Nemesis : The Deeds of Molly
a rundown of Molly's antics in the first three seasons.
002: Ruby Ring Stole her own donated ruby ring ("present at the signing of the Magna Carta"); arranged for Alicia to be 'electrocuted' for which she then framed Stink; digitally remastered her voice to sound like Alicia's to sabotage her preseidential campaign, leading to Alicia quitting the race and Molly to step up as her vice-presidential candidate; and finally hid the ring in Shirley's locker in an attempt to frame her. While unsuccessful in trapping Shirley, Molly nonetheless went on to win the Presidential campaign, achieving almost all her goals.
007: Maestro's Ghost Faked her own disappearance, using the legend of the Maestro's Ghost for cover, including the altering of alumni records and hiring an impersonator in an attempt to bring her parents home from the Bridge tournament in Cairo to watch her compete in the 'Nationals'.
009: King of Hearts Implicated herself in the retrenchment of Bob Kemp, the principal of her previous school and allied herself with Shirley (sort of) to stop Ms Stratman from leaving Sussex Academy, including bribing a young boy to pretend he was Brian's son.
022: Exploding Puppet Generously allowed Bo to re-live his experience on the set of the 'Cyber Valley Show' via her website as Wy, much to the amusement of the majority of the school, including a wry smile from Shirley.
025: Broken Oath Sabotaged Zack's (Bo's cousin) music career using her internet alter ego Wy because he reneged on a deal to sing a song written by Molly in return for greater exposure and more gigs for his band. ('I have creative ambitions you wouldn't understand'). The alter ego Wy made his/her first appearance in ep 22 "Exploding Puppet" by posting video feeds of the disasters happening on the 'Happy Valley' TV show set, setting up the necessary popularity for the web site for her plans here.
029: Crooked Comic Used Stink to steal a psychiatric assessment damaging to her attempt to join the United Nations Youth Internship program, then, using his infautation, and the fact that she had written his stand-up routines as Wy, manipulated him to help trick Shirley into trying to go to Rwanda to find her mother. She also used her position on the Teacher's and Students Advisory Board (TSAC) to keep him expelled.
031: Mysterious Message Implemented an elaborate plan to draw Shirley to the Cleopatra Antiquities exhibition and locked her in the vault with the artifacts that were to be returned to their original owners in a presentation by Shirley's father; thereby embarrassing him and exposing Shirley's sleuthing. "Your mysteries are what drives you Holmes - once people recognise you, you're finished" (that quote was from 'Broken Oath'). Unfortunately for her, she didn't count on Alicia and her Morse Code.

Also made an offer to Bo to 'switch sides'; suggested that his parent's bank account at First Savings and Loan could be susceptible to a computer 'glitch' should Bo cause her too much trouble.

033: Code of Silence Planned to go public in the local newspaper with a story from Bo's past relating to the time he was in a gang, causing Bo to attempt to stop publication of the newspaper and getting caught. Bo and Bart had their revenge though by crashing the school newspaper computer that Molly is editor of with a virus.
034: Bamboozling Blonde As a member of the school council voted to 'suspend' Ms Stratman pending the 'Bamboozling Blonde' affair, demonstrating that Ms Stratman is expendable when compared to the power to be attained in agreeing with the rest of the council. (Stink was also expendable in 'Crooked Comic' for the same reason.)
035: Real Fake Signing Barbie Biddle (author of the book on Jake Bain) to help fundraise for Sussex Academy, thereby saving Sussex and increasing Molly's profile as a wonderful person.
If you can think of anything I've missed here, please let me know. Also, thanks to HA and Dusty for the assistance in putting this together.