Wishing on Rainbows Seen
A Shirley Holmes Short Story

by Brian C. Williams
        1,300 words

Bus travel, that would fall into that lesser life experiences category; so in a question of who would want to travel by bus in America is told as, not many people if they had a choice. Most of the people that travel by bus are in one of a couple of situations. They are either in the life place of not having the money to travel by plane or train, too cheap to travel by plane or train; and then they could just be scared to travel by plane or train. I...me, the guy with his name after the By thing, writer boy knows this because I have traveled many times by bus and not one time by the way of me choosing this mode of transportation for the grandeur that it presents. I went by bus because I am not in the wealth bracket of my home country. The problems of bus travel are like plagues to a Pharaoh. The stations are usely in the city or towns worst sections of living, the people are a lot like you but worse and which in my case is very bad; and most are in a bad mood because traveling in America by bus sucks like icky things on a dead man nose. But there chance for good moments in everything.

2004, Maine; USA.

Unlike most bus stations the one Shirley Holmes sits in now is comparably pretty nice. It's a small building that use to be a fish storage building. The smell no longer lingers and for which that fact makes everyone who works in the station grateful. Shirley saw a bunch of really old crates stacked in a corner of the station and the name of the station is also Fish Take Storage. They probably just never wanted to buy a new sign. There seems to only be about five people working at the station. Three carrier men, a female greeter; and a ticket dealer who just sits in a chair leaned up against a wall with tickets stacked under his chair. Shirley thinks that is not low-tech, that is no-tech.

Shirley is on her way to visit her friend Bart who is a intern in Virginia with a paranormal research group called Bride. They gather information and material pertaining to paranormal events. Bart asked Shirley to visit after something weird had happen to him recently. But that's all he said. He sounded scared though; which is what made Shirley not hesitate in deciding to pay him a visit.

A young women dressed in a bomber jacket with buttons all over it and blue jeans along with a young man wearing a weird looking leather outfit that is black and silver with a long dark brown rain jacket. They come walking through the bus stations front door.

"Ace, really he could have left us on Watinln."

It's a entertainment satellite. Where is there danger there?"

"Things aren't always what they seem Trimmer. Your learn that the more you travel with The Professor."

"Why didn't he take us to his home world. Aren't we good enough for his relatives."

"He said Gallifrey is a very dangerous place at the moment and every Time Lord is going back to be a part of the events."

"Sounds weird."

"Remember what he told me when I asked that. He said it's no different than humans gathered in a hospital before a relative dies."

"Well, that doesn't sink with me. I'm only half human D."

I wish I could have stayed longer with father, but my past is with him and in a way that is why I mustavoid being around him for very long. Maybe this is what all people go through as they grow intoadulthood. Or am I just lucky in that situation of life. The young man and the young women sit down beside Shirley. The young man turns to Shirley,

"My names Trimmer, what's yours?"

"Trimmer stop going after every female in the galaxy. Don't mind him he isn't from around here."

"Thatís Ok, neither am I."

"See Ace. Your getting as stuffy as The Doctor."

Ace bumps Trimmer with her shoulder.

Shirley smiles thinking these two will probably become a couple someday.

"Where are you from?..........?.."

My names Shirley Holmes. I'm from Redington, Canada. But I'm living in Baltimore now."

I'm from......."

"He is from London. We're here traveling across the states with my.......father."

Shirley looks at the clothes Trimmer is wearing and thinks about what he could be. Maybe a singer or some kind of performer.

"Are you two related?"

"No, heís just a friend."

Or more,Shirley later thought.

"Actually we just met a few days ago."

But then why would he be traveling with her and her father."

So, Shirley......"

"Don't give Trimmer any mind. He sees women as objects of a quest. He inflames me. But has been good to have around lately."

You have that attiude after I save you from the Val....."

"He just needs to learn."

"Ok, since the females are ignoring me, I believe I'll go get something to eat if there are any restaurants within a hundred miles."

"I saw a burger place a couple of blocks down the road as my bus pulled in."

Do you want anything Shirley?"

"I could go for a sandwhich and somethingto drink."

"You heard her Trim. Go get us some sandwiches and drinks."

Trimmer sarcastically bowsin front of Ace. "Yes, Ms. Ace."

"How did you and Trimmer meet?"

"..He.....he works for my father. He's a magician. That's why we are traveling across country."

Shirley could tell the young lady was lying but people have their reasons. It doesnít necessarily mean something bad.

"So, Shirley where are you headed?"

"Virginia. I'm going to visit a friend I have not seen in a long time."

Ace looks away for a second, "Most of my old friends are gone now."

"Shirley could see in Ace a young lady who has lived beyond her years in age; but still remained youthful in a way. She wishes she could say the same thing about herself.

"Now I know you ladies have been missing me, but now I'm back and with food."

Shirley and Ace look at each other and smile. Trimmer hands them their food and sits down beside Shirley.

A hour later. Shirley has left on her bus and Ace and Trimmer are sitting half asleep in the bus station.

"Ace! Trimmer!! I told you two to wait for me at the bookstore."

Ace straightens up as Trimmer falls out of his chair. A older looking man wearing a grayish suit walks up to them holding a umbrilla and his hat in hand.

"Oh, come on Professor. It's not actually summer time out there."

"Yes, Doctor why was it was important for us to stand outside the bookstore?"

"To avoid meeting a destiny in progress Trimmer. Shirley Holmes. The great grand niece of the legendary Sherlock Holmes. She does not need outside influences in her destiny. The reason I did not wish for you two to meet her is that this is not our reality. It's a alternate realm of a place called by some The Land Of Fiction and Tales. The eternal laws forbid Time Lords from traveling here. There are very few places Time Lords are forbidden to visit. This is one."

We make friends and enemies throughout our lives. Some last, taking parts in our lives from moment to moment for the rest of our existence. Some only take up mere minutes in our lives, but the friendship for those minutes remains pure and worthwhile of a smile.