispered Matt.

"I had an allergic reaction.. and then I got really really scared"she started shaking uncontrollable.

Both Bo and Matt sat beside her and hugged her.

"It was Anton""He sent me the orcid" whispered Shirley through sobs.

"He sent the orcid in hopes that I would die, he wanted revenge on us""He started playing with my mind, he said he would hurt the people I loved and he would make sure that you two payed dearly." Shirley began to cry harder.

"It is alright Shirley"whispered Matt

"Anton is in jail" as Bo tried to reasure Shirley.

Shirley began to calm down.

She stopped shaking.

She stopped crying.

She let go of them and smiled.

"I am okay now, and thank you you two.""Thanks for helping me" she whispered.

"Go get some sleep""I have to think of what to tell mum tomorrow", Shirley said breathlessly.

Bo gave Shirley one last hug.

As Bo headed for the door, he noticed Matt wasn't following him.

"I will be down in a minute" replied Matt.

Bo left.

Matt sat on the edge of the bed and stroked Shirley's hair.

"I was thinking about something I have to tell you Shirley"

Matt whispered.

"What is that?"asked Shirley quitely.

Matt leaned over.

"I love you"

Shirley said

"and I love you"

There lips met. They passionately kissed for almost five minutes.

"Shirley, Matt are you in there?"

It was Mrs. Holmes.

"Yes!" replied Shirley.

"I had better go" whispered Matt

As Matt entered the hall he peeked back into Shirley's room and watched her drift off to sleep.

He had never felt this way before. Watching Shirley, his heart leaped.

He would marry her some day. Yes, he would marry Shirley.

The Next Day,

Shirley looked in the newspaper. It was a regular routine.

How else would she know where the cases were.

As she flipped to one side of the page, something caught her attention.

All of a sudden Shirley screamed....