The Case of the Misplaced Killer
A Shirley Holmes / Buffy Crossover

by Boo Rogue Amazon
April 14, 2000         16,200 words

Disclaimer: Ok on to the legal stuff, the characters in Buffy the Vampire Slayer do not belong to me, they belong to Joss Whendon and the WB network, the same goes with Shirley and co. They just don't belong to Joss, they belong to someone else, the name of which I can't remember. The important thing here ladies and gentleman is that they don't belong to me. The other important thing to remember is that I am poor, which means that it is a waste of valuable court space to sue me. Also there may be some violence, correction there will be violence in this fic. Come on people Buffy is a vampire slayer; it's not exactly like baking cookies for the old folk's home now is it. And Oh yes, SPOILER ALERT!!! SPOILER ALERT!!! There are spoilers in this work of fiction for the fourth season of Buffy the vampire Slayer. So if you are an international BtVS fan, don't know who men in black fatigues are, and don't know what became of Faith, then do not read this story until you do know. It will make a lot more sense to you if you know the answer to the above questions. Well I think that is everything, enough with the rambling and onward to the story.

Cast of Characters

From BtVS

Buffy Summers (Slayer Extrodinare)
Willow Rosenberg (Wicca Woman)
Rupert Giles (Former Watcher)
Faith (Renegade Slayer)

From tAoSH

Shirley Holmes (Great-grandniece of Sherlock Holmes)
Bo Sawchuck (Shirl's best friend)
Molly Hardy (Can you say professor Moriarty anyone?)
Alicia Gianelli

The Case of the Misplaced Killer: Part 1

London 1888

Night fell, black and choking on the cobble stone streets of London's notorious East End. The gas lamp caste eerie shadows as hansom cabs barreled through the darkness unmindful of the pedestrians making there way home after long hours of working for very little money. The few well to do gentleman alighting from cabs kept their cloaks drawn over their faces as the ducked into various dens of inequity to pursue more carnal matters than business and finance. One well-dressed gentleman, however, made no attempt to hide his face. Instead his piercing dark eyes scanned the street alert to any change. He was a rather tall man with an aristocratic nose and hawk like features. His deerstalker cap was pulled down on his forehead and his hands were absentmindedly toying with something in his trouser pocket. Sherlock Holmes scanned the crowds impatiently, obviously waiting for someone. He noted with a narrowing of his eyes that many of the woman of the night had found a way to stay off the squalled streets this evening, because of the madman that held the east end in an iron grip of terror. Holmes knew that it had been all over the streets before it even hit the papers that Mary Jane Kelly had been found crushed to death in a house on Dorset Street. Still others were not quite as willing to run and hide with the rest, either out of bravery or stupidity. He suspected the latter for their lack of fear because this thing was more dangerous than even he had at first realized and tonight it was going to end. Finally Holmes caught the flash of blond hair and the deep blue eyes of the petite woman he had been waiting for. It was time he thought, time to rid London of an inhuman evil. It was time for Jack the Ripper to sleep forever.

Redington, Canada
Train Yards
Present Day

The misty gray shroud of lingering night was slowly fading from the Redington train yards as a powerful locomotive waited to embrace the first waves of dawn. Inside the boxcar of a freight train that had come in about ten minutes ago, a seemingly harmless brown-eyed, dark haried girl slept. Her dreams were fitful and her face would often contort into an expression of pain. Suddenly she was ripped form her sleep. "Buffy Noooo," she cried and jerked into a sitting position. Faith had the trap look of a hunted animal before she finally realized were she was. With a disgusted sigh she threw of the thin piece of brown cloth she was had been using for a blanket and stood to stretch like a sleek cat. Out of no where the confusion hit her, along with the anger. After switching bodies with Buffy a few months ago Faith didn't know were she began and Buffy ended. She thought that she had it all figured out, she was a Slayer, one of the most powerful beings in the world, which meant that she could do whatever the hell she wanted. What she didn't count on was caring about that church full of people that was being terrorized by vampires. "I am not becoming B," Faith thought harshly. But she wasn't who she used to be either. With a frown marring her features the renegade slayer jumped out of the boxcar and hit the ground with a graceful thump. The moment she disembarked two young man jumped out from a car that had been across from her.

"Little girls shouldn't play by themselves in dissertated train yards," the largest of the two men said right before his features morphed into the planes of a vampire. The other one joined him and both vampires advanced on Faith. With a bored look on her face Faith replied. "Oh look,it's dumb and dumber." The largest vampire didn't even see the kick coming until it connected with his face. He staggered back, but before he could recover Faith smashed a nearby crate into a bunch of little pieces and slammed one of the broken broads through the vampire's chest. With a crazy light in her eyes and a lick of her full lips, she turned toward his friend.

"It's just you and me big boy, I think I'm going to have a little fun with you." The remaining vampire didn't like Faith's definition of fun, and his screams of agony could be heard for miles. He was almost begging her to kill him after she used him for a plaything for almost an hour. Finally growing bored, Faith grabbed a nearby piece of broken crate and turned him into a pile of dust. Wiping the vampire dust from her too tight jeans Faith looked up and saw a sign that said 'Welcome to Redington, Canada.' "Maybe it won't be so bad here after all," she thought laughing as she walked into the now rising sun.

Sussex Academy
Redington, Canada
Present Day

"Come on Shirley the dance will be fun, besides it's an excuse to go shopping for a new dress," Alicia Gianelli prompted her friend and occasional roommate Shirley Holmes. Shirley was not really paying attention, engrossed as she was in examining some strange gray ash that Alicia had never seen before. With an exasperated sigh she tried to get her friend's attention again.

"Shirley," she said waving her hands around to draw the teenager's attention. Finally fed up with being ignored the little Italian went up to her friend and said right in her ear. "Shirley pay attention to me." The great grandniece of Sherlock Holmes started a little and almost dropped the test tube she was holding. She turned her head to glare at Alicia.

"I heard you Alicia. I'm just not interested in going to the dance." Shirley's tone was calm, even tempered, and with a layer of steel behind it that said the subject was now closed. The little Italian's face just took on a mischievous grin.

"What's the matter,no handsome young man asked you,a close friend maybe?"

Shirley sighed. For some reason her friend had got it in to her head to play matchmaker,between her and Bo no less. She knew that Alicia would grow bored with the game soon but for now her Yenta act was driving Shirley,well nuts, for lack of a better word. With a long suffering look the junior detective repeated the same phrase that she had been repeating for the past week, ever since her dad and gran had gone out of town.

"For the last time Alicia, Bo and I are just friends, nothing more." The teenager had about had it up to here with her friend. She was thinking of getting a parrot and training it to say that sentence ever time Alicia persisted in bringing the subject up. The only thing stopping her was that it would take too long to train the darn thing.

"Yeah, yeah,now tell me the truth. There has to be something more between you two, with all the time you spend together."

"Sorry to disappoint you," she replied and turned back toward her experiment. With a long dramatic sigh Alicia decide to let the subject drop.

"So what are you working on?" she asked, curiosity getting the better of her. Now that she thought about it that stuff Shirley was working with looked familiar.

"Oh nothing important," the junior detective answered casually. A little too casually. Still Alicia didn't pick up on it and instead of pushing the matter further she decided she was bored to tears watching Shirley mix chemicals and record reactions. She also knew that her friend would be at it for hours.

"Well,I'm going to see what Molly is up to, see you later Shirley."

"Umm-hmm," she answered uncommunicatively. The little Italian just rolled her eyes and bounded out of the room.

Shirley heard the door shut and gave an inward cheer of pleasure. It wasn't that she didn't like Alicia, she did like her, it was just that she really didn't want anyone to know what she was working on at the moment. It was why she only worked with this particular substance here and not at her lab at home. Bo was with her too much at her other lab and there was always the danger of him popping in unannounced. He, unlike Alicia would not only know what the substance was but would also be furious with her for having it at all. Shirley had to admit that she did feel a little guilty every time she worked with the bag of leftover vampire she had brought home from Sunnydale a few months ago, but she tempered that guilt with the knowledge that she may find a way to help Buffy in her fight. The teenager just couldn't help feeling that she owed the Slayer, for more than her life. So she continued with the experiment, her feelings of guilt taking a back seat to her more overwhelming feelings of curiosity. Besides there was more involved than just helping Buffy, Shirley reminded herself with a shudder. With this thought and a small amount of dread she went over to her school bag, dug around, and pulled out an identical bag of gray ash. She stared at the bag mesmerized, half-afraid to run the test she knew would prove her theory. Gathering her resolve around her like a cloak, Shirley brought the bag back to the table and took a small sample from it. Carefully she took a small spoonful and mixed it with the holy water she had borrowed from the local Catholic Church. She hoped God forgave her for that. The minute the ash hit the water it started to sizzle, which is the same reaction Shirley got from the vampire ash she had collected in Sunnydale. The difference was she had collected this ash at the Redington railroad station earlier this morning, which could mean only one thing Shirley thought with dread. There were vampires in Redington. A shiver went down Shirley's spine, the junior detective knew that it was time to bring Bo in on her discovery,even though he would hit the roof. With a dramatic sigh Shirley packed up her backpack and got ready to go to Bo's place of employment. His parents fish market on the other side of Redington.

Bo Sawchuck, Shirley's best friend, and Watson to her Sherlock was up to his neck in fish guts. Several severed, sightless heads starred back at Bo as he continued to work steadily gutting and cleaning fish for his family's market. He was so engrossed in his work that he didn't hear the back door open, nor did he see Shirley poke her head through watching him as he worked. She didn't want to say anything that might startle Bo while he was using the knife. So instead she silently let herself in through the back door and waited patiently until Bo was done. Finally Bo put the knife down and turned toward the back door wiping his hands on the apron he wore. He had yet to look up and see Shirley. When he did Bo started in surprise.

"Dammit Shirley you scared me," the blonde haired, blue-eyed boy said. Shirley just regarded him steadily, her own deep blue eyes giving nothing away.

"We have a problem Bo," she said calmly. Inside she could feel real fear bubbling to the surface, but she repressed it. Giving her emotions free rein just wasn't her way.

Bo threw a sharp glance at his friend as he turned to wash the fish smell from his hands. "You have that look again," he said cautiously. "The one that means we are going to be getting into trouble." With a long sigh and no words Shirley pulled her backpack around so she could reach into it. Rummaging around she pulled out a bag of ash and tossed it to Bo. The teenager caught it easily, a puzzled frown marring his smooth, unlined face.

"What is this Shirl? Some kind of ash from a fire? I haven't heard of any unexplained fires lately?"

"It's not from a fire." Shirley waited for his inevitable reaction. She didn't have to wait long. She knew the moment Bo had figured out what he was holding in his hand by the widening of his eyes.

"Shirley are you certifiable?" He questioned harshly. "Tell me I am not holding vampire ash in my hands."

"If it will make you feel better. Bo, you are not holding vampire ash in your hands," she said sarcastically.

"ARE YOU NUTS?" This time he yelled the question at her wanting to go and give her a shake for good measure. He had hoped that Shirley had let her experience in Sunnydale teach her that some things should just be left to the experts, obviously his hope was futile.

"Sanity is relative," she replied flippantly.

"Obviously no relative of yours," he bit back harshly.

"Quoting Mr. Howie is not going to get us anywhere," Shirley sighed. "Look Bo, truce Ok, we have bigger problems than just a couple of bags of vampire dust."

"A couple?" Bo said raising his eyebrow. It was a signal for her to start explaining. With another sigh Shirley dug around in her bag, while she was rummaging she said to Bo.

"That bag of dust I brought back from Sunnydale six months ago." Finding the other bag she pulled it free and held it up triumphantly. "This bag I found this morning,at the train yards." Shirley waited while the implication of words sunk in. With a grim expression crossing his face Bo replied gravely.

"So we have vampires in Redington."

"No not yet," she said surprising Bo. "There haven't been any vampire related deaths in the paper yet. We have vampires coming to Redington," she corrected.

"But why?" Bo was truly puzzled, he knew from Buffy that vampires tended to stay were they could blend in, and Redington was hardly the place for vampires to blend in. "Even I stand out in Redington," Bo thought.

"I don't know Bo, but I intended to find out, starting with the dance tonight," she said.

Now Bo looked even more puzzled. With a lopsided grin in Shirley's direction he asked the inevitable question. "Just what does a dance have to do with vampires Shirl? And who is going to take you to it? If you remember correctly you have to have a date to go to this dance, rules complements of Molly Hardy and her ability to wrap Ms. Strattman around her pinky finger."

"Vampires are drawn to large groups of young people, remember the Bronze, and as for who is going to take me that's simple, you are." Shirley ignored the strange tingle that ran down her spine after this declaration. She was just nervous about the possible vampire situation she told herself forcefully. Bo arched another eyebrow and Shirley waited for him to give her a hard time about this evening that is way his reply surprised her.

"Alright it's a date, I'll meet you at your house at seven."

"This is not a date," Shirley side warningly her blue eyes flashing. Bo just grinned a cat who ate the canary grin. "It's time to make Shirley sweat a little," he thought mischievously. So instead of giving her the "Oh definitely not" response he knew she was waiting for he just grinned wider and walked away from her whistling. "This is not a date," she yelled at his retreating back. "No way," she reassured herself. With a slight look of confusion marring her features Shirley turned to go home. She had a feeling that she had just lost control of the situation.

Sunnydale, California
Present Day

It was a Friday night at the U. C. Sunnydale campus and the parties were in full swing as various college kid in assorted states of dress made there way to the different frat parties. Buffy Summers, was however not partaking of the evening's activities. She was patrolling looking for something the likes of which she had never fought before,something created in a lab by a madwoman,Adam. Things had gone from bad to worse in the Slayer's world and in a short time too. Adam was still on the loose, Professor Maggie Walsh's Demon, Human, Cyborg hybrid. Buffy knew that she had to find her late professors twisted creation before it was too late. So far Adam had yet to surface for any extended period of time, but still she found the bodies almost nightly. Demon, human, vampire,Adam didn't care, he was learning about all of them,how their bodies work and function. He was learning how to be a more proficient killer. Then Buffy had to deal with the growing hostility of the initiative. She still didn't know if she could trust the rest of Riley's men, she didn't know which ones knew that Professor Walsh had tried to kill her. All she could really be sure of was Riley Finn himself, and even he had managed to betray her abetted unknowingly. Buffy sighed; she hadn't spoken to Riley in the two months that Faith had been gone, afraid of her own reactions. Yes things were looking pretty grim for the Slayer. Still she continued to patrol. Buffy knew that no one else but her would stand a chance against Adam. For the next three hours the Slayer checked graveyards, abandoned houses, she even made forays into the underground sewers, but still she came up with nothing. Finally in the last hour she had decided to patrol she came across the dissembled body of a Chaos Demon. It wasn't a pretty sight and the Slayer was glad she had not had anything to eat today. Finding the body was good and bad for Buffy, good because it was a sign that Adam was still in Sunnydale, bad because the demon had been killed almost two hours ago. She had been getting to know her nemesis and she knew that he would be long gone by now. So all in all it had been another fruitless night for her. With a defeated sigh Buffy turned and headed toward Giles house. She needed to report in and then get some much-needed sleep.

Standing outside of Giles, small modest home, Buffy hesitated before going in. She had a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach, an instinct that bad news awaited her. "This is ridiculous," she thought harshly to herself. "There is nothing wrong with Giles nothing at all." Steeling herself against the instinct Buffy opened the door and went in. The house was quiet and she called out softly.

"Giles?" When he didn't answers Buffy practically yelled "GILES?"

"There is no need to shout Buffy," Giles replied in that pompous British way of his. He was carrying a cup of tea and a newspaper with him. It was folded under his arm.

"So any luck tonight?" he asked gravely and sitting down on the sofa. Buffy just expelled a frustrated breath.

"If you mean in the search for Frankenstein's monster then no. Adam is still a large."

"Damn," he said harshly. "I was rather hoping you would be successful tonight," he replied. For some reason he wouldn't meet her eyes.

"Why tonight?" she asked with a raise of her eyebrow. Giles cleared his throat clearly stalling. She just let out an annoyed huff. "Spill it Giles."

"Umm yes well, The council called this evening," he started to say and the trailed off. Buffy felt her body tense at the mention of the watchers council. "And," she promoted.

"And,they have found Faith. They have dispatched another clean-up team but this time the order is quite different," Giles paused again almost unwilling to go on.

"How different are we talking?" the Slayer queried. She was having mixed feelings about this information now. Especially since her last encounter with Faith.

"They have been ordered to kill on sight," her former watcher replied with down cast eyes.

"Where is she?" Buffy asked harshly. Giles' eyes shot to hers; reacting to the anger in her voice.

"Buffy, I don't think," she cut him off. "Where,is,she," she said again in slow measured tones. There was something strange in her voice that gave the Englishman pause. He couldn't quite assign meaning to it. With a sigh Giles surrendered.

"Redington,she's in Redington." At the mention of the familiar name Buffy just gave Giles a curt nod and turned to walk out the door. She paused before she left and turned back toward her watcher.

"I'll tell Riley and his commandos to keep patrolling while I'm gone. Hopefully they won't do anything stupid like try to take down Adam." Giles stood up from his position of the sofa, removed his glasses, and pinched the bridge of his nose like he felt a headache coming on.

"Buffy,I'm sure the council can handle Faith it is just a ma," she cut him off.

"No Giles, you don't understand. I'm not going after Faith, I'm going to save her." After she dropped this bomb her former watchers eyes shot up and a one of his death glares started to form.

"You can't be serious?!" he spat harshly. The look on Buffy's face said she was deadly serious. "Giles,I just can't let them kill her,I can't explain but I will see you in a week. Tell the rest of the gang not to take any chances if they decide to patrol, and if they see signs of Adam while they are out,tell them to run." With those finally words Buffy shut the front door on her watchers stunned expression. Still she didn't go back and explain. "Giles wouldn't understand anyway," she thought. Only another Slayer could really understand why she had to save Faith. With this thought Buffy started back to her dorm to find a way to get tickets to Canada, and with thoughts of Redington came thoughts of Shirley Holmes. The Slayer knew after her last encounter with the junior detective that she usually turned up in situations that were the most hazardous to her health. She just hoped that she could beat Shirley to Faith, before the renegade Slayer sent the teenager to a premature grave. With this thought Buffy disappeared into the night.

The Case of the Misplaced Killer : Part 2

Redington, Canada
Holmes Residence
7:00 p.m.

Shirley was already waiting out front of her house when Bo arrived to pick her up, with his parents driving of course. Bo tried not to grin. She was dressed as eccentrically as she normally was. "Only Shirley could give that much.flare to a dress for a dance," he thought trying hard to bite back the chuckle that threaten to escape. If Shirley had anything it was defiantly her own sense of style. In a way it was one of the things that he admired most about her, that and her ability to spot a line of bull, in a blizzard from five miles away. Pasteing on a charming smile that was threatening to turn into an amused smirk, Bo approached his best friend with the corsage he had purchased from a local florist.

"Well my dear Ms. Holmes don't you look smashing tonight," he said in a faux English accent. Shirley just glared at him.

"You're enjoying this situation way too much Sawchuck," she said threateningly. Bo's grin just got wider.

"Aww come on Shirl, this is a great chance to get the Sussex rumor mill flowing about us for the next month or so." The junior detective's eyes were shooting fiery, blue sparks at this remark. She dreaded being the focus of gossip; it made people pay attention to her and in her line of work that could be hazardous. Shirley was only as affective as her anonymity allowed her to be.

"Thanks for trying to make me feel better about this, you're all heart Bo," Shirley replied sarcastically.

"What are friends for." She glared harder and his grin got bigger.

"Come on it won't be that bad," Bo paused for a minute and thought about that, "Correction, Molly is in charge of this so it will be that bad. But hey everyone will be thanking us when we stop them from becoming vampire chow now won't they."

Shirley managed a small smile for him at that. He smiled back and offered her his arm, which she gracefully accepted. Together they walked to Bo's parent's car and got in for the short ride to Sussex. Shirley couldn't help but feel that it was going to be a long night.

On the other side of town in a part of Redington that Shirley had rarely seen and that Bo was sorry he knew, a petite brunette waltzed into the toughest bar that the city of Redington had to offer. Several tattooed and overly pierced men turned her way, a few even whistled in appreciation. Faith just smiled coyly and approached the bar confidently. She smiled a sinfully smile at the bartender, with a look in her eyes that would have most men begging. And not for their lives.

"Hey there anyone here want to buy a girl a drink," she purred. Immediately seven guys rushed forward, ready and willing to do her bidding. It was a shouted order from across the room that brought them to a halt.

"Enough," the voice bellowed. All heads turned toward the corner where a well muscled, leather clad giant slowly stood to his feet.

"If anyone is going to be buying this pretty lady a drink it's going to be me," he said with a glare at the rest of the men. The all quickly backed down. A slow sensual smile crossed Faith's features. The evening had just turned out to be more interesting than she thought it would be.

Sunnydale, California
U.C. Sunnydale Campus

"Buffy are you out of your mind?" Willow Rosenburg, Buffy's best friend and confidant squealed at her in the confines of their shared dorm room. "You can't seriously be going all the way to Canada to help Faith. You know, gonna help the mayor ascend, kill Buffy and her friends, and still have time to help the world end Faith. Miss I'm gonna steal Buffy's body and let her get shipped off to the council and get killed. Ms. trying to seduce angel and bring back An." She was cut off by the hand Buffy finally clamped over her mouth.

"I get the picture Will," she replied with an exasperated look. Willow's features had taken on that distinct, your not going to do this because I don't like it and I'm saying so look she wore so well. It was known far and wide as her resolve face. The red haired, green-eyed ammeter witch just couldn't believe her ears, Buffy was actually packing to go save Faith.

"But come on Buffy this is Faith we are talking about. Your psycho, scary, evil twin with superhuman strength that gets her jollies from the killing."

"I know Willow," Buffy replied evenly, not liking the whole thing but knowing she had to do something. "Well at least let me go with you," the young witch pleaded. Buffy's attention abruptly shot up from her packing job. "No!" she said forcefully. Her tone booked no arguments. Willow just frowned at her best friend. "Well can you at least tell me why? You owe me that much Buffy." Buffy sighed a resigned sigh.

"I don't know if I can explain this Will.but I'll try. When Faith stole my body, parts of her soul were still there. I could feel them merging with mine. I think the same thing happened to Faith. You didn't see her in that church.she knew that I was gone and she also knew that she was the only one that could help those people. She had to help those people.because it was the right thing to do." A thoughtful look descended over Buffy's features. "When Faith saw me Will, she attacked me.but she wasn't attacking me, she was attacking herself. She had forgotten that I was in there. She said things like "no your evil" and "I hate you." She wasn't talking about me when she said those things. That's why I have to go." The Slayer was still confused when she thought of the things that had happened between her and Faith in the church. And she was sure that she hadn't really explained why she was doing this, she just had to.

Willow's expression showed that she still didn't like it, still didn't understand it, but was willing to trust her best friend's judgement. With a sigh she said. "Alright, I understand.sort of.go to Canada, but Buffy." she prompted getting her friend's full attention. "You have to remember that confused or not.she's still Faith." Buffy nodded her understanding and went to her best friend enfolding her in a hug. She knew Willow was right. She was indeed still Faith, which meant that Buffy needed to watch her back so she didn't end up with a knife buried in it.

Sussex Academy
7:30 p.m.

The party was hopping by the time Bo escorted Shirley through the doors of Sussex Academy. It was with a lot of amusement that he noticed the whispers that they start just by walking in the door. He turned his head to look at Shirley and share this little inside joke with her, only to find her lost in thought.

"Hey Shirl is everything OK," he asked in concern. Shirley started a little at the sound of his voice. Bo was surprised to see a slight hint of fear in her eyes.

"What.?" she questioned confused, "Oh I'm fine Bo.just fine." Something had distracted her and for the life of him, Bo didn't know what it was.

"Shirley?" he questioned again. She didn't look at him this time instead her eyes were focused on the other side of the room.

"Bo.could you excuse me for a minute." She didn't wait for him to say yes or no, she just left him standing there as she walked away. He watched her with a mixture of amusement and exasperation, before shaking his head back and forth ruefully. "I need a drink," he thought to himself, and went the opposite direction Shirley had gone to the punch bowl. Once there he filled a glass of punch and settled in to wait. It wasn't long after that he was spotted by a little Italian that was bursting with questions. Sneaking up behind him Alicia said.

"Hi Bo, how's it going." Almost spilling his punch in the process, Bo spun around in surprise.

"Oh.hey Alicia," he greeted. He smiled at his friend. With a speculative gleam in her eye the little Italian started to circle Bo like a vulture eyeing it's prey.

"So.I see that you and Shirley came together.anything interesting going on there?" Bo had to smile at this. "She's about as subtly as a sledgehammer," her thought ruefully.

"Sorry to disappoint you Alicia but Shirley and I are just friends." Bo treated Alicia to a gracious smile. He thought that maybe she would let it go now. He had thought wrong.

"Oh really.then you don't mind that she is talking to that cute senior boy in the corner." Alicia was pointing to the other side of the room. With a frown Bo followed Alicia's hand to the other side of the room. Sure enough there stood Shirley talking to some guy that had to be at least eighteen. A small tingle of irrational anger seemed to crawl up Bo's spine, and his frown deepened. Knowing that Alicia was watching him Bo schooled his face into indifference.

"Like I said, Shirley and I are just friends, so she is free to talk to anyone she wants," he managed to say lightly. Alicia watched him for another moment or two, trying to find out how he really felt. Finding no hint that her suspicions were correct, she released a frustrated breath.

"Fine.whatever," she scoffed and went off to find Molly. Bo just released a sigh of relief, and continued to watch Shirley like a hawk.

In the meantime Shirley was talking to an old friend of hers that had accompanied one of the Redington girls to the dance. His name was Chance McCord. His date for the evening, Barbi Cali, was busy trading make-up secrets with the rest of the cheerleaders. Greeting an old friend, however, was not Shirley's primary motive for walking over here. He was just an excuse to stand there so she could have an unobstructed view of Molly Hardy. Or more accurately the necklace that Molly was wearing. It took her another minute or two to actually process what she was seeing. With a feeling of dread tickling her spine Shirley went to find Bo. She had a good idea why the vampires were coming to Redington. With a smile she said good bye to Chance and weeded her way through the throng of teenagers back to were she had left her best friend. Not finding him she started scanning the room and spotted him by the refreshment table. Totally lost in the implications of what she had just seen, she failed to notice the surly look on her friend's face.

"Bo, we have to go talk to Molly," she said upon reaching him. She even went as far as to tug on his sleeve. He jerked away from her. With a puzzled look, her liquid blue eyes met his finally noticing the anger that was there.

"Is something wrong?" Shirley questioned. "What could be wrong," he countered angrily. Shirley's puzzled frown deepened. A few moments of silence followed while she tried to figure out what could have possible gone wrong in the few minutes that she had been talking to Chance. "So who's your friend," he finally asked innocently. Shirley's eyes widened at this question. "No," she thought, "It couldn't be possible." Bo couldn't be jealous she thought incredulously.of me talking to Chance. With a measured look at her best friend she answered.

"He is an old friend of mine. His dad and my dad are both ambassadors, and we started talking at one of the those boring states dinners my did use to drag me too until he realized that I would rather have my wisdom teeth cut out without anesthetic then be at them."

"Oh," he replied rather lamely, then it just hit him what Shirley was saying to him a minute ago. "Why do we have to go take to Molly? I mean yeah the chick is evil but I don't think that she would team up with a bunch of vampires." Without answering Shirley grabbed his sleeve and started pulling him in Molly's direction. Bo was about to protest when she stopped abruptly and linked her elbow with his. Leaning in so she could be heard over the music, she told Bo the reason she wanted to speak to Molly.

"Bo, do you see that necklace Molly is wearing." Bo didn't answer right away; her nearness was distracting him for some reason. Snap out of it Sawchuck he scolded himself harshly. This is Shirley we are talking about, a friend who I have absolutely no interest in as girlfriend material.

"Umm.yeah," he finally managed to answer.

"Well what you are looking it is possibly the countess of Morcar's blue carbuncle. A stone that has been lost for over one hundred years. It could be a representation made out of sapphire but the color is wrong. That is why I have to get a closer look." She started pulling him along again until they finally reached Molly. She was busy bragging to her admires and had yet to notice Shirley and Bo.

"...and so Daddy presented this to me in honor of winning." Molly's voice was temporally drowned out by the music. ".he said it belonged."

"to the Countess of Morcar," Shirley finished causing Molly to whirl around and face her. The tall, elegant, blonde narrowed her eyes in a death glare at the sight of her nemesis.

"Holmes," she managed to say somewhat civilly. It just wouldn't do to show her fan club her true nature, a nature that Shirley was all too familiar with.

"That is an interesting piece Molly. It has quite a sinister history. Found in the banks of the Amoy River in southern China. The only one of it kind since carbuncle's are normally ruby red. Before it disappeared it was the focus of two murders, a vitriol throwing, a suicide, and several robberies. How did you find it Molly," Shirley questioned, narrowing her own remarkable blue eyes into hard slits. She knew by all accounts that that stone could not just be bought for someone as a present. It had been lost for over one hundred years and Shirley wanted to know what Molly was doing with it.

"I don't know what your talking about Holmes, it was a gift from my father," she said with a dismissive wave of her hand. The two girls locked glares, communicating more with looks then with words. Shirley's eyes told Molly that she knew she was lying and that she was going to find out everything. Molly's eyes held a warning that Shirley better not interfere.or else. With an inclination of her head she accepted Molly's challenge and turned to walk away. Bo just stood there for a moment, knowing he had missed something, he then just shrugged his shoulders and walked away, following Shirley. Once they were out of earshot he grabbed the junior detective's hand causing her to spin around in surprise. He then pulled her over to a corner where they could talk.

"What was that all about Shirl," he asked leaning in close. Shirley blinked a few times, at first not registering what he said. She finally grasped the question she gave herself a mental scolding.

"Molly was warning me not to interfere. She was lying Bo, about were she got the stone. And there is something that I need to show you before we continue this investigation. But first I need my hand back," she said grinning. Bo looked down and saw that he was still holding Shirley's hand. Blushing a little he released her. She smiled again and turned to sneak out of the back entrance.

"Shirley what is so special about that stone," he asked her retreating back. The junior detective just sighed and spun around to face her friend.

"I don't know the whole story, but I do know that I have to find out. What I have to show you at my house will explain it better. Come on let's go." She started off towards the door. With an exasperated sigh he followed her. It was going to be a long night.

In a deserted warehouse on the seedier side of Redington, three well-dressed Englishman sat around a broken crate smoking cigars and drinking bourbon. The scene was almost laughable, with them lounging about as if they were in a prestigious gentleman's club instead of in a run down, thoroughly deserted warehouse. The conversation, however, was not what one would expect from the scene.

"So Thomas." The medium built gentleman of thirty or so addressed the older more portly gentleman to his right. "Just how do we plan to rid ourselves of the council's.little problem."

"I don't rightly know at the moment Henry," he replied while preparing another cigar. The third gentleman who had yet to speak just narrowed his eyes at his companions.

"Well while you two were out playing the men about town I got news from one of our spies in Sunnydale that our 'little problem' is about to turn into a big one." Thomas turned toward the man with a glare of his own.

"William I fail to see why you consider that news as increasing our problem tenfold." Thomas sneered at his companion, whose flush of anger seemed barely controlled.

"You forget that she is no longer under our control. She is as unpredictable as the other one, perhaps more so. The only thing that is keeping her alive is that she does her duty, but even then the council will soon lose patience. I think we should save them the trouble."

"Well it's a good thing you are not paid to think, now isn't it old chap," Henry replied. He poured himself a drink and gave William a gentlemanly glare. William in the, meantime, was awash with barely controlled anger. "I'm right about this, and you are going to regret not heeding my words." William stood up cast one more warning look at his companions, and stomped away.

"We'll see old bean," Thomas said and started to laugh. William could only think, "Go ahead and laugh old man, we shall see who has the last one. Yes, we shall, indeed see.

In the hole in the wall bar in the heart of the less desirable part of the city a loud crashing sound could be heard. Suddenly a large leather clad man came flying through a window, shattering it into a thousand pieces; the loud thud of flesh hitting concrete reverberated into the night. With a disgusted look on her face the small brunette who had thrown him through the window stepped over the ragged, broken glass to stand on the sidewalk outside. "This place is becoming a real snorefest, real fast," she thought as she watched the rest of the men scurrying to get out of her way. With a disgusted sigh she started walking away, looking for something else to do. She had only gone a few blocks when a cultured voice from behind her stopped her in her tracks.

"That was very impressive," an impeccably dressed, slightly balding man said. Faith turned and glared at the stranger.

"I'm in a really bad mood right now, poindexter. Why don't you get lost," she growled.

The stranger just smiled. "I have a proposition for you young lady," he replied with a confident smile. Faith just narrowed her eyes, and in a flash she had the man's throat in her hand, and slammed him against the side of a nearby building, holding him there.

"Listen Mr. I like to stalk young girls at night. I'm not interested in you proposition."

"Not even if it means getting the power you have always wanted," the man said while struggling to breathe. Faith abruptly let him go. With a shrug of her shoulders she said flippantly. "You have one minute."

"My.employer Mr. Y would like you to work for him. He has a variety of interests and as of late it is showing some of the vampires that have a mutual deal with him that it would be in their best interests to concede fully with his wishes."

"What is in it for me," she asked while nonchalantly studying her nails.

"Well accommodations to start, compensation, and of course.the untimely demise of an old friend of yours." He replied while brushing himself off. With a raise of her eyebrow she asked.

"B had already found me? I have to give the girl points for persistence." She was grinning.

"Are the terms agreeable to you then." Faith just gave him a measured look.

"Five by five," she replied and a grin engulfed her features. "Yep," she thought, "this place really wasn't turning out half bad after all."

Shirley and Bo arrived at the darkened Holmes residence at about nine thirty. The dance still had about another hour or so. Bo knew that they had to be quick. He was suppose to be picked up by his parents in front of the school when the dance ended and Shirley had to be back in the dorm rooms of Sussex or else Mr. Holmes and Ms. Strattman would be having a conversation in the headmistress's office come next week. The house was quiet as Shirley and Bo entered from the back. She quickly made her way to the attic were her lab was located with her best friend hot on her heels. Turning on the light Shirley had about one second for her eyes to adjust to the sudden brightness before a hand clamped down over her mouth and strong arms grabbed her from behind. Her blue eyes widened in fear and she was just about to sink her teeth into the hand that silenced her when a familiar voice in her ear stopped her.

"You know it's not good to leave teeth marks in friends." Shirley was abruptly let go and she whirled around in surprise. Bo's own mouth had fallen in shock as he gazed upon there uninvited but very welcome guest.

"Buffy," Shirley croaked in shock. ""

"I think what Shirley means is how are you and what are you doing here," Bo said grinning. Shirley glared at him and gave him a weak punch in the arm. The Slayer in the, meantime, was smiling and a speculative gleam had entered her blue eyes.

"So." she began innocently with a look at their evening attire, "How was your date?" Looking at Shirley, Buffy had to resist the urge to chuckle. "If Cordy saw that dress," she thought, "Shirley would be whisked away as a fashion disaster so fast her head would spin." Buffy on the other hand felt that it suited the teenager's personality perfectly. In response to Buffy's question Shirley glared. "WE were NOT on a date," she replied firmly. The Slayer's grin got bigger.

"Whatever." Suddenly serious Buffy fixed troubled eyes on the two teenagers. "I wish this were a for fun type visit but.

"I know.the vampires that are coming to Redington," Shirley finished. She was surprised when a puzzled look entered the Slayer's eyes.

"Vampires?" The shock the junior detective heard in the Buffy's voice was definitely real. It left her to speculate about what else could bring her here all the way from Sunnydale.

"You mean your not here because of the vampires?" Bo questioned very confused and voicing Shirley's own question.

"No, I'm here because of Faith," she replied distractedly. Buffy felt a chill of foreboding travel up her spin, because she knew that Redington had no supernatural significance whatsoever. She also knew that it wasn't developing any, not to mention the fact that this place was a far cry from the normal vampy vacation spots. They tended to go places that were larger, with more young people.or more accurately more accessible food. It just didn't make sense for the sunlight impaired to be risking the trip all the way from Sunnyhell to come here.

"Faith?" Bo questioned. This brought the Slayer's attention back to the teenagers.

"Yeah she is." Buffy started to say but was cut off.

".a Slayer," Shirley finished knowingly. Buffy just shot the teenager a questioning glance.

"The vampire ash I found in the train yards, it appeared that a fight had taken place now I'm sure of it, and only a Slayer could have defeated two vampires at once." Buffy sighed; she was never going to get use to Shirley and her uncanny ability to find trouble.

"But I thought you were the only Slayer?" Bo queried again. Now truly puzzled, but before Buffy could explain Shirley beat her to it.

"Buffy was killed and then resuscitated.probably with CPR. This would have given rise to a second Slayer being called." The junior detective knew that this is the only way such a phenomenon could take place.

"Does her knowing everything ever get annoying?" Buffy asked Bo with a teasing lit to her voice. She shared a conspirital wink with the boy, causing him to grin.

"All the time," he said knowingly. Shirley just glared at both of them and without another word went over to her great granduncle's chest and withdrew an old, time worn piece of paper.

"I found this when I was twelve, and finally figured out how to open my great granduncle's chest. I just haven't been able to figure it out. At first I thought it was a code of some kind disguised as a riddle.but now." Shirley started reading from the paper.

When centuries past, call to centuries known
An evil will rise for vengeance earned
In liquid blue residing
To claim the kin of his captors
Power and intellect together again.
To trap a monster, the thief of innocence
In ruby red blood, his story is told.
From days long past, to streets of old.
In dark of night he comes again.
A vessel chosen
Too paint the night with blood red hughs.
Only two can stand, only one can trap
In the ice that should have burned like fire
And once again will the evil reside
In ice that holds it's shape forever.
Beware the talisman with ice adorned
If joined by evil, the demon returns.
The vessel becomes the creature of old
And the streets will run red with blood.
Then finished his gruesome work he does
The ends from the mean, the destroyer comes
Brought forth from sacrifices, three remain undone
When eight the count in blood will reach
Then the gates of hell the blood will breach
And death on a pale horse comes over the land
And demons will rule the earth again

"It's a prophecy," Buffy said almost to herself. Shirley's head shot up and she regarded the Slayer.

"Yes, that's what I was thinking. I know that the ice that should have burned like fire is the countess of Morcar's blue carbuncle. The are usually fire." Twin lines of concentration crinkled the Slayer's forehead. She didn't like the implications of this, not one bit.

"Then I have two problems this prophecy and Faith," Buffy said gravely.

"You mean we have two problems," Shirley corrected innocently. The Slayer opened her mouth to protest but Bo jumped in with another question before she could.

"You still haven't explained why Faith is a problem?" Bo questioned the Slayer. Buffy just gave a weary sigh, and found a relatively safe place to sit down. A smile quirked her full lips. She had never seen an attic that was filled with more unusual items than this one was. Forcing her thoughts back to Faith, she began to tell them the story.

"Faith wasn't the first Slayer to be called after my greatly over exaggerated demise. Kendra was, but she was killed by a vampire. Faith came on the Sunnydale slayage scene about a year ago. To make a long story short, she started liking the power we have as Slayers too much, killed a human, and went renegade on us by joining up with the mayor.who was really a demon boy formally known as the mayor. Her and I fought, she ended up as coma girl, at graduation the class of ninety-nine stopped the accession by blowing up the school with demon boy in it.and so here we are." There was more to the story but Buffy knew that they didn't have enough time to go into all of it, and besides that it would have taken her into Angel territory. It was a frontier that she didn't want to explore, much less think about.

"Ok so what do we do," Bo asked Buffy, but it was Shirley who answered.

"We find Faith and then we find out what the rest of this prophecy means." Her cool blue gaze met the Slayer's and Buffy scowled at the girl. "I'm never going to get use to the intelligence behind those eyes," Buffy thought suddenly.

"Sorry detective girl but there is no we in this equation. I'm going to find Faith and I'm going to stop the prophecy, while you continue to live out your teenage years doing quasi-normal teenage type things." There was no way she was going to let these two get involved in something like this again. The only reason she came over here tonight was to warn them to stay out the way. She thought that maybe if Shirley knew she was on the case the teenager would lay off. Obviously she thought wrong.

"But you're going to need my.our help Buffy. Besides I have been studying up on vampires and the ways to kill them," Shirley replied in an offhanded, innocent way.

"No way Sherlock," she replied in a tone that booked no arguments. "You will be fighting vampires the day Cordelia is voted Ms. Congeniality" Bo snickered at the put out look on the junior detective's face, Shirley just glared, and the Slayer gave them both a hard, no nonsense look. Finally Shirley broke eye contact with the Slayer and sighed, signaling the end of their battle of wills. Buffy knew, however, that she had probably only won the battle, and not the war. The war would be a long drawn out thing were Shirley was concerned.

"All right I won't look for Faith," the detective conceded in a false defeated tone. But she had never promised not to look deeper into the prophecy or Molly's apparent connection too it. It took all of her considerable control to give Buffy a bland look, she knew that the Slayer wasn't fooled for a minute, knew that Buffy knew she wasn't going to just stay out of it. The Slayer, however, did sigh and concede her agreement. To Buffy's way of thinking, as long as Shirley was staying away from Faith, then she couldn't get involved too much. That was why when Shirley offered to show Buffy the train yards were she had found the dust, she agreed to let her. She figured the more that she could supervise the two teens the less trouble they were going to get in too. The Slayer and the two detectives left the house and started in the direction of the train yards. Suddenly Bo stopped and grabbed Shirley's arm. It was Bo's staying hand holding on to her that had Shirley whirling around in annoyance.

"Um Shirl, aren't you forgetting something. Like the fact that we have to be back at the school in less than a half an hour or face the wrath of Ms. Strattman." Truthfully she hadn't remembered, all her energies were focused on finding evidence of Faith at the train yards. With a sigh Shirley conceded and turned to Buffy.

"He's right I can't go tonight, not with Ms Strattman on the warpath just waiting for the excuse to put me under dorm arrest," she replied sullenly. The Slayer shared a sympathetic grimace but deep down inside she was pleased. Still the remark reminded her of the way Principal Synder had always been on her case while she was in high school. She did, however, feel bad that he ended up as demon chow, it was not a pretty way to go.

"It's all right, I have my own ways of finding Faith," Seeing the look on the Slayer's face the junior detective decided that she didn't want to know Buffy's methods of information gathering. "I promise to met you at the school tomorrow to tell you what I found out, but tonight if you don't mind, I'm going to crash on your sofa." The Slayer directed this last request to Shirley who nodded her head in agreement. With on last goodbye and forced promise from the teens to stay out of her way the slayer watched them go. A chill of foreboding traveled up her spine. Her spidey sense was tingling and she had a feeling that this was going to be more dangerous than just having to deal with Faith. Shrugging off her unease, Buffy started walking away. She didn't notice the iridescent young woman watching her leave with a scar on her neck that stretched from ear to ear.

The Case of the Misplaced Killer : Part 3

Night had fallen on Sussex Academy with the chilling hand of fate laid upon the students with-in. Inside her dorm room Molly Hardy sat at her computer using her alter ego Y to do what she did bestcause trouble. She had heard the stories of the Blue Carbuncle being lost in a little seaside town called Sunnydale, but she had never really paid that much attention to them until an unknown gentleman sent her an encoded e-mail regarding the amulet of Zoa Mao. Mao was a little known Chinese prophet that had a small cult following in the more rural parts of China. Much of what they did was in secret, until on day a warrior named Ishanka killed Mao and scattered the two pieces of his amulet to the four winds. Molly put together the rest of the story through bits and pieces of legend and history. This story was the reason she had gone to an exorbitant amount of trouble to obtain the blue carbuncle from an art dealer that specialized in, shall we say, impossible to find items. She new that whoever held the amulet intact could wield great sway over the minds of people. The little sociopath had decided that she not only wanted that power but also deserved it. To her people were sheep, to be lead around by their noses by the more intelligent members of society. And that power would be in her grasp nowif it weren't for the fact that her contact had decided that he wanted more money. Molly was seething; no one defied her and got away with it. So she had carefully laid her plans, she knew who the gentleman was and what she had to do to get the Amulet from him. "He should have stayed in Sunnydale," she thought nastily to herself. Logging into a little known chat room Molly made contact with the procurer of her vengeance.

Y: Have my terms been presented to you?

SlayerGrl: What's the deal with the web head cyber thing? Get disfigured in an accident?

Y: Either accept my terms or not, either with or with out you I will get what I want.

SlayerGrl: I like the apartment by the wayvery chic. It's almost as nice as my old onestill I am putting my life on the line here. Why don't you tell me why?

Molly scowled at the computer screen in annoyance. She knew that her little accomplice was fond of games, and generally a royal pain in the butt. But nothing had prepared her for this.

Y: You are on a need to know basis, and you know all you need to. Besides vampires are nothing you haven't handled before.

SlayerGrl: All right but I have a little demand of my own. SayI get you this rusted piece of scrap metal from your less than enthusiastic colleagues. I'm guessing that it must pack some pretty powerful stuff. I want you to take care of a little goody two shoes clone problem that I'm having.

Y: You want the Slayer.

SlayerGrl: I AM THE SLAYER. I want B's head on a stick. I want her to know what it feels like to have a knife stuck in her gut. I want her to suffer.

Y: If I get what I want. You will get what you want. Are we agreed?

SlayerGrl: Five by five

Molly grinned and then logged off. It was turning into a good night after all. Then she remembered her other little problem. She should have known that meddlesome little do-gooder Holmes was going to stick her nose into her business. "But this time," she thought to herself, "This time I'll be ready for you Holmes. Your detective days are numbered." Molly savored this thought, relishing having Shirley as a mindless servant. In her preoccupied state she didn't notice the stone around her neck start to glow, nor the fine mist that arose from with-in it, circling her.

Buffy Summers walked the streets of Redington with Mr. Pointy safely tucked away in the pocket of her black leather, patrolling jacket. The one angel had given her when they first met. Shirley may have had constraints placed upon her but Buffy had no such problem. So the Slayer had decided that since Shirley was finding vampire evidence then maybe she should patrol just in case. She was just passing an apartment building on the junior detective's side of town when she saw a familiar figure come out the front doors. She quickly ducked back into the shadows and watched Faith as she headed off into the night toward the less prestigious part of Redington. Buffy waited a little and then followed her, she had gone maybe two blocks when a hand shot out of an alley and pulled her into the shadows. Breaking free of the hold Buffy turned and was face to face with Faith's crazed brown eyes.

"You're getting sloppy B. It's gonna get you killed one day," the renegade Slayer sneered at her other half. Buffy just regarded her cautiously, keeping her guard up.

"I came here to warn you Faith. The council is here looking for you," Buffy said in a slow measured tone. Faith just gave a mirthless laugh.

"What's this B, your noble, stick-in-the-mud part making an appearance. Spare me the drama, I know youwhat's the matter Riley not like you now that it isn't me in your body." The Slayer's eyes filled with rage, the urge to make her eat those words bubbling to the surface, just as suddenly she calmed herself down. She was not going to let Faith get to her.

"You can't fool me Faith. I was there rememberin the church. You didn't have to go save those peopleyou could have left town, safe from the council, from Giles, safe from medoing anything you wanted to in my body. But you didn't.' It was Faith's turn to look uncomfortable. Her face then took on a sneer to hide it, and she smiled a crazy, wicked smile.

"What's this Btake a few Psychology courses little miss college girl and you suddenly think you understand me." Faith replied lightly and then her voice got hard. "No one understands me B. Especially not an uptight little schoolgirl like you." Buffy had relaxed her guard and before she knew it Faith had landed a staggering punch to her face. She fell back into the wall recovered and blocked the next three blows. Wild punches and deadly kicks flew back and forth between the two girls. Both had the lightening fast reflexes and the supernatural strength common among Slayers, so the fight was evenly matched. Finally Faith over compensated on a punch and Buffy landed a powerful blow to the renegade's midriff that sent her flying back into some crates. Flipping back into a fighting stance she was about to attack Buffy again when the heavy beam of a flashlight hit her. Shielding herself from the glare she could barely make the silhouettes of three rather large gentleman.

"Faith it's the councilRunNow!" Buffy shouted the warning while running toward the gentlemen. Faith heard the warning and watched, as the scene seemed to unfold in front of her in slow motion. Buffy was running toward the menthey were leveling guns at Faith were she stood frozen, and then Buffy reaching the first two kicking the guns out of their hands and grabbing the arm of the lead gentleman, causing the bullet to strike somewhere to Faith's right. The renegade Slayer flinched and then shot confused brown eyes to Buffy. "B just saved me," she thought not really understanding it. Shaking, Faith broke for the alley at a run and disappeared into the night. Buffy took a couple of seconds to knock out the remaining gun toting Englishman before giving chase. When she broke through to the other side the street was empty and Faith was no where to be seen.

The morning sun brought with it a beautiful day and a dawning nightmare. Shirley had been up since before sunrise, as was her custom, and had made a horrific discovery. She sat trembling by the lockers, just out of sight, as the paramedics and the police invaded the halls of Sussex. She watched transfixed as one of the first response technicians pulled the white sheet over the unseeing eyes of the dead girl. Shirley had already seen all she wanted too, she knew that the girl's throat had been cut and some of her lower organs removed in an almost surgical fashion. She had been on her way to find the daily newspaper, before Ms. Strattman had got her hands on it, when she had almost slipped on a wet substance that was on the floor. Looking down she had realized it was blood, and then she had seen herthe foreign exchange student that had been at Sussex for less than a week. Despite all of her detective training she hadn't been able to stomach the sight. Shirley had barely managed to make it to the bathroom were she had proceeded to emptied the meager contents of her stomach in offering to the porcelain throne. After she had recovered sufficiently the junior detective had washed the blood off her feet and made an anonymous call to the Redington P.D. That is why Shirley was now watching the proceedings silently, making sure no one knew she was there. After they wheeled the body away, she slunk away from the locker she was hiding behind and went back to her room. It was still early and the rest of the school was still asleep. Shirley knew that the police would be looking for the one who left the bloody footprints to the bathroom, that is why she knew she had to pretend to wake-up when everyone else did, so Inspector Markie wouldn't suspect her. Trembling, the teenager slipped quietly into her and Alicia's shared room, being careful not to wake the little Italian up. Discarding her robe in it's normal spot she forced herself to calm down and climb into bed. She didn't even question her intense desire to call Bo, she just knew that she wanted her best friend with her right now, and she had strong plans to call him as soon as she could do so safely. For now she just used that force of will that had aided her through so much in her life and forced back the tears that were threatening to stain her pillow. "I can do this," she thought forcefully, "I have no choice." With these thoughts in her head Shirley closed her eyes and settled in to wait. She just hoped that it wouldn't be too long.

It was a slightly more composed Shirley that met Bo outside of Sussex Academy a little later in the morning. He was about to question her when she put a finger to her lips and motioned for silence. Without a word the junior detective took her best friends arm and dragged him to a more seclude spot. When she was sure she was safe from prying eyes, Shriley turned to Bo and did a most unexpected thing. She practically tackled her best friend, throwing her arms around him, and held on for dear life. Bo's arms instinctively went around her as she buried her face into his shoulder. She was trembling almost uncontrollably now. With gently comforting hands, he started to stroke her hair in a soothing fashion.

"Aww Shirl, you saw the body," he said understanding his friend's distress now. He felt her head nod "Yes" almost imperceptibly where she had rested it on his shoulder. When he first heard about the murder at Sussex on the radio and the fact that the police were looking for the person who made the anonymous phone call, he prayed that it hadn't been Shirley. Looks like it was another of many prayers that hadn't been answered. For a few minutes Shirley stayed in Bo's arms, seeking comfort, but finally she reluctantly pulled away. Wiping her eyes she realized with a start that she had been crying. She hardly ever cried and it was enough to cause her acute embarrassment. With an inner strength of will that few people possessed she pulled herself together, looked her best friend in the eye, and said.

"Bo we have to find out who did this." Bo just gave a tired sigh, he should have known she wouldn't let something like this just drop. He just nodded his head in weary agreement. Shirley sighed, she was glad Bo wasn't going to fight her on thisshe wasn't sure she would have the strength to argue with him is he did.

"Do you think it is connected to the vampires and Buffy," he asked. Shirley puzzled over it for a minute, thinking over the prophecy they had found and the evidence thus far. Then she forced herself to think of the body in a non-emotional manner. With a dawning horror her deep blue eyes widened. She had just remembered why the way that girl had been killed seemed familiar to her.

"Bo, we have to find Buffyright now." Before he could comment Shirley took off in the direction of her house, he just shrugged his shoulders and followed.

Buffy had been fast asleep on Shirley's living room couch when the front door burst open. Reacting on instinct the lithe Slayer shot into a fighter's stance, but relaxed when she saw that it was only Bo and Shirley.

"Haven't you ever heard of knocking," she grumbled, not quite awake yet. Shirley just gave the cranky Slayer the first amused look she had worn in hours.

"This is my house," she reminded the Slayer. Buffy yawned but still didn't look happy. "Oh...yeahforgot," she mumbled. Shirley's amused expression only lasted a moment.

"We have a problem," she said gravely. "Isn't that suppose to be my line," the Slayer teased and grinned. The junior detective didn't even a crack a smile. "Tough crowd," Buffy said under her breath when Shirley started toward her attic lab. Buffy and Bo followed her. With out missing a beat Shirley went to the shelf and pulled down two leather bound volumes. One was a true crime dictionary the other was a collection of Sherlock Holmes stories. Throwing the Holmes stories to Bo she instructed him to look up one called the adventure of the blue Carbuncle. She in the meantime found what she was looking for in the other book, scanned the text quickly, and then raised grave eyes to Buffy.

"I think I know what the prophecy is telling us," she replied steadily. "This morning a girl waskilled in Sussexmurdered." Shirley repressed the shudder that ran down her spine. The detective had a sinking feeling that she was going to see that girl in her nightmares many months down the road. Once again under control she continued. "Her injures fit only one pattern, that of Jack the Ripper. He would kill his victims by cutting their throats and the removing key organs from their bodies." Buffy's eyes had widened. The Slayer knew that Shirley wouldn't be saying this unless she had strong evidence to support it as fact.

"But how is a one hundred and something, baddie killing people today? He would have to be a vampor a demon." Buffy said answering her own question. Shirley nodded her head.

"Exactly, what if he is just that a Demon and he stopped killing because someone trapped him somewhere"

"like the Blue Carbuncle," Buffy finished, comprehension dawning on her. "But how did he kill the girl this morning if he is trapped in the stone?" Shirley shuddered at the obvious answer. "He used a vessel like the prophecy said" She trailed off. Bo looked up from the book and shot a startled glance at Shirley. "But that means" Shirley's eyes conveyed the message that Bo was thinking the same thing she was. "Molly," the said together. Buffy's eyes just took on a puzzled look. "Who's Molly," she asked. Before Shirley could answer, Bo shifted in is seat and an old shaft of folded papers fell out of the book. Three pairs of blue eyes were riveted to them and finally Bo bent down and picked them up. Shirley and Buffy joined him and looked over his shoulder so they could see what he had found. They were old journal pages.

From the Journal of Sherlock Holmes

I usually leave the documentation of my more famous cases to Watson since he does enjoy it so, even if he does have a tendency to over dramatize what is, most of the time, a matter of simply deduction. But Watson was not with me this evening as he has been on so many of my other cases, and I am glad of it. This is a grave matter that I put forth on paper, one that I myself would not believe had I not seen it. I also was not able to find evidence to suggest that what I have done this evening was impossible. A few weeks ago I met a most remarkable woman, she is called Adrianna Summers and she is a vampire Slayer. Being the skeptic that I am, I looked into this matter thoroughly, having first stumbled upon the signs of a supernatural world that co-exists with our own. It was this inquiry that drew me into a case the likes of which I hope never to see again. It involved a man known as Jack the Ripper of should I say more accurately the Demon Chriokota. In China during the fourth dynasty a man by the name of Mao became a priest in worship to Chriokota. It was a secret society and in exchange for his loyalty Mao was given a stone, a precious stone that I once recovered from a thief only to steal back for tonight's escapade. Adrianna and I confronted Jack and were able to trap the Demon with-in the stonebut our victory came with a price. Jack took one last victim with him before becoming trapped in the carbuncle. He took Adrianna, the Slayer, leaving me with a hole in my heart that will never be filled. So I write this in the hope that someone of my line will survive, the same as I do with the letter in my puzzle chest. I also know that if my descendant is reading this, then he has followed in my footsteps, a matter that fills me with no end of pride. I warn him that Chriokota is not done with his work, for his plans were more sinister than just a few gruesome murders. All the answers are contained in the prophecy and to the one I know will come, a young man of good imagination, I bid you this warning. Heed it well.

There was a moment of complete silence as the trio digested what they had just read. Shirley was the first to speak.

"You know what this means don't you," Shirley said with a look to Buffy. The Slayer just threw her a puzzled glance, as did Bo.

"When eight the count in blood will reach. Then the gates of hell the blood will breach," Shirley quoted from the prophecy she had memorized. "In 1888 Jack the Ripper officially took the lives of five people and now according to my great granduncle it was really six. He killed one here last night"

"which makes seven," Bo finished for her catching on.

"Which means that we have to stop Molly or the demon that is controlling Molly from killing again," Shirley replied. She tried to suppress the shiver, but deep down she was haunted by the fact that Molly was the vessel being used to kill innocent people. Despite their differences Shirley would have never wished something like this on her.

"How do I find her?" Buffy questioned the teenagers since she knew that they knew this girl's habits.

"She should be back at the dorms holding court," Bo offered.

"All right you two stay here I'll go find herand stop her," Buffy replied and headed down the stairs, but Shirley's voice froze her.

"We're coming with you Buffy," Shirley said calmly. Spinning around abruptly the Slayer faced the teenager. "No you're not," she replied with fire in her eyes. With a sigh Shirley went to the shelf were she had placed the prophecy and put it in the Slayer's hand. "It says he is after the kin of his captors Buffy Summers," she emphasized Buffy's last name and the Slayer shot stunned eyes to hers. "Adrianna Summers," Buffy said softly the light of understanding flashing on in her brain. It still took the Slayer a minute to digest this knowledge. To think another from the Summers line was a Slayer. This was going to give her a lot of questions to ask Giles when she got back to Sunnydale she thought abruptly. Buffy was lost in speculation of the implications this knowledge created when Shirley's voice brusquely dragged her back to the topic at hand. "And Sherlock Holmes," Shirley added knowingly. Buffy's grave blue eyes met the detective's. They both knew in that instant that they were the only ones that could stop this demon, Buffy and Shirley only hoped that they weren't too late.

The Case of the Misplaced Killer : Conclusion

Molly Hardy paced back and forth on the stage of the assembly auditorium inside Sussex Academy. The sun had just started to set and she was mumbling impatiently. Faith should have been there by now with the Mao's amulet. The little sociopath couldn't put her finger on it but something was making her uneasy, especially when her thoughts drifted back to the girl who had been killed this morning. She was confused by the fact that she had any feelings on the matter at all. She hadn't known the murdered exchange student, and she had been asleep when she had been killed. Suddenly a terrible pain flashed through the blonde teenager's brow, in the form of a massive headache. She dropped to her knees on the stage holding her head in her hands and willing the pain to stop. The intense agony finally stopped when her thought drifted away from this morning's happenings, becoming a slight throb. That was when the sound of a footfall made itself known behind Molly, she whirled and came face to face with Faith. The teenage sociopath smiled in pleasure as she noticed the gleaming round disk in the renegade Slayer's hand.

"Well, isn't this a nice surprise," Molly replied smiling. Faith just gave her a menacing look.

"Look rug rat, I think you had better find a different place to meet your boyfriend before I relocate you," the renegade slayer growled. She wasn't expecting Y to be a teenage girl that looked more at home in a prestigious drawing room than putting together elaborate back room deals.

"Now is that any way to talk to the person who is paying your salary," Molly quipped and stood up gracefully to face Faith. The Slayer's eyes widened.

"You've got to be kidding me," she replied, the derision heavy in her tone, "your Y, you look like a snotty stuck up little rich kid who just played a game that is going to get her hurt." Molly didn't even flinch at Faith's attempt to intimidate her, she just smiled.

"Well, you look like a hooker that has been, what's that expression, ridden hard and then put away but appearances can be deceiving." Faith was glaring at Molly, trying to decide how she wanted to kill her. Molly just continued to smile.

"I know the truth hurts some time, but my dear Faith you aren't a woman of questionable morals you are the Slayer. Now I know that your trying to decide if you want to kill me and walk away, but just to let you know, I have ways of finding people who want to disappear, and right now I have my computer rigged to tell the watcher's council exactly were you are at any given point in time. With me gone you will be looking over your shoulder constantly always wondering, but with my protection" she let her voice trail off."

"You don't scare me, princess Grace," Faith replied with a bravado she didn't really feel. Her instincts were telling her that Molly could do just what she said she could do, and Faith wasn't ready to give the council the satisfaction of her death. Molly could see this in the renegade's eyes and smiled knowingly.

"Of course I do, because deep down those slayer instincts of yours are telling you that I don't bluff. You all people should understand me Faith, you have this superior strength and cunning, and you know it is to be the controller not the controlled. I have found the same thing to be true in my case. People are puppets, looking for the one who holds the stringsˇand if they looked close enoughˇthey would find me." She was ginning in amusement. Then her mood vanished and she turned abruptly to face Faith.

"And now I would like my amulet," she said holding out her hand. Faith eyed her own hand and the metal clutched with-in it uncertainly. She was getting a really bad vibe from Molly, one that had little to do with the sociopath and a lot to do with the supernatural nastiness that she was residing in the stone around her neck.

"I don't" Faith was cut off by the doors of the auditorium crashing open. Both Faith's and Molly's heads swung toward the sound taking in the sight of Buffy with Shirley and Bo flanking her.

"FAITH NO!" Buffy screamed. "DON'T!" Just then the blue stone that Molly wore around her neck started to glow brightly and Molly's eyes flashed with eerie red iridescence. The deep gravelly voice that came out of the blonde's mouth was not her own.

"You are too late Slayer, the vessel has been chosen, and only one sacrifice remains." The creature inside Molly bellowed. Faith's eyes had taken on a stunned look and she started to back away. The movement caught the eye of Chriokota, the demon that now controlled Molly Hardy's body, and he advanced on the renegade Slayer.

"Faith throw me the amulet," a teenager's voice off to the renegades left cried urgently. Turning her head she saw the boy that had come in behind Buffy and making a hasty decision she threw the gleaming disk to him. She then turned to face the possessed Molly with fire in her eyes.

"You picked the wrong day to piss me off," she said before landing a nasty kick to the demons face. Chriokota staggered back, blood pouring forth from the broken nose of his vessel. Faith was about to strike again when she was tackled from behind and thrown to the floor.

"We can't attack him like this, we will end up killing the girl," Buffy said releasing Faith. The renegade Slayer scowled at Buffy, but then nodded her consent. The both stood up side by side, ready to take on the demon, but Chriokota had other ideas. Molly's left hand morphed into a bright shinning blade and an evil demonic grin crossed her features. She was heading over to were Shirley and Bo now stood together.

"Shirley! Bo! Run!" Buffy cried out in warning. Bo grabbed Shirley's arm and tried to drag her away with him but the junior detective had a thoughtful look on her face as the demon approached them. Without warning she ripped the amulet out of Bo's hands and ran for the back of the auditorium. The demon shifted its focus and veered after Shirley. As she was running Shirley screamed out what she had just realized.

"Buffy it's the amulet. We can't let him get it, if he does he will be able to stay inside Molly permanently, and we have to get the stone from around Molly's neck, it's the only way to trap him again." She was saying this over her shoulder and wasn't watching were she was going. That is why her foot caught the end of one the rows causing her to trip and hit the ground with a thud. Shirley watched helplessly as the amulet slipped from her fingers on impact and skidded across the floor under a nearby row of chairs. At the same time the demon had reached Shirley and with an evil smile, lifted it's bladed hand above its head, positioning the business end over Shirley's heart. The demon was just about to run her through with the blade, when a flash of brown hair tackled him from behind. Faith and Chriokota went down together rolling on carpeted floor between the aisles. Regaining the upper hand the demon managed to get a hold of the renegade slayer's throat and lifted her bodily above his head. Faith screamed in pain when she felt the bladed hand pierce her side. She was then thrown across the auditorium only to land on the stage in an unconscious heap, blood flowing freely from her injured side. Buffy, in the meantime had run over to were Shirley had fallen, as had Bo, and both were now standing in a protective stance in front of the junior detective. The demon turned to them and spoke.

"I have waited for this day for over one hundred years," he said harshly. "The day when the ancestors of the great Sherlock Holmes and the Slayer would stand before me trembling." Chriokota was taunting them and it had its desired affect on Buffy, in rage the Slayer attacked, blow after blow, being blocked. Finally she landed a punch to the demon's midriff only to draw back in horror of what she had done. She had felt the girl's ribs crack under her fist and she started to shake in revulsion. The Slayer knew that she could defeat Chriokota in this form, but only at the expense of Molly's life. It was a price she wasn't willing to pay. Sensing her withdrawal the demon smiled and took advantage of her lapse by grabbing her by the throat as he had done Faith, and hauling her off the ground.

"Your ancestor Adrianna died by my hand. It seems fitting that her descendant do the same," the demon said. He started to draw his left bladed hand toward the slayer's throat. It was Shirley's voice that stopped him.

"If she dies, I break it," the junior detective warned. She had recovered the amulet and now stood poised over it with a hammer, ready to smash it into a thousand pieces. Bo had retrieved the hammer from a pile of workman's tools that had been left out by mistake. The demon's hand stayed and burning, red, hate filled eyes fixed on the blue eyed teenager. With his gazed focused on Shirley, the demon failed to notice Bo as he silently flanked him.

"It seems we are at an impasse," the monster inside Molly said softly. Shirley just fixed her cool level glare on his. "So it would seem," she replied. "How about a deal, you give me Buffy, and I give you the amulet."

"No! Shir....." Buffy started to say but the tightening of the demon's hand around her throat cut her off. The Slayer was now gasping for breath, desperately struggling to draw air into her burning lungs.

"We have a deal Holmes," Chriokota replied, morphing Molly's left hand back into hand shape and holding it out to receive the metal disc. Buffy struggled more franticly, trying to stop the junior detective from giving him the amulet. If she had been paying more attention to the detective she would have realized that the teenager had a plan. Shirley waited until she was close enough to the Demon and yelled.

"Bo now!" From behind Chriokota Bo grabbed the chain that held the carbuncle and ripped it free and, threw it over the demon's head to Shirley, who caught it deftly. The junior detective's first instinct was to kick the demon in the shins and run to draw him away from Buffy, but something in her mind stayed her from that course of action. Without really understanding what she was doing the junior detective quickly placed the stone inside it's place in the amulet and then pressed it to Molly's chest in the vicinity of her heart. The creature screamed in agony, and then dropped the Slayer, who landed on her feet beside Shirley. The junior detective then took hold of Buffy's hand. The instant the detective and the Slayer touched a red mist was forceful drawn out of Molly Hardy's body. The little sociopath collapsed to the floor unconscious.

"No!" Chriokota yelled, his voice slowly fading until he had been completely drawn into the carbuncle. When he was no more Shirley quickly separated the stone and the amulet, grabbed the hammer and smashed the amulet into a thousand pieces. The stone she gave to Buffy.

"He can't hurt anyone anymore," she said weakly, and then collapsed on the floor in exhaustion. The power of the amulet had drained the teenager considerably. Buffy just barely managed to grab her before she hit the ground and scooped the girl up into her arms. With a start Buffy realized that she had forgotten about Faith. Turning her head toward the stage she looked for her, but only a small pool of blood marked the place were the renegade Slayer had fallen. Faith was gone again. Hearing sirens in the distance the Slayer knew that they were coming toward the school. "Someone must have heard the fight and called the police," she thought.

"Come on Bo let's get out of here before the welcoming committee arrives," she said urgently.

"I'm all for that," he replied and followed Buffy out the side door and into the night. Five minutes later Ms. Strattman and a half dozen police men burst into the auditorium to find a bruised and bloody Molly Hardy. The headmistress knelt down, half-afraid that she was going to find her favorite pupil dead. She gave a sigh of relief when she found a pulse. Slowly Molly stirred; she looked around in confusion at all the police surrounding her.

"What happened?" she said weakly right before losing consciousness again.

Later that evening it was a very concerned Bo that hovered over Shirley Holmes. They were at the Sawchucks' residents were Bo's mom had called Ms. Strattman and told her that Shirley wasn't feeling well and wouldn't be boarding tonight at the school. It was Sunday and both her and Bo had school in the morning. The junior detective had regained conciseness a few minutes ago and her best friend was still anxious about her condition.

"Bo I'm fine," Shirley said, finally exasperated with her friend, "Please go sit down." Bo just grinned at her annoyed tone. If she had the strength to be annoyed with him then she really was going to be all right. Still smiling he perched on the edge of his bed, the one him and Buffy had tucked the junior detective into, and told her with his eyes that this was the farthest away from her that she was going to get him. Shirley just gave an exasperated sigh.

"Buffy can't you drag him bodily over to that chair and tie him to it," she asked, her blue eyes pleading. The slayer just grinned.

"Sorry I don't get involved in lover's spats, they are more dangerous then taking on vampires," Buffy replied mischievously. Both Shirley and Bo glared at her.

"You're not funny," Bo said, trying to keep a strait face.

"There goes my back up career as a comedian then," Buffy quipped, managing to sound thoroughly disappointed. She was relieved that these two were able to joke after that ordeal. It was a skill her friends possessed in spades and she was glad to see that these teenagers were able to handle the knowledge and general supernatural scariness knowing her seemed to bring into people's lives. Still this was the second time they had been dragged into her world. She prayed that it wouldn't happen again.

"Is Molly going to remember," Shirley asked tentatively. Her countenance abruptly turned serious and her eyes held a gravity that no one her age should possess.

"No," Buffy reassured softly, "At least not consciously. She may have some strange nightmares for awhile though." Shirley nodded her head satisfied. It wasn't the most ideal answer but it was better then nothing.

"What are you going to do with the stone," Bo questioned. He knew that after this experience he would never be able to look at a gem the same way again.

"I'm giving it to an old friend," Buffy answered, thinking of Angel in L.A. "He will be able to make sure that it is never found again." The Slayer never thought that she would be glad that Angel was a vampire, but right now it was a blessing in disguise. Holding up the small bit of crystallized carbon, Buffy watched it glitter in the lamplight. She was glad it was over still Faith was still out there. She had a feeling that fate would make sure that her and the renegade slayer would cross paths again.

"So it looks like I owe you one," Buffy said with a smile at Shirley trying to lighten the mood again. She managed to coax a small smile from the detective. "No, I think this makes us even," the teenager said. The Slayer nodded and smiled.

"You know Shirl you never told us what happened," Bo questioned thoughtfully. Shirley's eyes turned introspective. She wasn't really sure that she could explain that.

"For once Bo, I really don't know what happened. It was just like I suddenly knew what to do. It was as if someone was guiding me." Her best friend shot her a queer look at that answer, and then shrugged his shoulders. However she had defeated that demon really didn't matter. He was just glad that Shirley was going to be all right.

Neither Buffy, Bo, nor Shirley saw the figure of a young blonde woman smile at Shirley's words, nor did she reveal herself before disappearing by walking through Bo's bedroom wall into the night. Adrianna Summers smiled, her work was done, it was time to go home.

Somewhere in North Dakota

In a dimly lit boxcar on a freight train heading toward the Midwest, a lone figure sat huddled in a darken corner. The brown-haried, brown-eyed young woman stared with confusion filled eyes at the wall across from her. The wound that the demon had inflicted on the renegade Slayer had healed to a scratch with-in a matter of hours. Faith could feel the rage building inside of her, she knew that things between her and Buffy were not over, not by a long shot. "The world is only big enough for one of us B," Faith thought forcefully. But until she saw her again there was nothing she could do. The train sped into the night carrying its passenger into darkness, the metal wheels and powerful engine echoing on the chilled air. They seemed to proclaim, what Buffy and Faith both already knew. Fate was coming for them, and only one of them would survive the weaver's deadly shears.