I Still Dream of Prom
A Shirley Holmes Fan Fiction

by Faith
October 03, 2000         1,700 words

This story is dedicated to Andrea Russell because she wrote my favorite fanfic known as The Case of the Tattooed Twiggy!!

I Still Dream of Prom

Shirley sat in her room thinking about prom. Would she go? Her boyfriend/love of her life was away for the week in New York.

He didn't know about the Prom.

Shirley didn't tell him because this New York thing was very important to him.

The prom was 5 days away.

The prom was going to be a costume ball.

Shirley hadn't even picked out what to wear yet.

Her thoughts forever landed on Matt.

Shirley was a little confused about her and Matt's relationship but then a few months ago when she had and "accident" Matt was there for her. He told her that he loved her and if anything had ever happened to her, he would just die. He wouldn't be able to stand not having her. He needed her. He loved her. He really really loved her.

Shirley felt the exact same way. From that day on she never had a second thought about loving him. In her dreams she drempt about becoming Mrs. Matthew Harris.

One day she thought, one day...

Beep, Beep, Beep!!!!

Shirley rolled over, hit the alarm clock with a hard Bang and tried to go back to sleep.

Instead she stared at the picture on her nightstand. It was of her and Matt.

He was holding her around the waist smiling. She was wearing a beautiful white dress and had flowers in her hair. How she wanted to stay that way forever!

Five minutes later, Shirley got up

"I have to go to the Cafe" she said annoyingly.

At the Cafe..

"You will not believe this you guys but Molly said yes to going to the prom with me!!"cried Stink while trying not to scream.

"That is great" Bo said.

Shirley sat there playing with her fries.

"Who are you going with Bo?" Alicia asked

"Andrea of course!" Bo said with a smile.

Alicia grabbed Barts hand.

"Well I am going with the best guy!'' said Alicia while looking deep into Bart's eyes.

Alicia and Bart had been dating for a year now.

They were totally into each other.

Watching them, Shirley realized how much they reminded her of her and Matt.

Bo looked at Shirley.

"So... Shirley, you and Matt planning to go and do the dance of love or something like that?" Bo asked with a smile.

Bo knew how much his best friend loved Matt.

Everytime he would mention Matt, Shirley's face would light up. Vice-Versa with Matt.

He had seen it while on the Ranch 8 years ago.

It was destiny!

"I am not going to Prom" Shirley said quitely.

The whole table looked at her in disbelief.

"Not going?" they cried.

"No I think I would rather stay home and I don't know read a book or something.

They have that special on the discovery channel that I don't want to miss anyhow."

Shirley knew she was just making up excuses but she couldn't tell them the truth.

They wouldn't understand. Matt needed this. It was something she had to give up.

Matt gave up a lot for her the last few months. He was by her side when he could of had a job in the United Nations. He gave it up for her. Now Shirley would give this up. It was only fair. Still, deep down Shirley wanted to go. Badly!

Bo studied Shirley for a second.

Shirley realized this. She decided to look at her watch. She studied it for a second.

"Oh wow, time sure does fly, I have to go see you guys later!"

With that Shirley left.

"There is something wrong" Alicia said slowly.

"I mean prom is the biggest night of a girls life!"

Bo sat there and started thinking.


As soon as Shirley got home she checked her email. Sure enough Matt mailed.

His letter said,

To my darling City,

Not a minute goes by when I don't think of you. How you smile. How you kiss. How you smell of sweet flowers. I really miss you. I can't wait until this job is done so I can come home and be with you. I miss you. And I love you. Forever.

Love Forever




As Shirley stared at the screen, tears trickled down her face. She felt alone. Very alone.


The next day was school.

Shirley slowly opened her locker to pictures of her, Matt, Watson, and her friends.

She stared at one of them. It was the exact same one that was on her nightstand.

She was so busy looking at it that she didn't realize that Bo was talking to her.

"Earth to Shirl....."

He stopped when he noticed what Shirley was looking at.

He felt a knot in his stomach.

"Sorry were you talking to me Bo?" Shirley asked as though popping out of a trance.

"It wasn't anything important" he replied.

All through the morning Shirley seemed distracted.

At lunch Shirley stayed behind to ask Mrs.Bersowski about a math page.

Shirley's friends got together to discuss the thing with Shirley.

"What did you find out Alicia?" Bo asked quietly.

"Matt is gone out of town till next week. Two days after the prom." Alicia replied with a sigh.

"Well that is easy, we phone up Matt tell him what is happening, he's here in two days, Presto, a very happy couple!!" exclaimed Stink

"Not exactly, the reason why Shirley hasn't told him is because she doesn't want him to miss this opportunity.

Shirley thinks he owes this to him" Bart replied.

"Oh, that complicates things" Stink said half dazed.

"If Matt really loves Shirley than I think he will do this for her" Bo said slowly.

Everyone nodded.

They would tell Matt.


Next day in New York..


"Yeah!'' Matt yelled.

"Phone for you!"

Matt ran up the stairs and grabbed the phone.


"Hello, Matt. It is me Bo!"

"Hi... Bo what is wrong? Is Shirley okay??"

"Calm down Matt, Shirley is fine"

"Well what is it?"

"You see Matt, in a couple of days it is prom"

"Really, that's funny Shirley never mentioned it"

"Matt she didn't because she knew how much this meant to you"


''You see Matt, she really wants to go!"

"Well then I will be there!"

"Thanks Matt"

"Oh and Bo!"

"Yes Matt?"

"Don't tell Shirley, I want it to be a suprise"

"Of course and thanks again"

Bo put the receiver down and smiled.

"Looks like Cinderella is goin to the prom"


Two days later...

Ding Dong!

"Just a second'' Shirley yelled.

She quickly pulled open the door and yelled with delight as she threw herself into Matt's arms.

After hugging for about five minutes, Shirley asked why was he back so soon.

Matt explained what Bo did.

Shirley looked embarrased.

Matt held her tight and told her he wouldn't miss this for the world.

Then he kissed her ever so passionately on the lips.

It seemed to last forever.


Shirley was trying on her dress. She picked it out herself.

As she danced in front of the mirror she smiled.

She was dressed in the exact same thing that Drew Barrymore wore for the party.

A beautifual gown with shimmering angel wings.

Her hair was up in a bun and her face had sparkles.

She looked like a princess from a magic kingdom.

She was drop-dead gorgeous.

Meanwhile downstairs Matt was ready. He had on a knights outfit, identical from the one that Leonardo Dicaprio wore in Romeo and Juliet.

He sat on the couch waiting. Shirley's parents and Gran watched him.

"Nervous?" asked Robert Holmes

"Boy am I ever!" he said.

All of a sudden he caught something in the corner of his eye.

An angel? He turned. His mouth fell on the floor. Shirley was in the hall.

He felt like he had to touch her. Make sure she was real.


"You look hot!!"

He managed to say.

Shirley blushed.

Matt went up to her and held her.

This was a night he would never ever forget.


All while Matt was driving he glanced at Shirley. How could he not.

He almost suggested to stop the car and they could have their very own prom night on cliff. Just the two of them.

No, bad idea. I want to definately show off my girl!

His girl? Yes, she was his, his only.


"I wonder what Shirley is wearing?" Alicia asked.

Bo, Andrea(who was wearing a beautiful dress herself), Alicia, Bart, Stink, and Molly were all gathered together in a group.

"I sure wish that....

All of a sudden everyone looked up.

Matt was holding on to an... angel.

"That is Shirley!!" Alicia nearly fainted.


"Are you ready to go down now?" Matt whispered.

"Yes, but why is everyone staring at us" she asked

"Probably, because your a knock-out" Matt said with a smile.

"You think so?" she asked

"Definately!" Matt replied.

Matt and Shirley made their way to their group.

"Shirley and Matt, You two are like WOW!!" cried Alicia

Matt looked at Shirley and they smiled.

The dances started. Matt and Shirley danced every dance.

For the slow ones Matt and Shirley hung on close together.

"I cannot believe this, I feel like I am in a dream" whispered Shirley.

Matt slowly kissed her. Ever so gently.

Whoever did not know that Matt and Shirley were "together" sure found out that night.


"Now we will announce King and Queen of the Prom!!"

They are.........








Matthew Harris and Shirley Holmes!

Everyone cheered!!

Matt and Shirley danced the king and queen dance.

Everybody watched them.

Matt leaned in and whispered to Shirley,

I will always Love you, now and forever,

Shirley replied, Amen.

They lost pne another in each others arms. The night flew by but Shirley and Matt remember that night.

Even now Matt and Shirley's love is the same. Pure and True!!