Here are a whole bunch of secrets from the person who'd have the most insider info - Meredith herself!

* For season 4, there will be a new costume designer, so Shirley will be wearing some different clothes. Fewer hats, no layered clothes, and tighter shirts are all being planned for Shirley's Season 4 wardrobe.

* John's dad was an extra in The Case of the Bamboozling Blonde, when Ms. Stratman is fired (or released). He's standing behind Molly, the grey-haired one on the right of your TV screen.

* In The Case of the Mysterious Message, Meredith named the little boa constrictor "Little Herc". She also fell asleep with him in the crook of her arm between takes for about an hour.

* During the last two weeks of filming, Meredith teamed up with some other crew members to play a joke on Dougie (aka Mark), the props guy. Heidi (the acting coach for the set) told Dougie that Meredith was crying in her trailer and wouldn't talk to anyone, and that he should go and see if she's okay. He did, and when he knocked on the door, Meredith greeted him with a paper plate covered in whip cream. Then Dougie, Laura (another props girl), and Kevin (John's little brother) were hiding in her trailer with whip cream pies to get her back, but Meredith noticed them, so she opened the door without being in front of it. Dougie chased after her anyway and got her, followed by the other two. John also got egged during all the practicle joke playing.

* During a night shoot, everyone was hinting that Dougie had done something to Meredith's trailor, so she was really scared to go in there. She got John to walk in with her, but he was in on it too. When they first walked in, everything seemed normal, but John dragged Meredith over to the "bedroom" part of the trailor and pushed her in, where she landed in a sea of around 100 balloons. Dougie also put long skinny balloons in the toilet.

* On the last day of filming for the second season, Meredith had half the day off and was really upset because she wouldn't be there for the prank her and Dougie had planned on pulling on John. Dougie promised he'd get him for her, so when he and John were wrestling, he put itching powder on his hand and shoved it down John's shirt.

* After filming The Case of the Galloping Ghost, Meredith, John, Nikki, Sarah, Blair, and Bill (who played Matt) got together to watch movies, wrestle, and put ice down each other's shirts, which has become a ritual.

* Rick Stevenson, one of the directors, had the cast do bloopers.

* The young cast would sometimes go to the race track on the weekends with their parents (ALWAYS with their parents) and use $10 or $15 to bet. Meredith chose her horses by how nice the name sounded.

* In Flim Flam Farm, they used three little pigs that were very hard to control.


* John loves Nachos, melted cheese, and salsa and Iced Tea

* Jenny McCarthy is his favorite actress

* During the first season, John loved Nerf guns, so when Meredith would go over to his placed, they'd turn the lights out and shoot each other with Nerf guns.

* During The Case of the Galloping Ghost, John "fell in love" with one of the pigs, named Wilburt. Meredith named her stuffed pig Wilburt, after John's favorite pig. One day, Wilburt disapeared and the cast and crew teased John, saying the bacon they had eaten that morning....

* Either during the first or second season, there was water damage at the hotel and the roof caved in on John, which became the running joke on the set. Everyone said he deserved it.

* In The Case of the Flim Flam Farm, during the scene where John is yelling, her yelled "I'm the king of the world!" during one take. Needless to say, they didn't use that one.


* Both Bill and Blair are huge fans of Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Meredith had a pin-up of her, which the guys were drooling over. To torment them, she threatened to rip it, and ended up flushing the picture down the toilet.

* During filming for The Case of the Galloping Ghost, Bill was riding bareback on a horse and fell off, scaring the crew half to death. Luckily, he wasn't hurt too badly.


* Meredith loves to go to Dougie's cabin and has become an expert at pulling Blair on the tube and scaring him to death.

* Meredith auditioned for the part of Queen Amidalla in Star Wars: Episode One when she was 11.

* When she was shooting The Song Spinner in Newfoundland, she got two ear infections, and while filming in a non-airconditioned room in Edmonton, wearing winter clothing, she had the stomach flu.


* Chris is an aspiring writer and has written some plays, among other things.