Undercover: the Disguises of Shirley
To help her solve mysteries, Shirley has sometimes gone undercover to gather the clues; mostly in S1, but occasionally in S2 and S3.Here are her many disguises, in order of appearance.

001: Burning Building Played the klutz at the Youth Centre by deliberately bumping into, and spilling a drink over Ryan, the boy she suspected of arson, to see if he had a bandage on his arm. He did !
003: Liberated Beasts Pretended, with Bo, to know more about the 'exotic lizard' than they did to trap Pete, the pet shop owner, into revealing more about the animal. Shirley implied that her 'uncle' was a policeman who had mentioned things to them. Pete fell for the ruse, revealing that the animal was a komodo dragon.
004: Precious Cargo Pretended to be very innocent and unknowing when questioning the policeman at the railway tracks where the 'cargo' (the refugees), disappeared.
005: Alien Abductions Pretended to be under the hypnotic spell of Dr Stavco at the embassy meeting, then delivered the detonated bomb to Stavco at the appropriate moment. Stavco, thinking the bomb was still 'live' caused a ruckus and exposed herself as a terrorist.
006: Blazing Star Pretended to be a total moron by taking Watson, her bloodhound, to the Vet she suspected of drugging the horse 'Blazing Star', under the pretence that she was worried about him because his eyes were all red. "Red eyes are characteristic of the breed" she was told. "Really ?" she replied. While the Vet was examining Watson, she was able to take some quick photos of papers in 'Blazing Stars' file.
008: Mystery Child With Bo as her 'brother' they both dressed 'nerdy'and pretended to take their pet gerbil "Anna Karenina" to Ogilvey's Funeral Parlour. When told that Ogilvey's don't do the animal kingdom Shirley pretends to be sick - "When my sister gets upset she sorta kinda barfs" says Bo, leading the receptionist to go and fetch a bucket. While she is gone they check the filing cabinet for records of the Stebbings family plot.
009: King of Hearts Dressed as a waitress at the Cafe in the Park to plant a microphone at the table Brian and Judith were sitting at. Later, she impersonated another waitress at the restaurant where Peggy had dinner with Brian and exposed his con.
014: Rising Moon Donned a wig and dark glasses to follow Catharine and Bo on their 'date' at the skating rink.
015: Babyfingers With blond hair, blue streaks, fishnet stockings and dyed shirt, took on the role of Sam to infiltrate the gang that Babyfinger's was part of.
016: Missing Marbles Impersonated a subscriptions person from MAD Magazine to find out more about the real Joey at the jail and was told he was to be released the next day.
018: Wannabe Witch Had Miss Flit under her spell when she dressed in a witch costume, exposing her 'witchcraft' as a mixture of science and coincidence.
020: Bouncing Baby Badly impersonated a clown act with Bo in an attempt to find out more about Oscar at the Szabo Family Circus.
021: Mischievous Poltergeist Pretended to be possessed by the spirit of Emily Chambers during the seance at Bart's House after finding out that the 'poltergeist' was more earthly than supernatural.
027: Celestial Signal Pretended to be from the FBI office when calling the car repair centre where the damaged FBI car was taken to be repaired, enabling her to gain the address of where the 'office' was located.
029: Crooked Comic Impersonanted an Army person's daughter, Anita, in an attempt to board a plane to Rwanda. It didn't work. That didn't stop her trying the cargo hold though. "You don't know Anita like I do" says Bo.
033: Code of Silence When caught at the Redington Tribune newspaper building Shirley introduced themselves as "I'm Miranda and he's ... Francis."
035: Real Fake Shirley and Bo pose as extra's on the set of Jake Bain's rock video to find out more about the book 'Real Fake'.
036: Open Hand Joined the Karate gang initially to try to get Bo's jacket back, but it also helped her to locate the missing Mimi, who was being held by the other gang members.