I was an extra in The Case of the Ruby Ring (I'm the one riding the bike while Shirley and Bo are walking along the sidewalk, talking about Molly's motives for stealing the ring) and my mom took these pictures while I was on set.

These are pictures my mom took when I was shooting The Case of the Cryptic Creature. Thanks mom!

My friend Jocelyn played 'Rhea' in The Case of the Open Hand and she was sweet enough to let me scan her pictures. :o) Thanks Joss!

The Case of the Dragon's Breath

Thanks to my mom for taking these pictures, which are from the filming of Dragon's Breath. Also, thanks to Stan, the sound guy from Shirley, for taking the first one. :o)

The picture to the left is Meredith getting her hair done, and the one on the right is Anne Wheeler (one of the directors) directing Meredith and John in a scene from The Case of the Burning Building.